Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Wisconsin

buy marijuana seeds for sale in wisconsin

What is medical CBD?

Medical CBD is marijuana that has been bred to contain very low levels of THC (often 0.5% or less), the predominant psychoactive substance in marijuana. When THC is removed, the marijuana flowers and extracts remain medicinal but no longer cause the famous cannabis “high”. Generally, medical CBD must have at least 10% CBD to be permitted for use.

Can I make my own CBD extract?

It is possible to make your own CBD oils and extracts with high CBD medical marijuana plants, though in Wisconsin you will not be able to buy the flowers to do so. With high-CBD strains like our own CBD Moby Dick and CBD Critical Mass, a gardener can harvest marijuana flowers and create their own extractions, which have highly concentrated amounts of the healing cannabinoid compounds.

There are number of possible extraction methods, resulting in extracts like:

  • Rosin,
  • Phoenix Tears,
  • Butane Hash Oil, and
  • kief

Rosin, for instance, requires no solvents, which makes it an appealing choice for some discerning gardeners. Rosin is usually made by compressing a cannabis flower in a hot flat iron, between two pieces of parchment paper, which encourages the oil to ease out and stick to the paper.

medical marijuana seeds for sale in wisconsin

For Wisconsin collectors of marijuana seeds, we’re the obvious choice. Look to us for premium marijuana seed strains and quick, discreet delivery to your door.

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Jack Herer55S / 45I18% THCDaytime
Afghan Auto-Flowering90I / 10R18% THCEvening
Critical Purple Auto-Flowering90I / 10S27% THCEvening

Is marijuana legal in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, only medical CBD is permitted for use, and only in the remedy of debilitating or severe epileptic medical conditions. The products must be in extract form, high in CBD and low in THC. Entitled Lydia’s Law, Act 267 was established in 2013, allowing medical professionals to apply for and receive medical marijuana with an investigational drug permit “for cannabidiol as medication for a seizure disorder.” The law also specifies that if cannabidiol (CBD) is removed from the Schedule 1 list, pharmacies and physicians will be authorized to dispense it as a remedy for the same disorders.

Buying marijuana seeds does not fall under these restrictions. So long as the seeds remain ungerminated (dormant), they are seeds as collectors’ items intended to preserve genetics. Feel free to order marijuana seeds from Growers Choice if you live in Wisconsin, but always enquire into the laws before germinating or planting your seeds. We do not sell marijuana seeds for anything but the purposes of collecting.

the best autoflowering marijuana seeds in wisconsin

Get affordable Wisconsin marijuana seeds here!

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Buy pot seeds in Wisconsin

Find all the Wisconsin pot seeds you need at Growers Choice. We sell 21 marijuana seed strains. Within the collection are regular, CBD medical, and auto-flowering varieties, which give customers an excellent selection from which to choose the best strains for their needs.

All our marijuana seeds are fully feminized, which means when Wisconsin passes home cultivation laws, you won’t need to worry about weeding out the males to save your crop – all the seeds planted will grow into female, bud-producing plants. We package your order in medical-grade glass vials so, when properly preserved, your seeds should last until planting is permitted.

Growers Choice marijuana seeds in Wisconsin:

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