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When it comes to marijuana seeds, Texas collectors know there’s no better place to get their collectables than Growers Choice. We deliver, discreetly, right to your front door.

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Critical Purple Auto-Flowering 90I / 10S 27% THC Evening
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White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime

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You can buy Texas marijuana seeds as collector’s items!

Growers Choice is undeniably the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Texas. Why? Well, quite simply, we offer the highest quality seeds on the market, all of which have been carefully tended and cultivated by experts in the field, and tested for viability and authenticity. We do not source marijuana seeds from unknown breeders or random seed banks – rather, our Texas marijuana seeds are exclusively grown by our own partner breeders and farmers.

Is marijuana legal in Texas?

According to the state’s Senate Bill 339, registered medical marijuana patients in Texas are only entitled to use medical marijuana to treat intractable epilepsy. This marijuana must be in the form of CBD oil or extract, derived from plants that contain no more than 0.5% THC and no less than 10% CBD. These products cannot be smoked, but can be administered through other methods.

A recent survey (June, 2018) of Texans turned up the following results:

  • Individuals 18-29: 39% support any use, while 15% maintain the product should never be allowed
  • 30-44: 28% support free use, and 17% support maintainign the status quo
  • 45-64: 21% for use, and 14% for no legalization
  • 65+: 8% for any use (highest support for medical-only use at 42%) and 18% no use.

Of course, the purchase of ungerminated marijuana seeds is allowable due to the products being considered adult novelties. Dormant, marijuana seeds pose neither medical benefits nor health risks.

CBD at Risk in Texas

In April of 2018, a surprising turn of events saw the Texas Department of State Health Services threaten to ban CBD. Despite the fact that even significant anti-drug groups like the one that oversees and fights against drug use in national and international athletes have accepted hemp-based CBD as a legitimate treatment without mind-altering properties, the healing plant that has helped hundreds if not thousands of individuals finally deal with epilepsy could disappear from Texan stores. Understandably, the entire pro-cannabis population of the southern state was vocally fighting against the ban, with the charge led by the Texas Cannabis Industry Association.

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What Symptoms Can Cannabis Treat?

Cannabis has a lot of potential in the medical world, thanks largely to cannabinoids like THC and CBD. In addition to possibly fighting cancer cells and offering extensive relief to those struggling with epilepsy and arthritis, cannabis can also address issues like insomnina (specifically indica-dominant strains), lack of appetite, nausea, stress and anxiety (though care should be taken as some strains can cause mild anxiety in some people), and depression.

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Medical Research into Cannabis

In April, a Florida Republican senator introduced a bill: the Medical Cannabis Research Act of 2018. Designed to address the “subpar” source from which most federal marijuana studies stem, the act calls for the Attorney General’s assessment – each year – to ensure enough research-grade marijuana is being delivered to the appropriate research sources. The act will also ensure a minimum of three manufacturers are in existance at all times. If approved, the legislation would also see to it that researchers and their laboratories were legally protected during their research and that patients could legally partake in clinical trials.

Cannabis Seeds Texas

Are pot seeds and hemp seeds the same thing?

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Passionate about pot seeds? Crazy about cannabis? We’ve got you covered.

Technically, yes – many pot seeds and all hemp seeds all come from the cannabis sativa plant. As seeds, these products are very similar; you could most likely eat marijuana seeds for the same benefits you get from the shelled hemp seeds you buy at the local health food store, though we wouldn’t recommend it as marijuana seeds are much more expensive! The main differences between hemp and cannabis seeds comes in after you’ve planted the (unshelled) seeds.

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We deliver right to your door, with every order shipped in a safely padded box or envelope, with only your mailing information and your return address – we believe your privacy should always be protected, so we will always use unbranded packaging when delivering your marijuana seeds. We further protect your information by using secure servers, never sharing with third parties, and always removing your payment information once your order has been shipped.

Find Texas Marijuana Seeds

Whether you’re a discerning marijuana seeds collector or new to the industry, at Growers Choice we have everything you need to start your collection off on the right foot. Our premium cannabis seeds come packaged in medical-grade glass vials, enclosed in custom plastic cases that hold a colorful, professional insert packed with useful information about the strain you’ve purchased.

Weed Seeds Texas

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Buy marijuana seeds in Texas from Growers Choice!

We sell more than three dozen Texas marijuana seed strains, all of which are fully feminized (perfect for when home cultivation is legalized). Our selection includes regular feminized strains, auto-flowering marijuana seeds, and high-CBD medical varieties. If we aren’t carrying a strain you’ll looking for, get in touch and let us know – we can probably hook you up!

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