Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Ontario

buy the best marijuana seeds in ontario

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Cotton Candy Kush Auto50I / 45S19% THCEvening
Northern Lights Autoflowering80I / 10S / 10R19% THCDaytime
Super Silver Haze20I / 80S16% THCDaytime

Marijuana Seeds For Sale Ontario

marijuana seeds for sale in ontario

If you are searching for a reputable place to order your marijuana seeds from visit Growers Choice for all your online shopping needs. Your order comes with a 90% germination guarantee and is shipped directly to your door. That makes life easy! Growers Choice has some of the best marijuana seeds for sale in Ontario and surrounding areas. If you’d like to feel more comfortable with our business before purchasing, we invite you to look around our website and read our blog. We post on a weekly basis about all the latest cannabis news! We love passing on cannabis education in hopes that, one day, it will be federally legal across Canada and the United States.

Cannabis Seeds in 2021: What’s Legal in Ontario?

We encourage all medical patients to buy Ontario marijuana seeds from Growers Choice. We know there are plenty of online seed banks to choose from, but here’s why you should stick with us. We care about our customers and listen to their medical backgrounds before recommending a strain. We take the time to learn about our customers’ wants and needs. We understand the value and importance of taking care of your health, especially when it comes to marijuana use. Rest assured that marijuana seeds are legal in Ontario.

Benefits of Indica Marijuana Seeds

the best marijuana seeds for sale in ontario

Short with dense foliage, Indica cannabis is naturally resin-rich, a characteristic developed overtime to protect the plant from the cold in its native regions. Indica is known for providing significant and muscle relaxation, along with its heavy sedative or “couch-lock” effect. Because Indica strains tend to be higher in CBD, they are ideal for addressing symptoms like sleep deprivation, and more. People suffering from diseases like lupus have even found relief when medicating with Indica cannabis.

Shopping for Indica cannabis in Ontario? You can find everything you need when you visit Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online. We carry a premium selection of world-class Indica cannabis seeds, including Mazar and Afghan, ideal for both novice and seasoned growers. We ship our seeds worldwide and offer a 90% germination guaranteeif your seeds don’t germinate, we will gladly replace them free of charge.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Ontario

Growers Choice has an array of Ontario marijuana seeds that represent a broad spectrum of plants.

  • 21 strains in all are represented
  • 11 of them being auto-flowering
  • CBD
  • 14 regular

Ordering online is a breeze. Simply read through the bios of each seed to ensure you are purchasing the ones that are most suitable for you. If you have ordered from us before, or know what type of Ontario pot seeds are your best bet, both for use and growing, then you can skip this step.

marijuana seeds delivery in Ontario

Moving on simply choose from the drop-down menu how many marijuana seeds you would like to order. If you find yourself in the position that you would like to purchase in bulk, please read our FAQ page about purchasing in bulk.

Your transaction is almost complete. Allow the website to guide you through the payment process and decide on your choice of shipping. Now’s actually the perfect time to buy cannabis seeds in Ontario, especially now that cannabis is recreationally legal in Canada as of 2019. Needless the say, the cannabis market is booming in Ontario right now, with massive lines outside of every dispensary.

  • Don’t feel like standing in that line?
  • Need your seeds in a rush?
  • Don’t live close to a dispensary?

Not a problem. You can always buy your seeds online through Growers Choice. We deliver only the highest caliber cannabis seeds to your front door, typically in under two weeks. You can skip the line every time with our high-speed shipping services.

Get Pot Seeds in Ontario

buy feminized marijuana seeds in ontario

As soon as you hit send our professionals set about packaging your marijuana seeds. Each of your pot seeds are hand-picked and hand-packed into medical-grade glass vials that are then placed in generic packaging for shipping. Although buying marijuana seeds is legal in Canada, many of our customers prefer to keep their purchases private. We respect this and are always sure that your package will arrive with nothing indicating what the contents are.

The combination of a 90% germination guarantee and the packaging of your Ontario marijuana seeds in glass vials for freshness should make you confident that you will be receiving the freshest seeds available. At Growers Choice we care about your natural well-being and health and are always here to assist you with any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us via online chat, or email and one of our professionals will be in touch with you as soon as they are available.

Thanks to Canada’s recreational cannabis laws, it’s now easier than ever to access marijuana, THC, and CBD. You no longer need a medical card or a qualifying medical condition to access cannabis throughout Canada. The next time you’re in the market for reliable and dependable cannabis seeds, look no further than Growers Choice. We deliver cannabis seeds to your doorstep in under two weeks, and every single one of our seeds comes with a 90% germination guarantee to ensure growers see nothing but the best results from their plants.

Growing Marijuana Seeds in Ontario

Are you new to growing marijuana? Or are you looking to learn more ways to further hone your growing operation? Here at Growers Choice, we don’t just send you seeds and then leave you in the lurch. We’re here to help you get the most out of your marijuana seeds so that you can reap the reward of a successful harvest. Now that marijuana is recreationally legal across Canada, you might be able to grow your own plants at home—but this is not written in stone yet. Be sure to research what’s currently legal in Ontario. While Canadians are not allowed legal recreational marijuana, it may not be possible yet to grow marijuana on private property, such as your home. You’ll also have to research how many plants are legal per household. On a separate note, be smart about where you choose to grow your marijuana plants. Hint hint—if it’s illegal to grow your own, you might want to bend the rules a little bit and keep your growing a secret (ergo, you should grow indoors only).

Best-Selling CBD Cannabis Seeds

buy medical marijuana seeds in ontario

As CBD has gained popularity in recent years, many people find themselves searching for CBD seeds online. Growers Choice carries several high-quality strains of high content CBD cannabis seeds. CBD is responsible for the physical effects of cannabis use and is often preferred by medical marijuana patients. Our favorite CBD seeds in stock now are

Get your own high content CBD cannabis seeds delivered fast when you order online from Growers Choice today. We provide fast and discreet delivery on every order.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive online library of Grow Advice, to help you find answers to a smorgasbord of questions. That’s right, no more browsing the internet for the information you need. Curious about how to preserve your cannabis seeds, or how to get more marijuana out of the flowering stage? We’ve compiled all of the latest and best techniques, and that’s just a start. 

You can also find tips and advice for setting up a hydroponic system, making hash, drying and curing your cannabis buds, and so much more! And not only can you find details about all of the ins and outs of growing marijuana, but we’ve also included historical information to help increase your knowledge of cannabis and cannabis seeds. It’s all in one place, and if you can’t find something, contact us! We’d love to help.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds in Ontario

autoflowering marijuana seeds for sale in ontario

If you haven’t tried auto-flowering seeds yet, now is the time. But don’t say we didn’t warn you — after you’ve tried auto-flowering cannabis seeds, you might not go back to regular feminized seeds. That’s because auto-flowering varieties transition to the flowering stage all on their own. No more stress or headaches for you. And at Growers Choice, every seed we sell is guaranteed to be feminized. So you’ll know that every plant will flower, and they’ll get there without any additional effort on your part. Most auto-flowering seeds also have the added benefit of shorter flowering times, which means more harvests per year, and more weeds for your money. Try some of our auto-flowering seeds today. 

Can Marijuana Help My Anxiety?

Knowing the type of marijuana and the amount is key when nursing your anxiety, panic, and OCD disorders. Strains that are high in THC are generally not the right way to go when you are wanting to chill out and relax or get rid of any anxiety symptoms. Buying a CBD strain is the safest as it does not contain any THC. THC is the component in marijuana that causes a psycho-event or ‘high’. You can also try an Indica dominant hybrid as Indica is typically used for relaxation and sleep disorders.

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