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Get the best Washington marijuana seeds for your indoor or outdoor grow with Growers Choice Seeds. Our cannabis seeds are quality, hardy, and perfect for growers of all experience levels. Get started on your cultivation journey today!

The Ins and Outs of Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds are what you plant in order to grow a full, healthy marijuana plant. Without the seeds, you simply won’t have a plant! Let’s learn more about these unique seeds and the role they play in Washington State. 

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Premium marijuana seeds for sale
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Can You Grow Marijuana in Washington State?

If you’re a 420 fan in Washington, you’re probably wondering: can I grow marijuana at home? 

As long as you have a proper permit, the state allows you to grow up to four marijuana plants in your private residence. You have to be at least 21 years old with written consent to cultivate in order to get this permit. But, once you do, you’re able to purchase cannabis seeds from Growers Choice and begin cultivating. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind these regulations when growing weed in Washington State. Many people glaze over these laws because of the state’s relaxed view on cannabis as a whole; however, this doesn’t mean that everything is legal. Along with these strict cultivation rules, you also have to pay attention to possession limits and avoid public consumption. 

In Washington State, you can purchase and possess up to an ounce of cannabis at a time, though medical marijuana patients may have certain exceptions. 

Different Types of Marijuana Seeds

You can find so many different types of marijuana seeds on the market today, and Growers Choice Seeds has a wide selection available online. 

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are a popular seed choice among both experienced and new growers, and we’re happy to have an extensive inventory of these female seeds in our online seed bank.

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that are bred to produce only female cannabis plants. This eliminates the need to deal with male plants that unintentionally fertilize the crop.

These types of seeds are ideal for various reasons, including getting higher yields and maximizing bud production. Plus, you’re likely to save money over time, as you don’t have to worry about wasting seeds that turned out male. Truly, they are an amazing option for both new and experienced growers.

And, if you think you can’t find all of your favorite strains feminized, think again! Growers Choice Seeds has all of your favorite strains available in feminized seed form, giving you so much to choose from.

Quickly, it’s important to note that you can find feminized seeds in two types: feminized photoperiod and feminized autoflowering. Feminized photoperiods are female seeds that enter the flowering stage with the changing of light cycles, while feminized autoflowering begins flowering automatically over time. So, you have to make sure you choose the right feminized seeds for your cultivation journey.

Autoflowering Seeds

Speaking of auto-flowering, autoflower seeds are another popular choice for cannabis cultivators. 

Essentially, autoflowering seeds are independent seeds because they start the flowering stage on their own. Typically, indoor cultivators have to trigger this change by changing light cycles, and outdoor cultivators must wait for the changing of seasons. But, with these weed seeds, there’s no work required on your end to make it happen.

Thus, autoflowering seeds’ durability, independence, and suitability for beginners are all super attractive qualities for growers.

In general, autoflowering strains tend to grow short in stature and can thrive in various weather conditions. You can also find feminized autoflowering seeds that are not only going to flower on their own, but they’re guaranteed to be female. It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

Medical Marijuana Strains

Medical marijuana has been legal in Washington State for decades now, and there are a variety of strains available.

Some patients find that consuming cannabis does provide some level of relief from certain symptoms. What’s more, you don’t need a medical marijuana card to consume medical cannabis in Washington state. Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or recreational consumer, you can shop from any licensed dispensary in your WA area thanks to the state’s cannabis laws. Just remember that the consumption of cannabis (whether in solid form or liquid form) can only be done in the privacy of your home.

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Regular Seeds

It’s important to stress that Growers Choice Seeds doesn’t offer regular marijuana seeds for sale—in large part because regular marijuana seeds are seeds produce both male and female plants, and most at-home growers just want THC/CBD-rich bud-producing female plants.

At GSC, we’re all about growing healthy, happy cannabis plants with buds that you can enjoy. However, with regular seeds, you just can’t get that guarantee. Thus, we only offer top-quality feminized photoperiod, autoflowering, and feminized autoflowering seeds to choose from.  

Popular Marijuana Strains Available in Washington State

You want to grow weed in Washington, but what are the most popular strains? Let’s talk about it.

White Widow

As a whole, the most popular marijuana strain in Washington State is White Widow.

This indica-leaning hybrid is popular both for its effects and its ability to grow in Washington’s varied climates. White Widow autoflower strains are some of the best autoflowers in Washington due to being small, manageable, and able to flower in just nine weeks.

