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Cannabis in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is a midwestern city known for its abundance of fireflies, eclectic architecture, and its professional baseball team that was first in the nation. Like many other metropolitan areas, it also has a developing cannabis culture If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds in Cincinnati, Ohio, the following article is for you! 

Here at Growers Choice, we think purchasing your own seeds and cultivating a home garden is one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis (so long as the practice is legal in your area). But, for Cincinnatians, it is especially appropriate. 

This is because cannabis enthusiasts in the state of Ohio are in somewhat of a unique situation when it comes to local laws. As of December 2023, it is legal to purchase and grow a limited amount of cannabis plants for personal use in your private residence or a secured space on your property outdoors. Yet, there is nowhere to purchase marijuana locally. (We should note medical dispensaries are the exception to this.)  

Where can Cincinnati Locals Purchase Cannabis Seeds?

Even though Cincinnati residents can’t purchase recreational pot locally, we think there’s an even better option: online cannabis seed banks. Some would argue (and we consider ourselves to be in this category!) that cultivation is a much more fulfilling way to enjoy cannabis anyway. 

However, when browsing your options for online seed banks, it’s important to know that while plenty of online resources have seeds for sale, fewer adhere to the strict standards we uphold at Growers Choice. We’re passionate about the art of cannabis cultivation for both beginner growers and seasoned experts and therefore, only provide the highest quality seeds. 

Unhealthy seeds can’t become bountiful plants—no matter how skilled the grower. As such, each and every one of our feminized seeds are hand-selected and lab-tested. They are also backed by a 90% germination guarantee. If you’ve been sifting through search results to find a seed bank that doesn’t sacrifice on quality—you’ve found one.  

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Cannabis Facts for Cincinnati Locals

Like any discipline, learning to grow your own cannabis at home may seem a bit daunting. That’s where we come in. In addition to our selection of strains, we also have several helpful guides and resources. 

We recommend any novice gardener do a bit of up-front research. Feeling prepared is one of the best ways to produce a bountiful crop of resin-rich plants. To get started, we suggest skimming basic cannabis facts such as which gardening supplies you’ll need, cannabis growth stages, how to use light cycles, and the difference between feminized cannabis seeds and autoflower seeds. 

That said, if you’re a first-time grower, don’t worry about learning everything at once. Even reading a bit each day on just one aspect of cannabis growing will have you ready to cultivate sooner than you’d think. Below are a few topics to get started with. For more experienced growers, we recommend browsing some of our articles on creative and advanced growing techniques. 

What are cannabinoids? 

Humans have been intrigued by, and in many cases drawn to, the effects of cannabis for millennia. And we have cannabinoids to thank for marijuana’s mystifying properties. Cannabinoids are chemicals that are probably most widely associated with cannabis—but they’re actually present in many other living organisms such as cacao, echinacea, and black truffles—to name a few. Below, we review the two most well-known cannabinoids. 


In the context of cannabis use, two of the most famous are Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol. Although you probably know them simply as THC and CBD.

THC is responsible for the mood and mind-altering effects associated with weed such as euphoria, enhanced mental perceptions, and reduced inhibitions. We have a number of premium, high-THC strains including American Haze Feminized seeds

CBD, by contrast, does not produce mind-altering effects but does tend to soothe and relax the user. CBD is most frequently associated with medical use, although many individuals enjoy CBD even if they don’t have any health issues. We should note there is never a guarantee any cannabis strain will mitigate symptoms. Still, there is some anecdotal evidence that supports the idea that strains like Valentine X CBD feminized seeds and Suzy Q CBD feminized seeds may be helpful for certain users.

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Discover the vital role of cannabinoids in marijuana and other plants
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Indoor and Outdoor Growing

As a prospective cannabis grower, you may be wondering where to actually plant your crop. Indoor growers and outdoor gardeners will each experience unique challenges and benefits. Ultimately, the best grow space for your specific situation will probably hinge on a few key factors. These include the following. 


