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Even though buying and possessing marijuana seeds is perfectly legal in Alberta, it still can be a tricky thing to source. And then when you do find someone to buy your Alberta marijuana seeds from, you have to question whether you are really going to get what you want. After all that running around and trying to figure things out you just want to go home and have a nap.

Make your life easier and put your trust with Growers Choice online marijuana seed sales. Take a few minutes at your computer, order your stock and wait for them to be delivered to your door.

Feminized marijuana seeds in Alberta

At Grower’s Choice, we’ve got over 40 strains of premium quality, fully feminized marijuana seeds for you to browse through. If you’re new to growing, buying feminized seeds shortens the learning curve, making it easier to get a successful harvest. And when you buy feminized seeds from Grower’s Choice, you’re getting only the best, lab-tested, genetically-guaranteed seeds delivered straight to your door.

Popular Seed Strains

If you’re not sure whether or not feminized seeds are worth buying, take a look at some of the information we’ve put together on their evolution. Back in the early days of growing marijuana, growers had to watch their plants closely for male individuals. Feminized seeds didn’t appear on the market until the late 1990s, though at first they were not very reliable. But today, feminized marijuana seeds are more stable than ever before. Now, you can count on a full crop of female plants, and let go of worrying about weeding out male plants in your garden. Some growers have reported greater potency in buds produced by feminized seeds, as well as plants that are more uniform size.

Why Use Edibles?

So many people who want to use marijuana do not have the desire or the ability to inhale it into their lungs. Vaping is a far gentler method to smoking directly but for a good portion of the population eating their marijuana is the way to go.

Some of it is psychosomatic, as it takes away the stigma of rolling a joint and smoking it. To some people, it seems much less “offensive”,(in their minds) to simply eat it.

The trick is knowing how much is enough. It takes some experimentation especially because most people do not feel any of the effects for a good 15 to 20 minutes. So often we hear of people that eat a cookie or a candy, and think to themselves, ‘hmmm nothing’, and reach for another and another. Before you know it they have overdone it and could possibly be in for a difficult time.

As with any edibles, the marijuana has to be digested and metabolized and the THC is sent to the liver. It is then that the user will begin to feel the effects. Always start out slow, and you will be so happy you did. While it may seem like a good idea to try your friend’s homemade Rice Krispies treats, these goodies typically don’t come with a specific dosage per bite, which means you have no idea how high you’ll feel in a few hours or so. The average durating of edibles varies between 4-6 hours, which is twice as long as the typical marijuana smoke.

Find out more about Hindu Kush

Need some helping sleeping? Let Hindu Kush lull you into a relaxing night of sweet dreams. This auto-flowering indica delivers a medium yield of heavily-resined bud in just six to seven weeks, and you’ll barely have to lift a finger. And it’s one of the best strains on the market for treating…

  1. Stress
  2. Pain
  3. Anxiety
  4. Depression

So if you have a hard time unwinding at the end of the day, or you can’t seem to turn your brain off when it’s time to go to bed, give Hindu Kush a try. Not only will it relax your body and your mind, but it will boost your mood, leaving you happy and maybe a little bit euphoric.

Experience Tradition with Hindu Kush
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