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A Brief History of Cannabis 

Thousands of years ago, humans discovered that the cannabis plant had a variety of purposes. Some began using it for its perceived medicinal properties; others found that hemp—a low-THC form of cannabis—was highly useful for producing textiles, rope, and even paper. 

As time went on, it became clear that cannabis also produced appealing psychoactive effects. As such, its recreational use grew in tandem with its medicinal and industrial applications. 

In Oregon—and the rest of the United States—cannabis consumption first gained significant popularity during the Prohibition Era. While Moonshine operations flourished underground, some individuals opted to seek less clandestine ways to enjoy recreational substances. Cannabis, at this point, was still legal; In fact, you could stroll into any pharmacy and pick up medicinal cannabis products such as tinctures and extracts.

Oregon’s Role in Cannabis History

Throughout the Roaring Twenties, cannabis use became more frequent—particularly amongst artistic, literary, musical, and intellectual communities in major cities—but certainly not limited to these areas. Moreover, sensationalist media coverage of the drug intended to vilify cannabis only piqued the interest of curious individuals seeking new experiences.

Marijuana’s newfound popularity triggered political efforts to demonize and ultimately outlaw the drug. As such, it was criminalized at the federal level with the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. While recreational cannabis use continued to develop underground, it would be another forty years until mainstream public perceptions would begin to change. 

It was Oregon state itself that became a trailblazer in shifting mainstream perceptions, and ultimately, moved the needle: In 1973, the Beaver State became the first in the nation to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis. In 1998, voters approved Measure 67—also known as the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMAA). This legalized the use of medical marijuana for patients with qualifying medical conditions. If approved for a card, medical users may also cultivate a small amount of plants in their private residences.

Cannabis Laws in Oregon Today 

In November 2014, Oregonians passed Measure 91, which made Oregon the fourth state in the nation to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults 21 and up. Additionally, aspiring home growers will be happy to know that Oregon is one of just eight states in the nation that permits recreational home growing. Currently, Oregonians 21 and above are allowed to cultivate up to four cannabis plants per residence. We always encourage any cannabis user or prospective grower to thoroughly research their local laws. Oregonians can do so here.

This is where Growers Choice comes in. Our main goal is to help both recreational users and medical users navigate the growing process with confidence. We do this by providing high-quality seeds, but also, easy-to-read articles on growing.

While it is possible to buy strain seeds at a licensed dispensary, a reputable online seed bank will typically provide a much broader selection of high-quality cannabis seeds. Our catalog is comprised exclusively of the finest feminized strains. Not only are they hand-selected and lab-tested, but have an excellent germination rate, and are backed by a 90% germination guarantee. 

Key Terms for New Growers to Know 

Like any discipline, home growing does require a bit of up-front research. However, the initial learning curve tends to seem more daunting than it is. There are several advanced methods of cannabis cultivation for the experienced grower—but if you’re just starting out, growing your own weed garden can be quite straightforward and low-maintenance. As a first step, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the following terms and types of cannabis seeds. 

Strain (Or Seed Strain)

A “strain” of cannabis simply refers to a unique variety of cannabis plants. Every strain will have its own distinct combination of flavors, effects, cannabinoid content, and more. When browsing our library, you will come across many different strains—which typically fall into some categories such as “feminized,” “autoflowering,” and others. 

Feminized Seeds 

One of our goals at Growers Choice Seeds is to provide expert growers, newbie gardeners, and everyone in between with the right resources to have the best cultivation experience possible. As such, our selection is made up of exclusively feminized cannabis seeds.

While regular cannabis seeds will typically produce a 50/50 split of male and female cannabis plants, each of our feminized seed packs has a 99% chance of containing only female seeds—and therefore, of producing only female plants. A crop of all-female plants helps provide greater efficiency for growers, as male plants do not produce buds, and therefore, do not produce the traditional cannabis experience when consumed.

While male plants are vital to breeding new strains, they don’t have much practical purpose if you’re simply growing your own cannabis to consume. By purchasing feminized weed seeds, you can rest assured that all your plants will actually be usable and consumable! Moreover, they are suitable for both indoor growing and outdoor growing. 

