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As our population is getting older, and baby boomers are starting to experience diseases such as glaucoma, there is more and more evidence that marijuana can definitely have an impact on this condition. One of the most well-known side effects of smoking marijuana is ‘red eye’ and dilation of the pupil. As a result, medical professionals have taken a closer look at the condition to see if marijuana usage can actually cure or slow the progress of glaucoma.

As of yet, there have been few medical studies done, however, anecdotally there are a number of individuals that claim their glaucoma has moved very slowly because of their ongoing use of marijuana. Essentially what the marijuana does is relieve the pressure in the eyes which is what leads to the proverbial red eye.

Now logic states that if we were to fully impact glaucoma we would have to remain high 24/7. The issue is now, how to develop an eye drop that can be used on a daily basis that has a long-term effect.

Until then, for natural, temporary relief from glaucoma, you might consider smoking or vaporizing marijuana to relieve the pressure in the eyes.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Saint John

The people at Growers Choice online are confident that you will find growing your own Saint John marijuana seeds as easy as can be. When we talk about growing your own, so many people have visions of hydroponics, huge power bills, and massive grow lights. On the contrary, by following our directions online you will find that you can simply grow your Saint John marijuana seeds outdoors, or in pots in your living room.

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Growers Choice has assembled a catalog of more than 40 premium feminized strains. Over a period of 20 years, our horticultural and medical professionals worked to find a cohesive catalog that would have something to offer everyone. Choosing your Saint John marijuana seeds on our website is straight-forward and easy. Each Auto-flowering, high-CBD, and regular strain is accompanied by a full bio indicating its health benefits, growing details, and genetics.

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The greatest thing about buying your Saint John pot seeds online is that you never have to leave your home. You place your order online, and your order is then shipped directly to your door. Discretion is our middle name. All of your Saint John marijuana seeds are shipped in generic packaging that will not give anyone an inkling as to what is inside. It truly is no one’s business but your own.

Our 90% germination guarantee is one of the best in the business. You can count on Growers Choice to provide you with the freshest Saint John marijuana seeds on the market. If for some reason Mother Nature pulls a fast one on us, and 10% or more of your seeds from your original order do not take, we are happy to reimburse you to make you whole again.

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Wow, back in the 60’s who would ever have thought that I could just sit down and order marijuana seeds and have them delivered to my door. The world is a wonderful whacky place! It’s about time! Growers Choice delivers on everything they promise. I’m totally stoked about having a supplier I can depend on!

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