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Auburn Marijuana Seeds for Sale

In Washington, marijuana is starting to slide more and more into the mainstream, and the state laws are beginning to reflect this. It’s never been easier to order your Auburn marijuana seeds from Growers Choice, where excellent selection, quality, and customer service await you. 

buy marijuana seeds in auburn

How to Order Marijuana Seeds Online

It’s a cinch to order marijuana seeds online — honestly. What’s easier than reading through product descriptions, choosing the strain that best suits your needs, selecting a quantity, and checking out? All you have to do after that is sit back and relax while the reliable folks at Growers Choice hand-select and package your premium, fresh, lab-tested marijuana seeds and deliver them right to your door. It takes all of five minutes, and the result is the finest feminized pot seeds you’ll find on this side of either ocean.

feminized marijuana seeds for sale in auburn

Where do marijuana seeds come from?

Marijuana seeds sold at Growers Choice come from a reliable breeder with more than two decades of experience cultivating, coaxing, and harvesting a superior product. The seeds are harvested from pollinated female marijuana plants, but it’s even more special than that: our marijuana seeds are all fully feminized, which means female marijuana plants pollinated themselves! That’s not science fiction — it’s actually possible thanks to the cool genetics of the marijuana plant. Because no male plants are involved in making feminized marijuana seeds, no male plants will grow from feminized marijuana seeds. It’s really that simple, and it means you don’t have to sweat that part of the cultivation process; you know, the part where you painstakingly monitor your plants throughout the vegetative stage to make sure you can catch and remove any male plants.

medical marijuana seeds for sale in auburn

Are male marijuana plants bad?

Male marijuana plants aren’t bad, they just aren’t useful to growing and harvesting big beautiful buds to ease chronic pain, promote relaxation and kibosh stress. The reason is pretty straightforward: male marijuana plants pollinate females to make seeds. This is how more marijuana plants are born. Unfortunately, pollination makes female marijuana flowers “go to seed”, which largely negates their therapeutic benefits and doesn’t taste very good. Also, male plants don’t produce flowers, so they won’t give you healing, medicinal buds even if you keep them separate from the females. Make sense?

What are the best marijuana strains?

They’re all great! But we know — that’s not helpful. There are hundreds of marijuana strains these days, thanks to the experimentation and love of thousands of breeders around the world. And the answer of the best marijuana strains is not simple. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Here are some of the best strains for some of the most sought-after symptoms:

You can find all these Auburn marijuana seeds strains right here at Growers Choice, plus a whole lot more.

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