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How to Grow Marijuana in Olympia, WA

Living in Washington’s capital, you already know that marijuana legalization is here to stay. But did you know you can do much more than just buy and consume marijuana? You also have the opportunity to grow the plant with your own Olympia marijuana seeds! With help from us and our delivery right to your front door, you can be planting and harvesting in no time!

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What laws do I need to follow when growing pot seeds in Olympia?

As one of the pioneer states in marijuana legalization, Washington has clear and defined laws for what is and is not allowed as a recreational user as well as a medical patient. Assuming you are a patient, Washington allows up to six plants per household as determined by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. While there is a limit on the number of flowering plants you are allowed per household, there is no limit to the number of pot seeds you can possess at one time.

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What strains can help treat my mental or physical health issues?

Marijuana has been used as an alternative to pharmaceuticals for people for years, long before a patient program ever existed. But how do you know what strains can help you? Or possibly, what strains should you avoid in fear of exacerbating the problem? While every individual is different and reacts different to marijuana, generally speaking, indica-strains can be used for bodily sensations while sativa-strains can be used for a cerebral buzz. Popular indica-strains are:

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Where should I go to buy Olympia marijuana seeds?

If you’re ready to start your growing journey today, Grower’s Choice is the perfect place to begin without lifting more than a finger. Whether you are a novice grower or an experienced farmer, we have a wide variety of seeds that will meet whatever your needs may be. Not only is growing a fun hobby that many find enjoyable, but it can also be a great, cost-effective way to grow medicinal strains!

What should I expect after I order my seeds?

After you decide what strain is right for you and your growing experience, simply wait for your Olympia marijuana seeds to arrive at your door! If you’re a beginner to growing, our germination guide can be a great tool to utilize when you’re just getting started.

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