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Diesel 70S / 30I 17% THC Daytime
Blueberry CBD 80I / 20S 7%/7% Evening
Great White Shark 75I / 25S 16% THC Evening


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Ordering your Hamilton marijuana seeds online is easy with Growers Choice. Receiving them is even easier. All orders of marijuana seeds are delivered directly to your door.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale Hamilton

You can buy your Hamilton marijuana seeds with confidence from Growers Choice. Our horticultural and medical professionals have designed a selection of 21 feminized premium seeds that should satisfy the needs of just about anyone. Our goal is to provide you with the finest genetics in marijuana seeds and dazzle you with amazing customer service. Growers Choice experts have been working on developing a line of marijuana seeds to sell online for over 20 years. Time, energy and a lot of passion have gone into perfecting our product and making it easy for you to order and receive your shipment.

Get Marijuana Seeds Hamilton

When you arrive at our website take some time to read through the three different categories of marijuana seeds we have available. Spend some time reading about our 7 auto-flowering, 3 CBD, and 11 regular types. IF you are a novice and have never purchased marijuana seeds before you will find the seed bios very interesting. Here you will find out about each seed’s genetics, components, medicinal attributes and even growing techniques.

After you have decided which seeds to buy simply click on how many you would like and you will automatically be taken to the checkout phase. Paying for your marijuana seed order is made easy, as we have given our customers the option of using a variety of different methods of payment. We even accept Bitcoin!

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One of the most commonly asked questions about our marijuana seeds is, “Will they be fresh”. We can give you a definitive YES on that account. Not only are your marijuana seeds accompanied by a 90% germination guarantee, but every single seed is hand-picked, hand-inspected, and hand-packed by one of our professionals. Our pot seeds are always placed in medical grade glass vials to protect them during shipping, and to maintain freshness.

We recommend using these same vials to store any unused marijuana seeds to keep them fresh for when you are ready to plant. Always be sure to put them in a cool dark place to maintain optimum freshness. Just don’t forget where you put them.

Marijuana and Psoriasis

Over 3 million people are affected by psoriasis, not only can it be painful, itchy and lead to lack of sleep, it can also have psychological effects as well. Essentially it is an auto-immune issue that causes the dead skin cells to accumulate on parts of the body. Some people are lucky and only have a few spots whereas others can have a good majority of their body covered with these flaky white dead skin cells.

Marijuana has long been looked at as a possible reprieve for people suffering from this disease. Although more clinical testing needs to be done, the anecdotal results have been very positive.

Trying a CBD based topical cream is your best option. Within a few days, you should see an improvement in your condition.

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Got my order, everything is awesome! Fast delivery.

Growers Choice is awesome to deal with. I wasn’t sure about buying online but thought I would give it a try. Having my marijuana seeds delivered directly to my address was pretty slick. I will definitely buy from them again.