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Recreational marijuana is illegal in the State of Pennsylvania, and while it is highly regulated, medical cannabis patients are permitted to purchase and use weed in the state. This article discusses all of the above in further depth, as well as the history and current affairs of Pennsylvania, a few grow tips, and which seed types and strains are dressed for success in the varied climates of Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania and Cannabis Laws

The state of Pennsylvania is an overlooked gem in the United States, offering gorgeous natural areas, a commitment to social activism, and varied climates that would likely suit any preference. Let’s take a closer look into the state of Pennsylvania, as well as its relationship to cannabis. 

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Everything you need to know about cannabis in Pennsylvania!
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Pennsylvania was founded by a British Quaker named William Penn in 1681 and was one of the 13 original European colonies in North America. The state became a major center for the progression of the United States, hosting the First and Second Continental Congresses and the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the city of Philadelphia.

The residents in Pennsylvania lost no time and the state quickly dominated industries such as coal mining and steel production in the 1800s and 1900s. The state also experienced a few horrors, including the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War, which is now commemorated at the beautiful Gettysburg National Military Park. Pennsylvania has seen its fair share of wins, as well, as the state has been a leader in human rights throughout the years, starting with the Homestead Steel Strike which made a huge and positive impact on labor rights in the United States. Many abolitionists in the state also created safe houses for escaped slaves during the Underground Railroad movement. Today, Pennsylvania offers a vast economy within bustling and progressive cities, as well as semi-remote, smaller communities that are speckled throughout the state.

Pennsylvania offers huge diversity in its terrain, ranging from the Appalachian Mountains, which are a hiker’s paradise, to the Atlantic Coastal Plain in the southeast, and an array of landscapes in between. The state is known for its towering mountains, whimsical forests, and gorgeous green valleys. Many tourists and transplants travel to the area to soak up the natural beauty, with some of the more popular sites being the Pocono Mountains, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, and the stunning Delaware Water Gap.

As for the climate in the state, it varies drastically depending on the location within Pennsylvania. For instance, Eastern Pennsylvania experiences an intensely humid climate with four seasons, while Western Pennsylvania exhibits a more subtle and comfortable climate. Since there is such diversity in the climates in Pennsylvania, the success of agriculture within the state depends on the region, and what, growers choose to cultivate. Lancaster County and the central Pennsylvania valleys are usually considered a few of the better places for agricultural endeavors, although indoor grow setups can work perfectly well in regions that have a bit of a harsher climate.  

Marijuana Laws in Pennsylvania

Although Pennsylvania is debatably one of the most scenic states to live in the United States, its current regulations pertaining to marijuana can make potential transplants think twice before taking the leap! Currently, marijuana is only legal for medical patients who have gone through the process of applying for medical cannabis. Once approved by a physician, patients can receive a medical marijuana card, which allows them to purchase cannabis products from a licensed dispensary in the state.

While it is incredible that medical cannabis is available in the state, recreational marijuana is still, very strictly, prohibited. Locals, especially minority groups, are under intense scrutiny and can face potential imprisonment and harsh fines if caught with even tiny amounts of recreational cannabis.

Of course, cultivating marijuana for personal use is 100% banned in Pennsylvania, although some residents have decided to disregard the laws and grow their own marijuana plants anyway, which we highly caution against! 

Types of Marijuana Seeds and Strains

Yes, marijuana cultivation is illegal in the State of Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a jump on your research and preparation for when it is legalized (fingers crossed)! Below, is an introduction to the best seed types and strains for the Pennsylvania cultivators. 

Small seedlings that are starting to sprout in soil. 
Discover 5 of the top cannabis strains for Pennsylvania!
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized weed seeds produce only female cannabis plants, unlike regular seeds which result in both male and female plants. Growers quickly recognized that regular seeds were not quite efficient in the cultivation process, since they required growers to use extra resources, time, and energy on the male plants (which do not produce consumable/ smokable buds). Hence, feminized pot seeds were created by breeders! These weed seeds produce female plants that birth THC and CBD buds, quickly becoming the most popular seed type available. Feminized seeds are photoperiod, so their flowering time is triggered by changes in the light they receive.

