Is It Legal To Sell Marijuana Seeds?

Can I Sell Cannabis Seeds?

Whether you’re an individual hoping to grow a few plants, or a dispensary owner planning to expand your inventory, Growers Choice is an excellent place to find the high-quality cannabis seeds you need. We’re proud of the careful selection and attention to detail that goes into each and every one of our products; when you order from Growers Choice, you’re benefiting from more than twenty years of experience in the medical and horticultural sectors, so you know you’re making a sound investment.

The sale of cannabis seeds is not illegal, regardless of the laws in your state or province. Certain states such as Texas have laws that prohibit not only the cultivation of cannabis seeds, but even the purchase of prepared medical cannabis to treat the wide range of ailments for which patients laud this natural alternative. But even in places where growing is not allowed, cannabis seeds can be sold with the provision that they are adult novelty souvenirs, not gardening items.

Despite the strict laws surrounding marijuana in some states, 17 regions do allow the cultivation of cannabis plants, for medical or even recreational purposes. It is in these states specifically that dispensaries would do well to consider adding cannabis seeds to their store offerings. The following states allow cultivation in some capacity, and our recent blog (How Many States Let You Grow Your Own Marijuana?) offers specifics on the laws in each of these states:

  • Arizona
  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • DC
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington

Start-up costs for selling cannabis seeds

Like any new investment, there is a bit of an initial cost when choosing to sell cannabis seeds, but the future income opportunities far outweigh the set-up. When you order wholesale cannabis seeds from Growers Choice for resale in your dispensary or garden center, you can essentially choose the savings you want to receive. We’re proud to offer discounts of up to 70% off the retail price of our more than 40 cannabis seed strains, plus we sell an addition 40 strains as wholesale only. That means you can choose from more than 80 unique strains when planning your new product line.

In addition to the outrageous savings you get simply from purchasing larger quantities of cannabis seeds in bulk (our wholesale seeds are sold in quantities of 500, 1000, and 2000 seeds), we have also organized a selection of wholesale cannabis seed combos, which allow you to double your selection without increasing the wholesale price you pay. We have curated pairs that suit each other, such as Blueberry Auto-Flowering and Diesel Feminized cannabis seeds and Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering and OG Kush Feminized cannabis seeds.

Since a bag full of seeds isn’t terribly eye-catching, at Growers Choice we’re happy to set you up with promotional materials and packaging, as well. We’ll ship out our custom locking rack with space for six unique strains, or our smaller desk rack, which holds three strains. Of course, you’ll also receive the medical-grade glass vials and clear clamshell cases for which our seeds are recognized, and the informative inserts that share information about the strains you chose with your loyal customers.

Who is buying cannabis seeds?

More and more people are buying cannabis seeds, both for their large-scale nursery operations, and personal medicinal use. Whether your customers are choosing 25-seed packs to fill up their extensive garden area, or 3-packs to grow a single cannabis plant, they will be so happy to discover our reliable, popular products at your shop. We always recommend choosing a variety of auto-flowering, high-CBD, and regular feminized strains, to ensure you have something for everyone.

  1. Our auto-flowering cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for people who want to harvest a bit more quickly, and desire an easy-growing strain for their first attempt. Autoflowering cannabis plants do not require a switch in lighting in order to enter the flowering stage, rather, they make this transition on their own about two weeks after planting.
  2. Regular feminized cannabis seeds are perfect for beginner and advanced gardeners alike. Many of our strains are suitable for low stress training methods to produce impressive yields of healing buds. They can be grown indoors or out, and most are considered moderate in cultivation difficulty.
  3. For individuals who are seeking the soothing qualities of cannabis without the mind-altering effects, our high-CBD medical cannabis seeds are ideal. These strains feature high quantities of non-psychoactive CBD, and low levels of THC, so patients can benefit from the powerful combination of these two cannabinoids without worrying about the euphoric and hallucinogenic aspect so strongly associated with marijuana.

Is it cheaper to buy wholesale cannabis seeds?

If you are planning to buy a large amount of cannabis seeds, it is most definitely cheaper to choose our wholesale cannabis seeds option. Not only do you receive outstanding deals of up to 70% off retail price, but you will also benefit from our professional customer service offerings.

Choosing to purchase wholesale from Growers Choice does not eliminate your access to our 90% germination guarantee; although we proudly promise that 90% of your seeds will germinate or we’ll replace them, our wholesale customers report repeated satisfaction and germination rates of beyond 90%. That’s why we’re comfortable standing behind our guarantee, and will settle for nothing less than exemplary seed performance.

