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This article delves into the history and current state of South Carolina, and what its current stance is on medical and recreational marijuana. We offer some insight for new growers by describing the most popular seed types and strains, where locals are purchasing seeds discreetly, and a few germination methods!

The State of South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the states that you can’t quite pin down. Below, we do our best by offering some of the state’s history and current affairs. We’ll also explore the current marijuana laws!

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Everything you need to know about cannabis in South Carolina!
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History of South Carolina

European involvement in what is now South Carolina can be traced back to when the area was settled by the English in 1670. The tribes that were originally occupying the land included the Catawba, Cherokee, and Yuchi, among others. Each tribe experienced disease, a great deal of death, and forced relocation at the hands of the Europeans, who didn’t blink an eye as they founded South Carolina’s first colonized city, Charleston.

South Carolina remained true to its value of subjugating minority people groups, quickly becoming one of the largest slaveholding states. The abolition of slavery shot like a bullet to the heart for many wealthy slaveholders, and many residents in the state still seem to be recovering. One of the most tragic and deadly events during the Civil Rights Movement was the shooting and killing of unarmed Black students during a protest in 1968. This incident was called the Orangeburg Massacre and caused nationwide rage among abolitionists. Of course, the white police who slayed the students were sent away with a minor slap on the hand.

South Carolina Today

South Carolina is still considered to be quite conservative, with most residents leaning toward the Republican Party. The state government is stationed in the capital city of Columbia, but the most populated city is Charleston, known for its more progressive ideals, educational opportunities, and diverse demographics.

Much of South Carolina is still rural, with agricultural and manufacturing being big industries in less populated regions. Agriculture remains a pinnacle of the state’s economy with tobacco, soybeans, and cotton being some of the more successful crops. The manufacturing industries generally consist of automotive and aerospace, which also contribute largely to the state’s economy.

Natural Landscapes and Climate of South Carolina

The climate in South Carolina varies quite a lot since it contains a variety of landscapes. The coastal regions, including the epic Grand Strand, experience humid weather that can get very hot, characterized by hot, with winters generally being mild in these areas. The Piedmont region experiences the four seasons more drastically, with toasty summers and winters that can drop to freezing levels.

As for the landscape, it’s insanely gorgeous! Locals and tourists can find ginormous mountains, dense forests, and beautiful coastlines all within the same state. The Blue Ridge Mountains are probably some of the most famous in the state, with climbers and mountain bikers coming from all over to experience their grandeur. The midlands are the agricultural mecca of the state, while the coastal Lowcountry contains the pretty wetlands of Congaree National Park.

Marijuana Laws in South Carolina

It’s not surprising that marijuana is illegal for all purposes in South Carolina, considering their conservative ideals. Unfortunately, the state does not have a medical marijuana program in place and recreational cannabis is also a firm no. The state does allow very low-THC/high-CBD oil for specific medical patients, but it is highly regulated and not accessible to most people. South Carolina also has harsh penalties for recreational cannabis possession, whether cultivating, consuming, or distributing.

Penalties can include imprisonment and hefty fines, depending on the possession amount, the mood of the officer, and sometimes the race of the offender. It’s important to always be as safe and cautious as possible! Thankfully, public opinion in South Carolina shows that about 72% of voters are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana (although most do not support recreational cannabis legalization), so hopefully the tides are changing for the better! Support for medical marijuana legalization is also high, with around 72% of voters in favor.

Types of Marijuana Seeds and Strains

Yes, the cultivation of marijuana is illegal in South Carolina, but there are no laws that prohibit its residents from learning everything they possibly can about the beautiful art! Below, we give a few brief descriptions of ideal strains and weed seeds for the region.

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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are a miracle in the cannabis industry because they only produce female plants, in contrast to regular seeds that produce both male and female cannabis plants. Female marijuana plants give way to tons of resinous, cannabinoid-rich buds, whereas males are merely aesthetically pleasing and good for breeding. Feminized seeds save grow space (by not having to accommodate the males), resources, and tons of time for cultivators! They are also of the photoperiod variety, which means that they need light to switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering phase.

Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are created by merging ruderalis, a wild and less potent subspecies of cannabis, with traditional feminized strains. The result of the breeding process removed the original feminized photoperiod characteristic and allowed the plants to flower on their own, despite light conditions.

Auto-flowering seeds are revolutionary for growers who prefer an easier and faster cultivation process, as strains like Cataract Kush Auto and Royal Kush Auto have a flowering time of as little as 7 weeks! This characteristic allows growers to cultivate crops in one season if they so desire. They’re also very hardy and resilient, which can be a perk in areas with unpredictable, and sometimes harsh, weather.

Indica and Sativa Strains

Indica and sativa marijuana plants vary not only in their effects but also in their characteristics and growth requirements. Indica plants are generally shorter and bushier than sativas, which often have a more compact bud structure. They can thrive in warm or cool climates and generally wash users with a sense of relaxation and sleepiness, which Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Tora Bora are great examples of. 

In contrast to indicas, sativas are taller, more spread out, and have lanky limbs. They often take a longer time to mature and are a good choice for warm climates that have longer growing seasons. Sativa strains like Black Cherry Soda are known for producing a creative, uplifting, and energizing effect, which is characteristic of sativas, often known as a “head high”.

Marijuana Cultivation for Indoor and Outdoor Growers

It can be a little confusing when outdoor or indoor growers are faced with the task of germinating their newly acquired high-quality seeds, particularly because there are various ways to do this. Below, we offer some options and tips!

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Learn how to cultivate marijuana plants as a beginner grower.
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How to Germinate Seeds

  1. Paper Towel Method: This method, which consists of placing cannabis seeds between moist paper towels and then placing them in a dark area that is slightly warm, has become quite popular in recent years. Quality pot seeds should germinate within a few days.
  2. Direct Soil Planting: Planting seeds directly into the soil is the most common method, particularly because this avoids stressing the seedlings when they need to be transplanted.
  3. Starter Cubes and Seedling Plugs: These are designed to provide the ideal germination environment for your cannabis seeds. The process consists of placing the seed into the cube or plug, and keeping it moist and warm until it germinates.
  4. Water Soaking: Soaking seeds in water can soften the outer shell of the cannabis seeds and can promote quicker germination. Simply drop the seeds into a glass of warm water and let them soak for approximately 24-48 hours. They can be transferred to soil once they start to sprout a tiny root.

Choosing Seeds and Strains

For beginners in South Carolina, choosing the right seed type and strain is crucial! Our online seed bank, Growers Choice Seeds, offers detailed descriptions of each strain so customers can know exactly what the strain requires for successful growth. Discreet packaging is also a perk of many online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, which also offers a large variety of top-shelf cannabis seeds. Germination will be a breeze!

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