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South Dakota has some of the strictest recreational weed laws in the country. Over the past few years, however, its medical marijuana laws have changed, providing patients with access to various products. Meanwhile, cannabis seeds are also legal. With so many factors at play, it’s worth learning about South Dakota’s recreational and medical cannabis laws, the different types of seeds available, and how to choose a reputable seed bank.

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Details on the medical marijuana program in South Dakota 
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Marijuana Seeds in South Dakota

The beauty of South Dakota is evident in its vast, sweeping landscape that features mountains, rolling hills, and several national parks. On top of that, it is home to Mount Rushmore, the top attraction in the state that sees more than 2 million people visiting it yearly. That’s undoubtedly why South Dakota’s nickname is the Mount Rushmore State!

Although South Dakota has some strict recreational cannabis laws, medical marijuana has been legalized despite facing some pushback. At the same time, adults can purchase cannabis seeds in the state and can cultivate them for medical purposes. Because of this, it’s important to research the state of cannabis in the state, the best type of cannabis seed to meet your needs, and the difference between dud and top-notch seeds. And, of course, we’re going to tell you the best seed bank to pick!

Recreational Cannabis in South Dakota

If you’re a South Dakota resident, you probably already know that the state takes recreational cannabis very seriously. Since 1931, it has been banned, but in 1977, a lawmaker tried to decriminalize small amounts. While it initially passed, it was soon rescinded. In 2020, voters approved a bill that legalized both medical and recreational cannabis, but the court ruled it unconstitutional. While medical cannabis was upheld, recreational use was still a no-no

Another attempt was made in 2022 to allow recreational users to have access to their favorite strains, but voters didn’t pass it. Under current South Dakota law, possessing between 1/2 and one ounce is a felony that can land a violator in prison for up to two years with a maximum fine of up to $4,000. Up to one pound can get you 10 years behind bars and possessing hash or marijuana concentrates is an automatic felony that can lead to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $20,000.

Medical Marijuana in South Dakota

Since the 2020 amendment, medical marijuana has been allowed to stay on the books. This means South Dakotans can legally purchase, possess, and consume natural, unaltered cannabis products. Before becoming a medical marijuana patient, a person must visit a doctor to get diagnosed with a qualifying health condition. These include glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and more.

Once they are diagnosed, the medical patient can register with the state for a South Dakota medical marijuana card. They can use the card at local medical dispensaries, where they can legally purchase up to three ounces of cannabis within a 14-day period. Additionally, minors under the age of 18 can choose a caregiver to purchase medical cannabis for them.

Medical Marijuana Cultivation

Not only can South Dakotan medical patients purchase cannabis from a dispensary, but they can also legally cultivate their own medical marijuana plants. Legal medical marijuana cardholders can possess up to three cannabis plants in public and can grow up to three at a private residence if there are no nearby licensed dispensaries, according to If there are two or more patients, they can grow up to six plants. To grow more than the three allowable per individual, the grower must fill out an application to get approval. 

A popular medical-grade strain is Candy Kush, which features a moderate CBD level. It provides a deep sense of relaxation as it acts to provide pain relief. Many users depend on it for a variety of conditions that cause chronic pain. Some South Dakota patients also like to use Candy Kush to alleviate stress and tension.

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Purchasing wholesale autoflowering seeds from Growers Choice
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Popular Types of Cannabis Seeds

Since cannabis seeds are allowed in South Dakota, it’s time to learn about the different types available. After all, the more you know about each one, the easier it is to make your decision! Most growers choose between regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds. Additionally, hybrid seeds are an ideal option when you’re looking for a strain that combines several different properties. 

Regular Seeds

Even though Growers Choice doesn’t sell regular cannabis seeds, for educational purposes, you might as well know about them. Unlike other types of seeds, they are in an all-natural state to have a 50/50 chance of yielding male and female plants. As such, you can utilize regular marijuana seeds for cannabis breeding, making them perfect for more experienced growers. When you cross your two favorite strains, you have control over their potency, CBD levels, cannabinoid profile, and terpenes.

South Dakota growers love how regular cannabis seeds produce hardy plants that can withstand temperature fluctuations. They are also more resistant to a wide range of pests, mold, and diseases. Cultivators also can retrieve clippings from these plants for healthy clones that continue to give you more of your favorite strains!

Feminized Seeds

Growers of all skill levels in South Dakota love feminized seeds since they have been bred through the feminization process to only yield female plants. Not only does this make the growing process easier since it virtually eliminates cross-pollination, but female plants produce highly potent, premium smokable buds. Many growers also find these seeds easier to grow since they know what to expect ahead of time. 

Blue Dream feminized marijuana seeds are breezy and uplifting to provide smokers with a chill, carefree experience. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, consumers get to enjoy upliftment, increased focus, and enhanced creativity. Blue Dream provides the sensation of a cerebral buzz and bodily sensations for a well-balanced high that leaves smokers feeling euphoric and calm. Plus, who doesn’t love the taste and aroma of fresh blueberry pie?

Autoflowering Seeds

Unlike feminized marijuana seeds, auto-flowering ones are non-photoperiod, so they don’t require a change in the light cycle to transition from vegetation to flowering. These seeds just do their own thing without much work on your behalf! Additionally, they are fast growers and can be ready for harvest in only 7-9 weeks. Best of all, Growers Choice’s autoflowering seeds are feminized, so you get to enjoy female plants and their wonderful buds!

A popular strain for South Dakota residents to purchase is Cataract Kush. These autoflower seeds get their name from the way they affect your vision, which is temporary. Afterward, this 90% indica strain gives way to a huge cerebral high that provides an overall sense of euphoria and relaxation. Once you get a whiff of it, you’ll see why it’s a multiple award-winning strain!

Hybrid Seeds

If you’re looking for a hybrid marijuana strain in South Dakota, you first want to start with hybrid seeds. They are a combination of indica and sativa to take advantage of the best that each has to offer. Sativa is renowned for its uplifting and energetic properties while indica is best for relaxation and calmness. With hybrids, you can choose sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, and well-balanced strains.

Larry OG is a balanced hybrid that features a high 24% THC level for enhanced potency that provides users with uplifting and positive effects along with a zesty lemon flavor. White Fire OG is an indica-dominant strain that provides euphoria followed by an uplifting cerebral buzz. It’s also known as a large yielder that produces 500-600 grams per plant. Timewreck is sativa-dominant and provides energizing effects similar to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, making it ideal for daytime use.

Differentiating Between Exceptional and Bad Weed Seeds

When you’re looking to purchase seeds in South Dakota, you want to ensure that you’re getting premium seeds. After all, there are plenty of dud seeds available that you want to avoid to ensure a premium growing experience and healthy marijuana plants. Just by looking at and touching seeds, you can tell their quality because there are specific characteristics they have.

High-quality seeds are firm when you hold them. In fact, you should be able to hold them between two fingers and press them without changing their shape. Additionally, healthy, high-quality seeds will have a sheen, giving them a shiny appearance. When your seeds are dark in color, that’s a good indication you don’t have bad weed seeds on your hands! Vertical stripes, also called tiger stripes, also appear on premium seeds.

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Advantages of purchasing seeds from a top-rated seed bank
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How to Choose a Reputable Seed Bank

To choose a trustworthy seed bank, do your homework and look over reviews. See what other customers are saying. Also, look over the seeds they offer, ensuring they have a wide range that will meet your needs. Of course, you’ll want to look at prices and see which shipping options are available. After you do all that, Growers Choice will come to mind because we offer all this plus more as a top-rated seed bank. Find out for yourself!

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