Cannabis typically prefers a temperature between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. While Cincinnati summers can fall in this ideal range, the climate can be quite humid. If you’re set on outdoor growing, you may want to consider a greenhouse to help control your plants’ environment. 

Indoor growing will also provide you the opportunity to control the humidity. In short, the air surrounding your plants can only contain so much moisture. If the moisture in the air exceeds this amount, condensation will form.

You’ll want to avoid water droplets on your plants, so to ensure you stay within ideal ranges, we recommend checking the relative humidity with a hygrometer. 


Before you plant seeds, you’ll want to carefully choose a space for your garden. Whether you’re growing cannabis indoors or outside, take into account how much height your plants will need. 

If you are using an area of your home such as a walk-in closet or somewhere with low ceilings, it’s important to research the average size of the strains you’re considering. For those with teeny-tiny indoor grow spaces, you may want to consider smaller strains such as Trinity Feminized seeds.

Appearance and Scent 

Indoor vs outdoor growing can also impact many other aspects of your plants such as their flavor, color, and scent. If you’re on the fence, it may be important to consider the outcomes you’d like to see for your plants.

For example, outdoor-grown plants tend to have deeper and darker colors, while cannabis plants grown indoors tend to boast brighter and lighter hues. Outdoor growers tend to see richer terpene profiles, which ultimately lead to more powerful scents. But, if you’re a fragrance enthusiast set on growing inside, rest assured that proper care can still produce a potent terpene profile. 


When grown outside, weed plants tend to be bunchier and larger because they often have more space for their roots to grow. As such, outdoor growers may experience larger yields, on average. That said, strains tend to vary in their average yields anyway, and there are a number of variables that can contribute to how much usable cannabis you ultimately grow. 

Planting weed seeds indoors can offer generous yields too. This is especially true if you provide your plants with the right amount of nutrients and optimize your hours of light. 

Indoor cultivation can also produce significantly higher yields depending on the strain. If you’re really looking to maximize your efforts, we recommend considering high-quality feminized seed strains that produce naturally high yields such as White Rhino Feminized seeds.

Light Cycles

Proper indoor growing also requires an understanding of light cycles. Feminized strains are a type of photoperiod plant, which means they require specific, routine hours of darkness and light. These light cycles mimic the natural ebb and flow of sunlight your feminized plants would receive outdoors during traditional harvest times. 

If, for instance, you’re growing Pineapple Express feminized seeds, you’ll want to adjust the daily ratio of light to dark in order to prompt your plants to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. This will be true with any of our feminized seeds. 

Fast-Flowering and Lower Maintenance Cannabis Strains 

If you’re like many first-time growers, you’re probably eager to see the gardening process through to the end. You’ll want to weigh some variables when considering which strain is best to plant; one of these factors is the length of the flowering stage. 

Faster isn’t necessarily better, but if you’re looking for a more efficient growing experience, one good rule of thumb is to opt for indica plants. They tend to have a faster flowering phase than sativa strains—although it’s always a good idea to check the average flowering time on each strain’s profile.

Auto-flowering strains also tend to be a bit more efficient and are particularly well-suited to novice growers. White Fire Alien OG Auto-flowering feminized seeds, for instance, have an average flowering time of just 50-60 days, while feminized strains average slightly longer. Additionally, auto strains tend to be lower maintenance in general and will transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage without adjustment of grow lights. 

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A Final Note on Growing for Cincinnatians

Whether you’re an advanced grower or just starting, Growers Choice is here to help you have a successful harvest. 

We provide a vibrant selection of high-quality strains with excellent germination rates. But we also understand that every grower will want different characteristics in their plants, which is why we consider variety to be incredibly important when it comes to our feminized marijuana seeds. 

Our collection includes everything from the most popular strains to more niche and rare varieties. You’ll find indica-dominant hybrid strains, near-pure sativas, and everything in between. Good luck and happy growing! 

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