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Power Plant 80S / 20I 19% THC Daytime
Mazar 80I / 20S 18% THC Evening
OG Kush 55S / 45I 27% THC Evening


Manitoba Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Not only is it legal to own or have Manitoba marijuana seeds in your possession, Growers Choice makes it easy to buy premium grade quality seeds with no fuss. Simply log onto our website and place your order. Your Manitoba marijuana seed order will be delivered directly to your door in just a few days!

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Manitoba

If you have never bought Manitoba marijuana seeds before you will want to spend some time reading through the detail descriptions for each seed that we sell. Our experts have taken the time to write a dossier on each pot seed so you can identify the right strain for you. Whether you are buying seeds for recreational or for medicinal, it is imperative that you buy the proper strain for your usage. We never want you to spend your valuable time growing your Manitoba marijuana seeds only to find that they do not provide you with what you need.

Pot Seeds for Deliver in Manitoba

Every single shipment of pot seeds is sent to your home in discreet packaging. You will never find any labels or indication on the packet of what is inside. Your pot seeds will be shipped at the same flat rate shipping fee, no matter how many you order, (3, 5, 10 or 25). If you are interested in purchasing pot seeds at the wholesale price we are happy to accommodate you. Simply check out our FAQ section for more information.

What is a Terpene?

Have you ever wondered what gives different strains of marijuana different tastes and aromas? It is the terpenes that are found in each individual plant. Terpenes are excreted from the same glands in the plant that THC and CBD are released from. When terpenes are involved they interact with the endocannabinoids to give more of the desired effect that particular plant is supposed to yield. Think of terpenes as the assistants to the cannabinoid and are also powerful enough to influence the neurotransmitters in the brain.
Some of the most well-known terpenes are:

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Linalool

The Best Marijuana Seeds in Manitoba

The trouble with buying your marijuana seeds from a local source is you can never be 100% sure that what you are buying is what you want. A seed looks like a seed, and it is nigh on impossible to know what will come of it until it is planted.

Put your trust in Growers Choice. You will find our streamlined website simple to navigate and our variety second to none. Our selection of 21 premium feminized marijuana seeds should satisfy even the most experienced grower’s needs.

Our genetics are some of the finest that you will find in the business. We believe in our product so strongly that every order we ship is accompanied by our 90% germination guarantee. If less than 90% of your Manitoba marijuana seeds sprout, we are happy to reimburse you with new seeds for your trouble, at our cost.

The Best Marijuana Seeds in Manitoba

Growers Choice cannabis seeds in Alberta:

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I have put through a few orders with Growers Choice now, and every single one has been sent out promptly and with no errors. My marijuana seeds flourish into beautiful plants. The people that work there really care.

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