Our cannabis seeds have been tested for viability and authentic genetics, and while we can’t guarantee 100% germination rates, we do feel confident that you’ll be blown away by the quality of our marijuana seeds.

Find bulk cannabis seeds online

One of the best things about buying bulk cannabis seeds from Growers Choice is our established online presence. When you order from us, you don’t need to worry about complicated phone orders or mail-in forms. All our wholesale cannabis seeds can be purchased directly from our website, with our secure checkout system that keeps you and your information safe.

That is not to say, of course, that we aren’t available for discussions about our products. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions or concerns. We are more than happy to discuss the best products for your individual shop, and answer any inquiries that might put your mind to rest. At Growers Choice, our top priority is customer satisfaction, and whether you’re a single person looking for a few seeds or a business owner hoping to expand, we value your business and your interest in furthering the cannabis cause. We look forward to forming lasting partnerships with all our wholesale partners.

What do cannabis seeds cost?

After you have ordered your Growers Choice wholesale cannabis seeds and benefited from our impressive savings of up to 70% off retail price, how you price the seeds in your store is up to you. Thanks to our bulk discounts, you’re free to charge a very competitive rate that will bring in new customers and see our seeds flying off your shelves. Your customers will wonder how on earth you were able to offer such excellent prices, and you can simply smile and rest easy knowing you’ve brought joy to your clients without hurting your bottom line.

You may have noticed that at retail price, Growers Choice cannabis seeds appear a little bit more costly than some other sites selling marijuana seeds. This is due to the feminized nature of our seeds. Allow us to explain, so you can pass this explanation on to your customers:

Why are feminized cannabis seeds more expensive?

Regular cannabis seeds – the kind you’d find in stores years ago, or that you might pick off your regular cannabis plants – are a combination of male and female genetics, and when planted will average half male and half female plants. This is due to the traditional pollination of the plants, wherein the males pollinated the females to produce seeds.

While this is great if you want to continue harvesting your own cannabis seeds, it can cause problems for people hoping to simply harvest usable, medicinal flowers for their health needs. Males are important for female fertilization, but they are detrimental to flower or bud production. Female plants pollinated by males quite simply “go to seed”. The result is low-quality buds and lots of seeds for replanting!

Feminized cannabis seeds do not produce any male plants because the plants from which they were harvested did not come into contact with male plants. Female cannabis has an interesting ability to self-pollinate when it fears no male is present. Seeds harvested from female plants who pollinated themselves are 99% guaranteed to produce female plants.

Since most gardeners weed out their male plants before they have a chance to pollinate the females and damage the buds, feminized cannabis seeds save the grower both time and money: no need to identify and pull males, and no need to waste seeds and space on plants that will never be harvested.

So, you can see, feminized cannabis seeds might cost a little bit more in the beginning, but you are guaranteed to get as many harvestable plants as germinated seeds.

Selling cannabis seeds at a dispensary

Selling cannabis seeds at your dispensary can expand your customer base by bringing in new customers who are only interested in growing their own marijuana. Growing at home lets them rest assured their medicine was grown organically – if that’s their preference – and have complete control over the process.

While your new clients are browsing your rack of Growers Choice cannabis seeds, you can take the opportunity to remind them that cannabis plants take a number of months of growth before they are ready for harvest; perhaps they would be interested in trying some prepared cannabis flowers, tinctures, or topicals while they await the harvest of their own plants. Who knows, you might find yourself with a loyal customer who prefers to purchase auto-flowering seeds for cultivation and prepared buds of a trickier strain for other benefits.

Ordering Wholesale Marijuana Seeds from Growers Choice

It’s so easy to order wholesale marijuana seeds from our website, you’ll wonder why you’re only now delving into the cannabis seed business! Simply choose the strains you would like to order – or the strain combinations that save money and hard choices – and add them to your cart. Give us a call to discuss pricing and then checkout using your credit card or any of our other easy-to-use payment methods. We are also happy to take credit cards over the phone.

Wherever your dispensary or garden center is located, we’re certain you’ll find customers eager to purchase fresh, reliable, tested cannabis seeds with a fantastic 90% germination guarantee and authenticated genetics. Both you and your customers can always feel free to reach out to us through email or phone with questions – customer satisfaction is our foremost goal.

Place your wholesale cannabis seeds order today and discover why so many individual gardeners and businesses are choosing to grow and sell Growers Choice cannabis seeds!

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