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Cheese Auto-Flowering 50I / 30S 10% THC Evening
Mazar 80I / 20S 18% THC Evening
Blueberry 80I / 10S 16% THC Evening

Buy Marijuana Seeds British Columbia

If you are looking to buy British Columbia marijuana seeds, look no further than your own computer. Kick back, relax, and check out Grower’s Choice online.
Gone are the days of standing in line at crowded dispensaries or buying from a questionable source. Now you can make an informed decision confidently from the safety and security of your own home. Your order will be shipped to you directly to your home, in nondescript packaging, at a one low shipping rate, no matter how many British Columbia marijuana seeds you buy.


Marijuana Seeds for Sale in BC

Using our online ordering system is a simple three step process. Even the most novice of e-commerce shoppers will find it a breeze to navigate through it. The most time intensive factor will be deciding which British Columbia marijuana seeds will be right for you. Make sure to take your time and read all of the bios for each plant to educate yourself on which strain would be the right fit for you.

Growers Choice is proud to be able to offer you a fantastic selection of…

  • premium feminized marijuana seed strains
  • including autoflowering
  • regular seeds
  • and high-CBD feminized options

Once you have finished and made your decision, decide how many pot seeds you would like to buy and simply click on the number in the drop-down box. From there the site will take you to the checkout stage and you will complete your purchase.

Get Fresh Pot Seeds Online

Once you have sent in your order, we get to work and hand-pick and hand-pack your pot seeds in medical grade glass vials that will then be placed in your packet for shipping. Our germination guarantee is one of the best in the business and places us as one of the leaders in the industry. If fewer than 90% of your cannabis seeds germinate, we will replace the ones that did not at no additional charge to you. Be sure to continue storing any unused weed seeds in your medical grade vials to keep them fresh if you are not going to use them immediately.

Popular Seed Strains

Will Marijuana help CVS?

So many tests and trials have been done with cancer patients using marijuana, especially during and after chemotherapy, that it is pretty conclusive that it is effective in deterring vomiting and nausea. Given this case, it is little wonder that people dealing with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome are finding it beneficial to use in their day to day life. Because this syndrome is cyclical quite often the patient does not need to ingest marijuana on a daily basis, but rather when they are having an attack. Most patients interviewed have stated that vaping marijuana is their delivery method of choice, however many also choose to smoke.

Is marijuana Legal in British Columbia?

Yes, you can purchase your British Columbia marijuana seeds online and legally have them in your possession. Be sure to find out the laws around home-cultivation in your area before germinating or planting your seeds. As of 2019, marijuana is federally legal throughout Cananda, from the East to West Coast. This means locals no longer need a medical marijuana card to get their hands on flower. Residents can also legally grow their own marijuana plants in Brisith Columbia, just make sure to research the plants-per-household limit. Besides that, we wish you a pleasant growing experience with Brisith Columbia marijuana seeds from Growers Choice.

Growers Choice cannabis seeds in British Columbia:

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I’m so happy to have found Growers Choice online. It makes my life less complicated. I always disliked trying to find a reputable source to buy my seeds from. I love these guys! Thank you!!

Michal R. British Columbia
Rated 5 out of 5

First thing I did when they made marijuana legal was put in a BIG order with Growers Choice. I have been waiting and waiting to order cannabis seeds in BC, I mean, there are a few spots here I could get them but I’ve been reading up on brands and these guys really piqued my interest. I’ve already got 6 of my 50 germinated and started in soil. I’m experimenting with the best method, since I’m in an apartment.

Angelica S.
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