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In Washington, medical marijuana seeds can be collected and cultivated, and Growers Choice is the best place to find premium seeds that will exceed your expectations on every front!

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Washington Marijuana Laws

In Washington, marijuana laws exemplify the liberality advocates across the country are so eager to see. First off, patients with many different medical conditions and symptoms (including cancer, glaucoma, Hep C, AIDS, intractable pain, nausea, and seizures) enter the medical marijuana program and gain access to marijuana in a variety of forms:

  1. Solid marijuana-infused products – 48 oz
  2. Marijuana flowers – 3 oz
  3. Liquid marijuana-infused products – 216 oz
  4. Marijuana concentrates – 21 grams

Furthermore, in 2012 the state approved Initiative 502 (with 56% of voters saying aye), which allows people over the age of 21 to hold specified quantities of cannabis without any medical certification, for self-treating symptoms or recreational use.

Marijuana Seeds Washington

Can I grow my own marijuana in Washington?

You can! Though purchasing marijuana seeds from Growers Choice is permitted throughout the US, in Washington you can also germinated and grow these seeds in your own home if you are a qualifying medical marijuana patient. Prior to entry into the state’s medical marijuana database, approved patients can grow up to 4 plants and possess as much as 6 ounces of useable flower. Once in the database, this limit expands to up to 15 plants and 16 ounces.

Can I get pot seeds delivered in Washington?

At Growers Choice, we will deliver your pot seeds right to your door. Simply select your strains and quantities from our easy-to-use product pages (which are full of helpful facts about each strain) and enter your mailing and payment information. All the personal details you share are kept on a secure server and will never be shared with outside parties; your credit card information is always deleted after the payment is processed.

Once you’ve placed your order, our team will hand-select and package your marijuana seeds for you in medical-grade glass vials that ensure they stay safe and fresh until you’re ready to plant them. Your order is shipped in unbranded container that keeps your purchase private.

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How do you sprout marijuana seeds?

The process of sprouting marijuana seeds to prepare them for planting is called germination. Though it is possible to plant ungerminated seeds in soil, most experts in the field recommend soil-free germination first. At Growers Choice, if you follow our germination method you are covered by our 90% germination guarantee, so it’s advisable to follow our guide.

Germination can be initiated in a number of ways, though one of the most popular is the water glass and paper towel method, which involves soaking the marijuana seeds in water for about 14 hours, then placing them within a wet paper towel, in a dark, warm location, and leaving them – well-watered – to sprout for up to 7 days. After this time, they can be planted.

Growers Choice marijuana seeds in Washington:

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In Washington State, medical marijuana home gardeners want Growers Choice

I’ve now grown three different strains from your site, and all 9 seeds have sprouted and are looking fantastic. I recently sampled the first batch and it’s a whopper – highly recommend this site and their Great White Shark strain specifically.

Tyler P., Washington State