Plus, you’re going to get plants with some high THC levels: typically around 20%. This is great if you’re a medical marijuana patient or someone with a high tolerance seeking powerful results.

Luckily for all types of cultivators, the White Widow strain does well for both indoor and outdoor growing, though they thrive in mild to warm climates with ample sunlight.

Girl Scout Cookies

Another largely popular cannabis strain in Washington is Girl Sout Cookies — and understandably so! 

This marijuana strain is one of the most well-known in the industry, and it’s largely popular for its potency and famous genetics. GSC can be fairly easy to grow, especially when you buy our feminized version. Our feminized GSC seeds are designed to grow only female plants, ready to produce powerful, tasty buds upon flowering — guaranteed. 

Finding the Right Seeds With Growers Choice Seed Bank

When you’re searching for the right seeds in your seed bank, you have to make sure you know what to look for. Grower’s Choice Seeds is proud of our great reputation and reliability, as well as our wide variety of premium cannabis seed strains. Here’s how you can find your ideal weed seeds.

Our Reputation and Reliability

You should only buy weed seeds from seed banks with a well-established reputation for excellence—like Growers Choice.

GCS offers cannabis seeds with high-quality genetics and a long track record of success. You can see this firsthand in our thousands of five-star customer reviews throughout our years of operation and involvement in the cannabis industry.

We have spent 20 years researching the ins and outs of this market to ensure that what we offer is the best of the best for all of our customers, and we’re proud to continue that dedication day in and day out. 

All in all, Growers Choice Seeds is a reputable seed bank that you can rely on time and time again. 

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Washington marijuana seeds
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Variety and Selection of Cannabis Strains

Growers Choice Seed offers a huge selection of premium cannabis strains and marijuana seeds in Washington State.

You can find popular strains like White Widow and Jack Herer, or you can explore lesser-known strains for something new.

Indica, sativa, or balanced hybrid, we have plenty of quality seed strains for you to choose from for your Washington farm. And, of course, our seeds are available in feminized photoperiod, auto-flowering, and feminized autoflowering depending on what you want and need. 

High-Quality Cannabis Genetics

High-quality genetics are crucial to growing healthy plants in Washington State, and every one of GCS’ seeds is grown with this kind of standard.

Healthy genetics can impact the overall growth, yield, and potency of marijuana plants, so having the strongest, most robust plants possible is key.

There are various strains known for their high-quality, healthy genetics in Washington, including ones like Purple Hindu Kush, Green Crack, and Girl Scout Cookies. These popular strains are not only potent, but they’ve got the great genetics that most growers are looking for. 

At Growers Choice, our high-quality cannabis seeds are available in various types, making them suitable for every Washington cannabis garden. 

Discreet Shipping and Delivery Options

Grower’s Choice Seeds is proud to offer discreet shipping and various delivery options to make your experience as smooth sailing as possible.

Stealth packaging for products like weed seeds is integral and it helps ensure guaranteed delivery even with the possibility of confiscation. This is because cannabis at the federal level is still illegal and shipping can be complicated.

But, with our extra time and care dedicated to discreet shipping, getting your package to your home should be the last worry on your mind. 

If you ever have any questions about our delivery or shipping process, Growers Choice Seeds’ customer service team is here to help.

Experienced Growers On Staff to Offer Advice and Support

We understand that cannabis and cannabis seeds can be a bit confusing, and sometimes you need some support. That’s exactly why we have experienced growers on staff to offer valuable advice and support to customers.

Our experts can assist with common growing issues, provide guidance on strain selection, and even offer tips for successful cultivation in Washington State.

In Washington State, medical marijuana home gardeners want Growers Choice

I’ve now grown three different strains from your site, and all 9 seeds have sprouted and are looking fantastic. I recently sampled the first batch and it’s a whopper – highly recommend this site and their Great White Shark strain specifically.
Tyler P., Washington State

How do you sprout marijuana seeds?

The process of sprouting marijuana seeds to prepare them for planting is called germination. Though it is possible to plant ungerminated seeds in the soil, most experts in the field recommend soil-free germination first. At Growers Choice, if you follow our germination method you are covered by our 90% germination guarantee, so it’s advisable to follow our guide.

Germination can be initiated in several ways, though one of the most popular is the water glass and paper towel method, which involves soaking the marijuana seeds in water for about 14 hours, then placing them within a wet paper towel, in a dark, warm location, and leaving them – well-watered – to sprout for up to 7 days. After this time, they can be planted.

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