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American Haze 20I / 80S 24% THC Daytime
Mazar 80I / 20S 18% THC Evening
Critical Purple Auto-Flowering 90I / 10S 27% THC Evening

Marijuana Seeds For Sale Toronto


With the legalization of marijuana throughout Canada, more and more people are trying to source top quality Toronto marijuana seeds. This can be difficult if you are out there pounding the pavement. Let Growers Choice make your life easier and check out our online catalog. Order your desired strains and have them shipped directly to your door within 7 -14 business days.

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Buy Toronto Marijuana Seeds

Taking the guesswork out of who to trust with your Toronto marijuana seed order is a huge sigh of relief for our customers. Our company is committed to your natural health and well-being and only lists marijuana seeds with the finest genetics on the market today.

Our catalog consists of 21 premium feminized strains that are placed in three categories. Choose from CBD, Auto-flowering, and regular strains. You will find both Sativa and Indica based strains amongst our hybrids as well.

We have made ordering your Toronto marijuana seeds online as easy as possible. Just follow our three-step process on our streamlined website and you will be done in no time. Gone are the days searching endlessly for a reputable supplier, and not being quite sure that you are getting what you wanted.

If you are unsure what strain would be best for you, and you are a novice to growing, our professionals will be happy to assist you. Please feel free to reach out to us via chat or email and we will be with you as soon as we are available. Making the right decision from the beginning will ensure that you have a pleasant experience.


Marijuana Seeds Legal in Toronto

Yes. As Canadians, we are very fortunate that marijuana seeds are legal to buy and possess. If you are a marijuana card carrier you are even allowed to grow a minimum amount of plants as per Health Canada. You must register with them before growing. The laws are changing in Canada as of July 2018 so be sure to keep abreast of the current laws. Growers Choice does not condone or encourage any illegal growing.

Now that recreational cannabis is legal throughout Canada, residents are free to grow their own plants a home! And guess what? Growers Choice has marijuana seeds for sale in Toronto. So, if you live in the Toronto area, do not hesitate to place our weed seeds orders. We deliver to all areas and zip codes of Toronto. Please note that delivery comes with a flat rate — unless you spend more than $500 in one order. Businesses often do well with our wholesale deals.

Medical Marijuana Seeds

At Growers Choice, we keep a variety of medical marijuana seeds available to treat your aches, pains, side effects, and symptoms.

  1. Cancer
  2. Fibromyalgia
  3. Depression
  4. ADD
  5. anxiety
  6. PTSD

Marijuana can help you by naturally treating your medical symptoms. So whether you’re looking for something to ease chronic pain, or a strain to help support you while you undergo treatment for cancer, Multiple Sclerosis or other medical conditions, Growers Choice has the marijuana seeds you’re looking for.

Every day, more information is emerging about the medical benefits of marijuana. Thanks to increasing legalization in North America, there is more research than ever before about how marijuana can treat various conditions and symptoms. Here at Growers Choice, we’re staying on top of all the latest updates, and compiling them all in one place. Visit our medical cannabis benefits page for information about the therapeutic qualities of marijuana, why it’s such a supportive, natural option for patients all over the globe, and how it can be used for treatment. It’s all in one place, so you don’t have to go searching the web to learn more about medical marijuana. We’ve done the research for you.

Guaranteed feminized marijuana seeds in Toronto

lowest prices in toronto!

There is nothing worse than discovering your cannabis crop has one or more male plants. Not only do you have to pull and throw away the males, but they can also pollinate your female plants, spoiling what would have otherwise been a good harvest. Here at Growers Choice, we’ve taken that stress away for you. Every seed we sell is guaranteed to be fully-feminized, which means you won’t get a single male plant, giving you a full crop of harvestable weed. Plus, with our 90% germination guarantee, you’ll know that you’ll be getting at least nine plants out of every ten seeds you buy. 

Get Pot Seeds Toronto

Your pot seeds come with one of the best guarantees in the business – our 90% germination guarantee gives our customers confidence that they will be receiving a fresh product. For example, if you buy 10 seeds and only 7 germinated, we will happily replace the ones that do not at our cost.

Popular Seed Strains

Which Marijuana Seeds Help Seizures and Muscle Spasms?

Marijuana is known around the world for its amazing effect it has on diseases such as Epilepsy. Even young children can benefit from using the CBD strains. The research and studies have been most impressive with over 80% of participants saying that they have seen a significant decrease in seizures and tremors, and in some cases full remission. The same strains are also beneficial for anyone that can benefit from the anti-spasmodic ingredients of this all natural plant. Growers Choice would suggest using Critical Purple, a 90% Indica based strain.

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