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Pot seeds: Can you drive after?


Pot seeds need to be germinated and grown before they can offer any effects. Regardless, after use, it is not recommended to drive—especially after high-THC strains are used, as marijuana can affect your ability to drive safely.
That being said, as long as you are using marijuana responsibly, you will likely be able to benefit from it recreationally and possibly even for medical purposes. Consider buying your Kitchener marijuana seeds online from Growers Choice. Not only can you order premium cannabis seeds online from us, but we’ll deliver them to your door hassle-free!

Are Kitchener marijuana seeds legal?

Yes! Marijuana seeds are actually legal in Canada. Not only that, but you can submit an application to the Canadian government to be approved to grow your own plants for personal use. As well, more and more doctors are discovering the medicinal benefits that marijuana can offer safely and effectively. Prescriptions are available for several medical conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and sleeping disorders.

Marijuana seeds for sale in Kitchener

Forget struggling to find the information you are looking for when purchasing online. We’ve made it extremely easy to navigate our website while answering all of your questions. Once you’ve answered them, you can choose from medical, auto-flowering, and feminized marijuana seeds and over 40 different strains! Looking for something specific? Discover what we have to offer.

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Is marijuana replacing SSRIs?

Lately, marijuana has been in the spotlight for its anecdotal ability to help those with mood disorders. In a society where it seems as if everyone is dealing with way too much stress, SSRIs have become increasingly popular to treat these disorders. But, what if there was a more natural way?
One recent study suggested that regular marijuana use may make a person less prone to anxiety attacks.
In addition, some medical marijuana patients who suffer from stress and usedmarijuana on a regular basis have reported that:

  • They had delayed reactions to stressors.
  • They did not release as much cortisol under stress.
  • The effects lasted after they had become sober again.

However, it is important to make clear that none of this is a medical claim that cannabis cures or alleviate stress, as all studies and reports around this effect are considered to be 100% anecdotal and not “hard science.”

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Buy marijuana seeds in Kitchener

Purchasing something online has never been so easy. With a few simple clicks, you’ll find your marijuana seeds on your doorstep before you know it. Choose your strain, the number of seeds you want, and enter your shipping details—it’s as simple as that. Plus, we accept Bitcoin, Visa, Debit, and Mastercard! Get your Kitchener marijuana seeds from Growers Choice now.

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