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Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Tulsa

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Are marijuana seeds legal in Tulsa?

Because non-germinated marijuana seeds are considered collectors items, purchasing and possessing pot seeds is legal in Oklahoma as long as you do not germinate them (source). That said, marijuana use in Tulsa, as across Oklahoma, is legal for patients with a qualifying medical condition.

Legally speaking, Oklahoma passed their state medical marijuana law back in 2015 with a specific focus on CBD-rich strains that are non-psychoactive. The list was expanded again in 2016. Recreational marijuana is illegal in the state, unfortunately. For more on the medical marijuana rules in the state, please see here.

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Marijuana seeds for sale in Tulsa

While growing is still up for debate, you can still stock up on the best quality Tulsa marijuana seeds if you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Strains like White Widow and Critical Purple do well when stored over longer periods of time. The best way to keep seeds over any extended period of time is to ensure they are…

  • Stored in a cool place with a constant temperature
  • Stored in a dark place with as little chance of disturbance as possible
  • Stored in a dry environment, as moisture will start the germination process before you’re ready

Check out some more tips on preserving your pot seeds for up to two years (and even longer) in our detailed article on the subject.

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What is CBD marijuana oil?

Although it’s often assumed that in order to take advantage of the potential benefits of marijuana one must be a smoker, but there are many ways to ingest this potent plant without having to consume the harmful chemicals in smoke. Concentrated CBD oils are just one of the unique marijuana-infused products on the market today. CBD marijuana oil is derived from the marijuana plant, most often the form known as hemp, as it tends to have higher percentages of CBD with little to no THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid). For the best CBD-rich Tulsa marijuana seeds around, make sure to check out Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

How do you use marijuana oils?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 85 naturally occurring cannabinoids found in marijuana plants. Unlike its sibling THC, it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. You can get marijuana oils in either pill form or you can apply concentrated oils to the skin.

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