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Marijuana seeds collectors in North Carolina can visit from Growers Choice for premium products backed by dedicated customer service. Get marijuana seeds delivered to your door, today.

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God’s Gift 10I / 90S 26% THC Evening
Royal Medic 75I / 25S 10% THC Anytime
American Haze 20I / 80S 24% THC Daytime

Marijuana laws in North Carolina

Weed Seeds NC are available

In North Carolina, marijuana has been decriminalized, but unfortunately, the medical marijuana laws are quite strict. Currently, only high CBD/low THC oils or extracts are allowed to be used for registered patients suffering from severe seizures.

You can still order marijuana seeds, though. Classified as adult souvenir novelties, marijuana seeds are legal to possess so long as they remain ungerminated (dormant). Start your collection early, and you’ll have all the items you need when the state finally legalizes home cultivation!

North Carolina pot seed banks

get Buy Marijuana Seeds North CarolinaYou won’t find much for North Carolina-based pot seeds, given the status of marijuana in this state. However, ordering marijuana seeds online from Growers Choice is the ideal option, anyway. Not only do we carry only the finest marijuana seed strains, carefully grown and harvested by horticulturalists who have decades of experience, but we also package everything in medical-grade glass vials, ship parcels in discreet, unbranded envelopes or boxes, and are always happy to help if you have any questions about our products or the marijuana industry in general.

How many marijuana strains are there?

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These days, there exist hundreds of different marijuana seed strains around the world. There are likely close to 800 official varieties, but every day new growers and botanists are experimenting with new breeding combinations and genetic tweaks that result in a unique strain of marijuana. At Growers Choice, we sell 21 popular marijuana seed strains, including household names like OG Kush and White Widow.

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Can I get addicted to marijuana?

The simple answer to this question is: no. Of course, just like any product – including chocolate, soda, potato chips, and cheese – you can develop a yearning for marijuana, a mental desire to use it. But this kind of “addiction” is better described as a habit. Officially, addiction requires the physical body (not the mind) to require a substance in order to keep functioning. This can happen with drugs like alcohol and heroin. Marijuana does not cause this effect, which is why you might feel sad or have a headache if you stop using marijuana suddenly (think caffeine), but your body won’t stop functioning without it – you won’t experience any debilitating or potentially fatal side effects.

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