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When the gardening season hits, some people yearn for the feel of fresh dirt between their fingers and under their nails, the scrape of garden tools, the smell of water from the hose. Whether you’re planning to plant carrots, petunias, or weed, you know you need good products. And if your yen is Montpelier marijuana seeds, then we at Growers Choice have you covered. Our extensive selection spans all skill levels and preferences. Whatever your desire, we will do our best to help you find a strain that matches your needs.

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Why Have Marijuana Seeds Delivered?

Ordering marijuana seeds for home delivery is pretty par for the course these days, we know. We don’t need to convince you that shopping online (in certain cases) gives you way more selection and convenience than traveling from shop to shop looking for exactly the product you need. But in addition to the obvious, deciding to throw in with Growers Choice gets you helpful and insightful articles and blog posts, high-quality, feminized seeds that have been lab-tested and hand-selected for your order, and helpful customer service agents who really know their stuff. New grower or old green thumb, we’ll hook you up.

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How to Order Marijuana Seeds

It’s never been easier to shop online — many of our credit cards prove this without a doubt! You can discover so much more when you browse Growers Choice than you would scanning the racks at a local shop — usually just because we have more space and time to source a variety of seeds than a brick and mortar store. So, go ahead. Take a look at the detailed product descriptions that accompany each of our strains, and the characteristics that give you info like flowering time, expected effects, and gardening skill level. Then choose how many seeds you want (3, 5, 10, or 25) and click “checkout”. In minutes, you’ll be sitting back with your feet up or hastening on to the next activity in your busy life. There’s nothing like a quick online shopping trip to set you up and let you carry on quick.

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What are Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds?

And speaking of having more time for your busy schedule, why not take a look at our auto-flowering marijuana seed selection? We carry a bunch of strains that not only flower on their own without any specified change in lighting, but also grow more quickly — you can often harvest an automatic strain weeks before a regular variety, and today the method to transform strains into autos has been so perfected that almost every strain you love is available with an auto-flowering variety.

This method is done by cross-breeding pure marijuana strains with a sub-species of cannabis called ruderalis. Born in the cool, short-summer climates of Russia, ruderalis learned to flower without the help of the shifting sun, the only way to ensure its continued survival. It’s hardy and smaller than many varieties (especially sativas), so it’s great for an indoor grow and newbie gardeners. So, what are you waiting for? Order your Montpelier marijuana seeds today and get growing! Growers Choice: we grow better.

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