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buy marijuana seeds in bismarck

Is it true that marijuana can help control obesity ?

Have you heard the news? Marijuana may be useful in combating obesity. Don’t get your hopes up – as a weight loss plan, smoking a joint on the regular is not the best course of action. But new studies are finding that marijuana use may be beneficial in managing obesity, as there is a correlation between marijuana and weight control. A recent study in the an issue of medical journal Obesity revealed that on average, marijuana users have a lower body mass index, lower fat mass, and lower fasting insulin levels. As metabolic disorders continue to pose a grave concern to Americans, it is clear why shedding new light on marijuana’s usefulness could be extremely beneficial. Shop the best Bismark marijuana seed strains by visiting Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online. Pst – we deliver!

buy the best marijuana seeds in bismarck

Marijuana seeds for sale in Bismarck

There are several reasons behind why marijuana may prove a powerful ally in the fight against obesity. Most importantly, it’s believed that marijuana may affect tissue metabolism, fundamentally stimulating the physical activity that helps control weight. It was found that current marijuana users seem to have a metabolic boost of sorts, not present in non-users, which can be attributed to the way cannabinoids interact with insulin.

But don’t you get the munchies from marijuana?

It’s true, marijuana is widely known for that super-hungry side effect we affectionately refer to as “the munchies”. The cannabinoid THC is usually most responsible for this reaction, as it’s been seen to facilitate the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that makes you happy when you eat. THC may also encourage the release of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger (useful for patients undergoing chemotherapy, who may need that extra help in finding food appealing).

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Are weed seeds legal in Bismarck?

The use of medical marijuana was only just made legal in North Dakota cities like Bismark, when the state passed their relatively comprehensive laws back in 2016. For now, the law has yet to be enacted, though patients with one of the 18 or so qualifying conditions will legally be able to access marijuana to manage their debilitating conditions.

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Buy marijuana seeds in Bismarck

Patients with a penchant for pot will be able to have up to a 30-day supply of herbal medical marijuana, but for now, there is no provision allowing for at-home cultivation of medical marijuana gardens (this stipulation was unfortunately removed from the bill before it was passed). But since weed seeds are considered adult novelty items, there’s no penalty attached to owning them.

You can purchase the THC and CBD rich Bismarck marijuana seed strains you’re craving by visiting Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online. Our strains, those like CBD Blueberry and Northern Lights, are all carefully cultivated and hand-picked to ensure freshness. We seal every purchase in a glass vial to maintain that freshness as it travels the distance between our facility in Canada to your Bismarck home address.

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