Growers in Pennsylvania can have success cultivating both indica and sativa feminized seed strains outdoors, although indicas are generally more resilient when it comes to colder climates. Those who choose to cultivate indoors, have more flexibility in choosing their favorite seed strains since temperature and humidity can be easily modified. 

Auto-Flowering Weed Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are a miracle in the marijuana world, as they do not require light changes to trigger the flowering time. As their name hints, they flower automatically. They are also fast-flowering cannabis seeds and are extremely resilient to harsh climates and diseases. Typically, these seeds can be a prime choice for growers who are newer to cannabis cultivation because they do not require such a close eye to keep in line. Since auto-flowering seeds give way to tough seed strains, they can be an excellent choice for outdoor cultivation in many areas of Pennsylvania. Indoor growers will love that they do not need to bother with lighting, as well. 

Popular Strains for Pennsylvania

  • Chocolope: This sativa-dominant hybrid is ideal for growers in Pennsylvania due to its resilience and adaptability to harsh climates. It offers a comfy THC content of about 18% and a happy high that often energizes and uplifts the user. The flavors of sweet coffee and chocolate have made many first-time users die-hard fans for life.
  • Tahoe OG Kush: Tahoe OG Kush’s indica-dominant genetics make it well-equipped for areas that experience cooler evenings and nights, as well as temperature fluctuations–all of which make it a good outdoor cultivation choice for many regions in Pennsylvania. Users are obsessed with its potent THC content of about 23% and enjoy basking in the happy relaxation that this strain provides.
  • Cinderella 99: This sativa-dominant hybrid can be grown both indoors and outdoors, making it a prime choice for Pennsylvania. Growers gush over its ginormous yields that can skyrocket to over 900 grams per plant when shown the right amount of love and attention. 
  • Dr. Who Auto: This hybrid is nearly balanced, leaning a bit in the indica direction, and offers a euphoric experience that results in a calming state of relaxation. It is highly resistant to mold and diseases, which can make it an excellent contestant for the more humid areas of Pennsylvania. Users rave about its sweet woody flavors that have zesty undertones of citrus. 
  • Diamond OG Auto: Also highly resistant to mold, this indica-dominant hybrid perseveres and thrives in humid regions in Pennsylvania. It offers a 15% THC content and gorgeous effects that leave users feeling relaxed, sleepy, and sometimes euphoric.

Cultivating Marijuana in Pennsylvania 

While Pennsylvania might establish local cannabis seed banks upon the legalization of marijuana cultivation, we offer a trusted alternative for the area. We’ll also throw in a few grow tips to add to your “future weed garden” to-do list. 

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Advice from the masters on how to cultivate cannabis successfully.
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Online Seed Banks

Online seed banks are the go-to for most cannabis cultivators worldwide, and for good reason! Many of the reputable seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, offer an amount of autonomy and discretion that other sources simply cannot afford. Growers Choice Seeds packages and ships marijuana products with the utmost stealth, ensuring that the contents of customers’ orders are not discernable from the outside appearance. They also offer a huge variety of quality seeds, including rare and exotic strains, which gives growers the luxury of choosing their hearts’ desire. The seed genetics provided by Growers Choice Seeds are of the highest caliber, which is apparent by the exceptional germination guarantee the company offers with each purchase. 

Grow Tips for Pennsylvania

For growers who choose to cultivate their seeds in an indoor environment, it is imperative to study the temperature, lighting, and humidity requirements of the strain being cultivated. This will ensure that growers know the precise levels that the strain prefers, which if not adhered to, can result in unhealthy cannabis plants.

Outdoor growers must do the same–choosing strains that can thrive within the climate conditions of their gardens. It’s also a keen choice to plant at the proper time so that the plants can be harvested before nasty weather rolls in.

Lastly, have fun! Cultivating cannabis is a learning process just like everything else in life. 

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