When the store up the road (and the store downtown, and the store in the suburbs), don’t stock the strains you need, don’t despair! When you join up with Growers Choice you’ll discover it couldn’t be easier to buy pot seeds online, right from the comfort of your own home. We deliver all our products to almost everywhere in the world, so even if you’re living off the mainland or out in the boonies, there’s a pretty good chance you can order and benefit from the amazing, high-quality pot seeds we provide.

Why Buy Pot Seeds Online?

Buying pot seeds online is a great idea because vendors like Growers Choice will almost always have a much larger selection than a storefront. This isn’t to disparage your local dispensaries – it’s simply a matter of space. We don’t have a storefront, we have an office and warehouse, so we have tons of space to store all your favorite pot seeds without worrying about isles for you to pass through, or attractive displays.

Buying online also means we probably have everything in stock, most of the time. While we do sometimes run out of a really popular strain, we keep all our seeds on hand, and are placing orders with our trusted, select breeders when we see strains running low (which also means we don’t have seeds sitting around for ages – they’re pretty much guaranteed to be as fresh as can be!).

The Best Pot Seeds to Buy Online

At Growers Choice, it can be tricky to narrow down your favorite strains – maybe that’s one downside to buying online? (Nah, you can always try your second choice next time!) The strain you choose is ultimately based on your personal preference and the symptoms you’re trying to relieve. For instance:

  • If you are looking primarily for pain relief, we recommend one of our medical strains, like CBD Blueberry. This strain contains a high level of CBD (7%), which is an non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it won’t give you that traditional pot “high”. CBD Blueberry also works to reduce stress, provide physical relaxation, and improve mood.
  • For a simple and straight-forward grow, why not try Sour Kush Auto-Flowering pot seeds? A relatively balanced indica-sativa strain, Sour Kush is great for daytime treatment, relieving stress and anxiety, and even tackling some chronic pain. It will leave you feeling relaxed and euphoric, and is suitable for new growers.
  • For energy and a heck of a lot of bud, choose a sativa-dominant regular feminized strain like Super Silver Haze. Great for soothing nausea and boosting productivity, this strain delivers huge yields indoors and out, and will leave you feeling energized and cheerful.

In other words, we can’t tell you the best pot seeds to buy for your needs, but we can promise that every strain we sell has been tested, is reliably feminized, and is backed by our germination guarantee. Speaking of which…

Germination Guarantee: Your Insurance for Online Pot Seeds

Growers Choice won’t just coax you into buying our pot seeds online, and then abandon you. Not only do we offer an extensive Growing Advice section, we also provide all our customers with our outstanding 90% Germination Guarantee. Yes, you read that right – if fewer than 90% of your pot seeds fail to germinate, we’ll replace the ones that fell short.

Pot is all-natural, so it’s impossible for us to say that every seed will germinate every time. It’s also not possible to check every seed for viability (partly because of time and partly because there just isn’t a reliable test for that). But we want to do our best by you, and that’s why we offer this promise, when other seed companies offer 80% guarantees, or none at all.

If you follow our germination method, all you need to do after you discover a failed pot seed is contact us. We’ll ask a few questions about your process, but other than that you’re pretty much free and clear to receive a replacement seed. That’s how much we appreciate your business and honor your investment in our company and your health!

Medical Benefits of Pot

When you buy pot seeds online, you’re opening yourself up to a huge world of natural healing. Pot isn’t just for chilling out at the end of the day – our strains (and most strains, honestly) have loads of therapeutic effects that can ease symptoms, alleviate chronic pain, and might even be able to help cure your condition (there’s some evidence suggesting cannabis can actually kill off cancer cells!).

On our website, you’ll find a great medical benefits section, with details on the ways pot has been found to be medicinally helpful. Here are just a few of the symptoms and conditions this amazing plant can address:


  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Stress
  • Acute pain
  • Spasticity


  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • PTSD
  • Depression

Recreational Pot in the USA

We’ve talked a lot here about how you can use the pot seeds you buy from Growers Choice for medical relief, but if you live in one of the 9 states (including Washington D.C.), you can grow, harvest, and use your prepared bud just to chill on the couch. Some of the ways in which pot helps people with medical conditions can carry over to be useful to people who just generally need a bit of help fighting fatigue, falling asleep, easing a muscle pain, relaxing after a stressful day, and more.

Basically, whatever you need marijuana for, if you buy pot seeds online, buy them from Growers Choice. We will deliver your order anywhere in the world (as long as seeds are legal, which they are throughout North America at least), and you can either start your seed collection for the day growing pot becomes legal in your state, or you can pop those little guys right out of the package and begin germinating on the spot!

Rated 5 out of 5

I’ve placed three orders of pot seeds now, and every time I’ve been blown away by the quality of the products and the customer service. You seem like a bright light in a sometimes murky industry, and I’m really grateful to you!

Hannah L., Seattle, WA