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Ready for some great news? It’s never been easier to buy Portsmouth marijuana seeds, online, right from the comfort of your own home. At Growers Choice, we’re dedicated to making sure our customers find exactly what they want, and get their premium, lab-tested and fully feminized marijuana seeds delivered — on time and discreetly — right to their door. With easy ordering and customer service reps who are happy to help you find and figure it all out, it’s no wonder Growers Choice is growing in the esteem of our customers across the globe. We ship cannabis seeds directly from our warehouse in California, so you don’t have to wait, wondering if customs or duties are going to lose your order or charge you exorbitant fees — we’re American, and we’re proud of it!

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Marijuana Laws in Virginia

The marijuana laws in Virginia used to be pretty dismal. Patients weren’t going to be able to legally use marijuana, despite some anecdotal evidence about its potential effectiveness for various medical applications. 

Despite cannabis’ continued federal status as a schedule 1 drug (right up there with heroin – don’t even get us started), registered patients in Virginia now have the ability to access medical marijuana for qualifying conditions a doctor deems useful. This doesn’t mean marijuana is legal in the state; instead, the legislature has agreed to “provide an affirmative defense for registered patients, caregivers,” and companies.

According to Virginia Norml, “Affirmative defense defeats or mitigates the legal consequences of the defendant’s otherwise unlawful conduct. While it will not be legal, technically, to possess the oils, a patient or their caregiver would be able to present their registration if they were stopped by law enforcement or in a court of law as their defense for possession of the oil.”

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What Medical Conditions Can Marijuana Help?

There are numerous medical conditions that marijuana is recommended for by doctors depending on a state’s list of qualifying conditions. Though they vary from state to state, some of the most common health conditions include:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Arthritis
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Storing Your Marijuana Seeds

Because cultivation is not yet legal in Virginia, you might have to store your Portsmouth marijuana seeds for a while. Lucky for you, it’s super easy to do this, and they can remain viable for years if you follow a couple of simple steps. Your seeds need to stay in darkness and remain dry in a stable, cool temperature. Film canisters are a great option, and you can easily label them with the different strain names so you don’t get them mixed up. A closet in a cool part of the house can be enough for temperature; the fridge and freezer also work, but if you open the door a lot, those fluctuations aren’t ideal.

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