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Is marijuana legal in Tennessee

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In Tennessee, the laws surrounding marijuana are very strict. Only registered patients officially diagnosed with a severe or debilitating form of epilepsy are allowed to use the plant’s products to treat their symptoms, and then only in the form of medical CBD extracts, which must be very low in THC. Furthermore, these residents must affix tax stamps to their medical marijuana products.

The purchase of marijuana seeds from companies like Growers Choice is not covered under these restrictions, however. As long as marijuana seeds remain ungerminated, they can be delivered to your door by our company. This is due to their classification as adult novelty souvenirs.

Can I buy marijuana in Tennessee?

Opt for Marijuana Seeds TennesseeThere is no legal way to purchase marijuana in this state, but you can order marijuana seeds from Growers Choice (bearing in mind, of course, that the home cultivation of such seeds is not currently permitted under the state laws).

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana, generally speaking, is marijuana flower or products that are recognized for their medicinal value, rather than just their “recreational” use. That said, since pretty much any marijuana strain can offer effects beneficial to someone’s medical condition, the term medical marijuana often refers to marijuana strains that are high in CBD and low in THC. THC is the compound – called a cannabinoid – that is primarily responsible for the mental high sought after by recreational users, while CBD, another cannabinoid, does not cause and in fact counteracts this high. As such, medical marijuana strains are often those that prevent psychoactivity.

In some states, high-CBD/low-THC medical concentrates – usually oils or extracts – are not technically identified as marijuana at all. In this way, they avoid the restrictions placed on the plant by its Schedule 1 status.

Get Tennessee pot seeds?

Buy Tennessee Cannabis SeedsAt Growers Choice, we ship our 21 premium pot seed strains right to your door, wherever in the country you reside. After you have selected the variety you want – all are fully feminized, and we offer auto-flowering and high-CBD strains as well – you will provide your mailing and payment information. This information is always kept completely confidential, and all credit card information will be deleted once payment has been confirmed. Your marijuana seeds will be delivered discreetly to your door in an unbranded envelope or box.

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How long do marijuana seeds last?

As long as your marijuana seeds are properly stored, they can remain viable for up to three years. If you don’t plan to use your seeds right away, we strongly suggest you leave them unopened in our medical-grade glass vials, as this is the perfect airtight and sanitary place to store them. If you do need to open the package, you can replace the seeds in the vial, or place them in an opaque container. If you plan to store your marijuana seeds in the freezer, ensure they are completely dry or they run the risk of bursting when the internal moisture expands.

Cannabis updates in Tennessee — what’s changed?

Recently, a bill to allow for medical cannabis use in Tennessee was stalled at the gate. Though some senators support the allowance of marijuana for treating medical disorders like epilepsy and cancer, the bill simply did not receive the votes it needed. Had the bill passed, there would have been a bit of work in store to prepare for the new laws – a special state board would have to be formed, and patients would have to begin getting their registration cards (think Florida a while back). But studies like those that show a decline in opioid use in medical marijuana states are appealing to any social-minded politician. Even those who aren’t wholly in support of medical marijuana seem to see the benefit of providing access: it keeps people from getting medicine in another state and transporting it back to Tennessee, which is a federal issue.

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