Autoflowering Seeds

While all of our auto-flowering seeds are feminized, not all our feminized seeds are auto-flowering. Autoflowering strains, specifically, are a more low-maintenance option for growers. They tend to be a bit more resilient in response to less-than-ideal weather conditions, smaller growing spaces, and general mishandling. While not immune to these growing challenges by any means, they are, simply, just a little tougher. Their most famous quality, however, is the ability to flower automatically. 

While feminized seeds will require specific hours of light and dark each day to bloom, auto-flowering seeds will, as their name implies, transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage on their own. As such, auto seeds tend to be a good choice for novice growers, outdoor gardeners who live in areas with less-than-ideal weather, or anyone who does not want to worry about light cycles. 

CBD bottle with dropper
Discover the properties and benefits of CBD
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THC and CBD 

A strain’s THC level will determine the potency of its psychotropic effects. CBD, on the other hand, does not produce any mind-altering effects. While CBD products are typically affiliated with medicinal purposes, many also enjoy CBD-rich strains for their soothing effects. 

Common Terms in Strain Names 

When browsing our library, you may see the following terms come up in strain names. Learning what these terms indicate is a good shortcut to understanding some of the core qualities of the strain in question. That said, words, and their meanings, tend to evolve over time. As such, the following strain terms don’t necessarily indicate a specific quality or trait 100% of the time—but generally, they often do.

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Discover everything you need to know about kush marijuana
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Kush Strains

If you come across a strain with the word “Kush” in its name, it may mean that the strain originated in the Hindu Kush mountain region. Typically, a Kush marijuana plant will have an earthy, herbal taste—such as Albino Kush Feminized Seeds.

OG Strains

Speaking of “OG,” this term often indicates the strain is “ocean grown.” While not always the case, strains with “OG” in their name often originate in coastal areas—such as California’s OG Kush Feminized Seeds.

That said, terms and their meanings evolve over time. Accordingly, “OG” does not necessarily indicate an oceanside origin.

Haze Strains

The presence of the term “Haze” is somewhat counterintuitive, as Haze strains will, more often than not, actually “clear the haze,” as it were. This is because haze strains are typically sativa strains. If you’re looking to plant a garden that produces mind-clarifying, uplifting qualities, keep an eye out for this term. One example is Orange Haze Feminized Seeds. This thought-sharpening hybrid strain is a quintessential wake-and-bake and, like many Haze strains, produces a palpable sense of get-up-and-go.  

Diesel Strains

One of the more straightforward terms you’ll come across when perusing strains, “Diesel” marijuana plants often produce a diesel-like aroma and flavor. While somewhat of an acquired taste, diesel strains are generally preferred by those seeking tangy, pungent, gasoline-esque scents. While there are many diesel strains available, Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds are one of our more popular strains. 

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Explore the fascinating world of skunk weed
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Skunk Strains 

“Skunk” is another type of strain that, like “diesel” can be quite enjoyable. If you see the word “skunk” in a strain name, chances are the plant in question will produce strong, pungent aromas that, while similar to actual skunk spray, are surprisingly appealing to many cannabis fans. Island Sweet Skunk Feminized seeds are one such example. 

How Oregonians Can Get Started with Growing

If you live in Oregon and are unsure where to begin your growing journey—it turns out, you’re already at the right place. Here at Growers Choice Seeds, we provide high-quality cannabis seeds—but we think that’s only part of the equation. It’s important to support prospective growers who are only just beginning to research the process. From articles on how to build your own grow room to how to choose the right soil and more, we invite you to use our resources to help enrich your growing experience. Happy growing and good luck! 

Natural, Home-Grown Health

“Wow. I can’t believe people were forbidden from using cannabis to treat illness for such a long time. I have been growing my own cannabis – lately using the great seeds from your company – for about three years now, and I can’t believe the positive difference it has made in my life. I function better, I spend less, and I miss about 95% less work. This is truly a medical marval medicine!”

Morrey T., Oregon

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