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White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime
Northern Lights Auto-Flowering 80I / 10S 19% THC Evening
Super Silver Haze 80S / 20I 16% THC Daytime

Abbotsford Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Instead of taking a gamble of buying your Abbotsford marijuana seeds from a friend of a friend or from someone shady, play it safe and visit Growers Choice online. Here you will find some of the finest genetics and best quality marijuana seeds on the market. Not only that, but your Abbotsford marijuana seeds will be hand-delivered directly to your door.


Buy Marijuana Seeds in Abbotsford

Once you see how easy it is to order your Abbotsford marijuana seeds online, you will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. Be sure to look through our online catalog of premium feminized marijuana seeds and take some time to decide on the right seeds for you. We have invested time into each of your options and have written detailed descriptions about them so you can make an informed decision.

Ordering online with Growers Choice is so simple and there is something to be said for being able to make an informed decision from the comfort of your own home. Choose from:

then proceed to pay for your order. Growers Choice has a wide selection of payment methods to choose from including digital currency. This way anyone is able to purchase their much-needed marijuana seed from our company.

Your order will be shipped out immediately and should arrive at your home within 7 – 14 business days.

Is it Legal to Buy Pot Seeds in Abbotsford?

As Canadians, we are very fortunate that it is legal to order and possess pot seeds anywhere in the country. Our laws are changing rapidly with them becoming laxer officially in July of 2018. Be sure to stay up to date with the impending changes with a plethora of articles online.

Even though buying marijuana seeds is legal in Abbotsford, we are aware that many of our customers prefer to keep their privacy intact about such issues. As a result, any and all orders are shipped in generic packaging which gives no hint to anyone what it contains. Also keep in mind that there are certain Canada-wide restrictions on cultivating cannabis that you must follow.

Can Marijuana Help Me Sleep?

Different strains of marijuana are excellent for people having challenges with insomnia. The best strain to use is an Indica or a hybrid that is Indica-based. Indicas tend to relax the mind, help you focus, and definitely assist in sleep efforts.

It has been noted that aging marijuana frequently is better at helping people to find the elusive sleep they have been looking for. It has literally been found that as marijuana ages the THC begins to change to a sedating chemical that is CBN or cannabinol. If you have ever used CBN you will know that it can be as much as five times more sedating than any other strain of marijuana.

If you are looking for a strain that will help you with pain management, and sleep deprivation, (which so often goes hand in hand), Growers Choice would recommend purchasing Afghan Auto-flowering Abbotsford marijuana seeds.

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My Seeds Arrived Today! Fast, Efficient, Easy Process

So pleased with my order, thank you Growers Choice for making something that used to be difficult easy. As a stay at home mom with chronic pain, I am not able to run out to buy my seeds elsewhere. The fast delivery of my seeds and the way they were packaged were second to none. Thank you!

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