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Oh, Canada! This beautiful country that puts the North in North America is home to 10 million square miles of beautiful scenery, multiple unique climates, and people known for being polite (which, when you get right down to it, is pretty alright thing for which to be known). Though Canada has yet to achieve the liberal marijuana laws now accepted in various states, the country is supportive of medical marijuana, and anyone can place an order for Canada marijuana seeds from Growers Choice!

Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Canada

That’s right. At Growers Choice, we’re more than happy to count our lovely northern neighbours among our loyal and valued customers. Just like our deliveries throughout the US, Canadian customers receive quick, discreet shipping that brings premium marijuana seeds straight to their door. Hand-selected and packaged in medical-grade glass vials, our seeds are available to all Canadians over 18 years of age, and can be purchased even if you do not possess a medical licence. (Do note, however, that you may be required to have a medical licence in order to grow your own medical marijuana.)

Marijuana for Sleep Disorders

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that marijuana can be an excellent option for people who struggle to get enough sleep. Known for making you feel a bit lazy and drowsy, certain marijuana strains are an all-natural way to encourage a quicker drop-off into sleep, or prevent recurring interruptions during the night. How you take your marijuana determines how quickly it will affect you:

  • If you smoke or vaporize your marijuana, the effects will kick in very quickly, and you should start to nod off in ten to thirty minutes.
  • If you eat your marijuana as an edible, your body needs to metabolize the cannabinoids, and the effects can take up to two hours to kick in, and last as many as six. If you have no trouble falling asleep but wake up often during the night, this is the perfect consumption method.

Learn more about different ways to consume marijuana with our article The Top 5 Ways to Consume Marijuana.

Buy Canada Marijuana Seeds

Growers Choice boasts only the finest genetics – authenticated through lab testing – and high-quality marijuana seeds. We backup our claims with an outstanding quality guarantee, and are always available to answer questions or troubleshoot with you. Our website is packed with helpful articles on all aspects of medical marijuana, and we’re always adding more!

Top Marijuana Strains for Sleep

  1. Mazar
  2. Northern Lights Auto-Flowering
  3. Afghan Auto-Flowering

The Best Pot Seeds in Canada

Seeking premium pot seeds? Your search is over! Here at Growers Choice, we’ll set you up with exactly what you need. Each of our 40+ marijuana seed strains comes with a detailed product description and long list of characteristics, so you know just what you’re getting when you choose your seeds and place your order.

Pick Growers Choice for your Canada marijuana seeds. You’ll be glad you did!

The Best Pot Seeds in Canada

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The quality of these seeds is unprecedented. Trust me when I say I won’t be shopping for weed seeds anywhere else. I sincerely hope this company is around for many, many years!

Grant H., Vancouver, Canada

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