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New York is famous for its non-stop vibe, diverse neighborhoods, and postcard-perfect skylines. But did you know it also has a cool backstory with cannabis laws? Since the 1970s, New York has been on the forefront, moving from just saying “no” to weed to giving it the thumbs up, changing how people view cannabis and even how the cops handle it.

So, let’s explore what’s up with legal weed in New York these days, including how you can grow your stash at home. Plus, I’ll throw in some pro tips on home growing, like figuring out the best flowering time and making intelligent selections of seeds from Growers Choice. This guide also discusses the history of New York’s marijuana laws, starting with decriminalization and legalization in the state of New York and the legality of growing cannabis at home with the help of trusted seed banks like us.

Photo of cannabis plants in an early vegetative stage growing under lights.
Auto-flowering Charlie Sheen seeds are now available for sale in New York.
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Legal History of Cannabis in New York

Back in 1977, New York took its first baby steps towards chilling out on cannabis laws. If you had 25 grams or less on you, it wasn’t a trip to jail anymore, just a $100 fine. But, if you were caught with it in public where everyone could see, that was still a big no-no, and you’d get slapped with a misdemeanor.

Between 1997 and 2001, 525,000 individuals were arrested simply for public possession of cannabis, with over 80% of those convicted among the African-American and Latino communities. It wasn’t merely the staggering number of convictions that caused outrage; the disproportionality of arrests would lead to lawmakers and community advocates pushing for reforms.

In 2014, New York began its first step towards legalization with the passage of the New York Compassionate Care Act, permitting non-combustible forms of cannabis for medical marijuana patients, providing that they had a qualifying medical condition. Steps towards adult-use cannabis would take place but would prove to be an arduous process, with multiple failed attempts to pass legal adult-use cannabis under state budgets.

However, in 2021, New York would pass the Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act, establishing the groundwork necessary for recreational cannabis legalization, much to the relief of recreational users.

Is it Legal to Grow Cannabis in New York?

Now that New York has legalized both medical and recreational cannabis use, it brings even more incredible news, especially if you prefer to grow your marijuana plants or have wanted to take a shot at it. Under New York law, New Yorkers who are 21 and older can legally cultivate up to six cannabis plants in their homes, provided that three are mature plants and three are immature plants, with a maximum of 12 plants per household.

Growers can now attempt to cultivate a namesake strain like NYC Diesel or one of its relatives, such as Allen Wrench. However, under the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, you can only grow at home once the Office of Cannabis Management establishes guidelines for home cultivation, which is expected to happen within 18 months of the first retail sale of cannabis for adult use.

Get ready with your first marijuana seeds order

As cannabis will soon be legal for you to grow in New York, there is a step you can take to get ahead of the game to prep your grow, whether it be indoor cultivation or outdoor. This critical step will involve the purchase of marijuana seeds, something which, so long as they are ungerminated marijuana seeds, are considered novelty items and can be collected in any state.

GCS for a superior selection of seeds

However, with many unauthorized licensed dispensaries in New York, the best place to purchase marijuana seeds is from a seed bank, such as us here at Growers Choice Seeds. Whether you are an experienced grower or a novice, here at Growers Choice Seeds, we are committed to providing you with a wide selection of quality weed seeds, whether they are strictly feminized seeds, such as Montana Silvertip, or autoflowering, like Alaska Thunderfuck.

In addition, you will find unparalleled customer service to answer any questions, no matter how basic or advanced, indoor growing or outdoor grower, and with our variety of shipping options, once you place your secure order, you can be guaranteed to experience our discrete and fast shipping. Unlike others, we back our seeds with a germination rate guarantee. With our germination rate guarantee, we guarantee that 90% of your seeds will germinate, and if they don’t, we will ship replacements free of charge.

Cannabis plants growing through a screen reflect the use of the Screen of Green method.
Now shipping feminized Allen Wrench seeds to New York.
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How Do I Set Up A Grow Room?

For established cultivators or first-time cannabis growers, creating a grow room is as exciting as setting up any other personalized space in your home. With some careful planning and attention to detail, it will assist in producing productive plants and give you complete control over your feminized plants’ growing conditions and health.

The first element to consider is the proper space. Due to the weather conditions in New York, we’ll look at suggestions that are more appropriate for indoor growers than outdoor growing. Depending on what is available, select a designated space or room in your house, such as a basement, closet, or spare bedroom, and ensure that the area can be light-tight and is easy to clean.

Secondly, environmental control will be paramount to growing healthy, robust, and productive cannabis plants. For environmental control, you will want to have the ability to stringently manage temperature and humidity levels, as cannabis thrives in temperate climates. You also need the ability to provide sufficient ventilation.

Lighting will also be a critical factor, especially if you choose feminized rather than auto-flowering seeds, and there needs to be a change in the photoperiod from 16/8 to 12/12 when shifting from the vegetative phase to the flowering state. LED lights are popular due to their low heat output and efficient bulbs. If you don’t want to worry about lighting, choose an auto strain such as Charlie Sheen!

After establishing the proper requirements for these elements, decide on the growing method that works best for you. This could be using hydroponics or coco coir or taking the more traditional route and growing your seeds only in soil.

Choose containers that provide abundant room for root growth, regardless of your growing method. Since cannabis plants require routine watering and specific nutrients depending on the growing phase to thrive, research the best nutrients applicable for the growth stage and, if possible, seek a quality watering system.

The last step will be the most critical, dependent upon you: ensure that you have the time to provide sufficient monitoring and maintenance throughout the growing process. This will help you identify and address any issues early to maximize the yield of your harvest by ensuring optimal conditions.

What is Sea of Green and Screen of Green?

Two common and proven methods when it comes to growing cannabis are the Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (scrog), and each has unique advantages depending on your cultivation needs. It’s wise to note that this is not an either-or scenario. Using SOG and SCROG in a small space will help you maximize yield and potency.

The Sea of Green method is where you will grow multiple plants close to one another versus trying to grow a couple of large plants. This process accelerates the growing cycle, maximizes space and the ounces of marijuana you’ll harvest. It is ideally suited for cultivators working with limited space or those wanting more frequent harvests, as this method requires less growing time per plant and produces yields quickly.

The Screen of Green method is targeted at increasing the amount of light exposure by spreading plants out and using a screen to train their growth. This process increases the amount of light each portion of the plant receives, thus resulting in greater yields per mature plant, because flowers can develop along more of the stalk. While this method will require you to pay more attention to the process, especially in training and pruning, the results will be worth it with larger, more potent buds.

While both methods have distinct advantages, you are not restricted to using one over the other; many successful cultivators combine the two, resulting in efficient and large harvests. For example, when first establishing your grow, multiple small plants will soak in as much light as possible. Implementing the Screen of Green technique by adding netting over the plants will open them up and permit maximum light penetration to the entire plant. Once the desired height of the plants has been reached, the netting can be removed, and you will be growing your plants in a Sea of Green style.   

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Explore our many high-quality cannabis seeds available for sale in New York.
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Fellow cannabis enthusiasts: now is the time to celebrate as our Empire State blazes ahead with progressive cannabis legislation. Starting with decriminalization in 1977 and eventually establishing a complete medical program followed by legal recreational cannabis use, New York is a proud member of the Green Revolution.

Know what the best part is? Soon, we will be able to walk into a recreational dispensary and buy one of our favorite strains, and soon after that, we will be able to cultivate our own plants right in our own homes.

Should you embark on the journey of growing your own cannabis, you will find that it is as much of an art as a science, so strap on and enjoy the ride; it will be worth it! Here’s to the exciting times ahead of us! 

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