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Recreational cannabis is still illegal in the state of Utah, but cannabis can be purchased by medical patients who have qualified for a medical marijuana card. This article explores the state’s cannabis regulations in further depth, the history and terrain of Utah, and which cannabis seeds and strains can thrive within its desert climate. 

Utah and Cannabis Laws

Utah is a wonder, offering some of the most epic views in all of the United States! Let’s take a trip into Utah’s past and present, as well as the marijuana laws that govern the region.

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Everything you need to know about marijuana plants in Utah!
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The State of Utah

As with all of North America, the earliest recorded inhabitants in Utah were Indigenous peoples. In Utah specifically, these were the Ute, Shoshone, and Paiute tribes, each thriving in the deserts and mountainous regions that Utah has to offer until, of course, the inception of colonialism and their subsequent decimation. 

Spanish explorers arrived in the area in the 1700s. However, the Spanish merely admired the landscape and left without causing too much of an upheaval. It wasn’t until the arrival of European men, such as Jim Bridger and Jedediah Smith, that what is now Utah slowly became colonized. These men brought an array of interesting figures with them, most of whom were in the business of fur trading and trapping, further laying waste to the land’s natural habitat. In 1847, Salt Lake City became the first recognized city in the state of Utah, spear-headed and colonized by Brigham Young and his group of Mormons, drastically shaping Utah’s past and current culture. 

It hasn’t all been death and destruction though! A few historical, and positive, events occurred in Utah concerning the civil rights movement, one of which, was Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I Have a Dream” at the University of Utah in 1967. While Salt Lake City has historically been strongly associated with a white demographic, many of whom are entrenched in the Latter Day Saints organization, it has gradually become more culturally diverse and progressive in its politics.

Utah is also home to some of the most interesting natural landscapes in the United States, with the Mighty 5 national parks drawing in a huge amount of tourists each year. These parks include Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands, each offering a peek into an otherworldly environment.

The western portion of the state is best known for containing the Great Basin, which is a gorgeous high desert area that features sagebrush and salt flats.

The Wasatch Range is to the east and is known for its epic mountains that are drenched in all sorts of wildlife. 

The climate in Utah varies depending on the location, with northern regions, including Salt Lake City, generally being dry and hot during the summer months and very cold during winter. The southern part of the state experiences a desert climate with toasty summers and winters that are not as chilly. The mountainous areas are usually covered in snow, which makes them quite tempting for thrill-seeking snowboarders and ice climbers. 

Cannabis Laws in Utah

While not all forms of cannabis are legal within the state, medical marijuana made the cut! Patients who have qualifying medical conditions can obtain medical cannabis after receiving a recommendation from a licensed physician. After securing a medical marijuana card, medicinal cannabis can be purchased from a licensed dispensary. Medical marijuana patients are not allowed to smoke or dab their medical cannabis, but the medical marijuana laws do allow qualified patients to cultivate up to six cannabis plants at home, as long as they live more than 100 miles from medical dispensaries.

However, recreational marijuana is, unfortunately, still illegal in the state, and recreational users can face pretty extreme penalties if law enforcement finds any amount of marijuana on their person or property. Residents should keep in mind that cannabis consumption, cultivation, and possession have not been decriminalized, and sadly, minority groups generally pay the highest price if caught.

Types of Seeds and Strains for Utah

For newer growers in Utah who are wondering exactly what types of seeds they should be choosing for their gardens, we’ve got your back! Below, we give an overview of the best marijuana seeds for Utah growers.

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Learn about the vegetative stage in cannabis cultivation.
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Feminized Marijuana Seeds 

Feminized weed seeds produce only female cannabis plants, unlike regular seeds which result in both male and female plants. Growers quickly recognized that regular cannabis seeds were not that efficient in the cultivation process, since they required growers to use extra resources, time, and energy on the male plants, which do not produce consumable/ smokable buds. Hence, feminized pot seeds were created by breeders! These weed seeds produce female plants that birth THC and CBD buds, quickly becoming the most popular seed type available. Feminized seeds are photoperiodic, so their flowering time is triggered by changes in the light they receive.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are a miracle in the marijuana world, as they do not require light changes to trigger the flowering time. As their name hints, they flower automatically.

They are also fast-flowering cannabis seeds and are extremely resilient to harsh climates and diseases. Typically, these seeds can be a prime choice for growers who are newer to cannabis cultivation because they do not require such a close eye to keep in line.

Since auto-flowering seeds give way to tough seed strains, they can be an excellent choice for outdoor cultivation in many areas of Utah. In addition, indoor growers will love that they do not need to bother with lighting, as well.

Cannabis Seed Cultivation in Utah

Utah can be a tricky mistress when it comes to navigating her sometimes harsh climate, and we get it! Below, we recommend a few strains that can thrive in Utah’s climate, as well as where locals are currently purchasing some of the best cannabis seeds on the market! 

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Learn how to start growing your own weed as a beginner!
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Strains for Utah

Considering the hot and arid climate in many areas of Utah, outdoor growers should choose strains that thrive in lots of heat and very little humidity. Indoor growers have much more leniency, as they can adjust the temperature, lighting, and humidity to whatever their strain of choice requires. For outdoor growers, we recommend the following strains:

  • Mazar: This indica-dominant strain is perfectly equipped for the dry, arid climate of Southern Utah, offering drought resistance and a hardy nature. Mazar grows relatively quickly and offers sweet outdoor yields of up to 650 grams per plant.
  • Snoop Dog OG: This strain prefers a climate that is quite dry and warm, making it a stellar choice for many areas in Utah! Users adore its potent THC content of around 25%, as well as its sleepy and relaxing effects, due to its indica dominance.
  • Romulan: Also preferring a warm and arid climate, this indica-dominant hybrid was built for Utah’s desert atmosphere. It flowers in about 8 to 9 weeks and delivers calming flavors of pine and earth.
  • Purple Trainwreck: With a THC content of around 23% and ginormous outdoor yields, this balanced hybrid is a favorite among users and cultivators. Purple Trainwreck loves to bask in a warm and dry climate but prefers to remain frost-free, so make sure to harvest this baby for the cold rolls through (or you can always grow it indoors)! 

Where to Purchase High-Quality Cannabis Seeds

Online marijuana seed banks are the go-to for most cannabis cultivators worldwide, and for good reason! Many of the reputable online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, offer an amount of autonomy and discretion that other sources simply cannot afford. Growers Choice Seeds packages and ships marijuana products with the utmost stealth and care, ensuring that the contents of customers’ orders are not discernable from the outside appearance. They also offer a huge variety of quality seeds, including rare and exotic strains, which gives growers the luxury of choosing their hearts’ desire. The type of cannabis seeds provided by Growers Choice Seeds are of the highest caliber, which is apparent by the exceptional germination guarantee that the company offers with each purchase. 

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