Marijuana Seeds for Sale in New Jersey


New Jersey is one of the best states to buy marijuana seeds in because of its accessibility and regulations. If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis seeds of any kind, Growers Choice Seed has you covered.

Marijuana Seeds in New Jersey

Whether you’re interested in sprucing up your NJ garden or want to have an extensive set-up, getting marijuana seeds in New Jersey is the perfect way to do so. Growers Choice Seeds offers a great selection of some of the dankest seed strains in The Garden State.

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Best cannabis seeds in New Jersey
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Are There Marijuana Seeds For Sale in New Jersey?

You can find marijuana seeds for sale in New Jersey largely thanks to legalization and current weed laws. As a whole, the legal climate surrounding the healing plant is quite lax. 

NJ recently legalized recreational marijuana in 2021 thanks to the passing of New Jersey Question 1. Question 1 permitted adults 21 and older to purchase and possess marijuana and marijuana products in the Garden State — over ten years after medical marijuana was initially legalized for patients.

Following legalization, a separate measure was passed that allowed marijuana seed collection, sale, possession, and distribution as souvenirs. This measure has granted cannabis companies and seed banks to operate more accessibly in NJ than in most areas, providing residents a sigh of relief.

Whether you’re a medical marijuana cardholder or a recreational user, it’s still important to understand cannabis laws regarding possession and consumption. As an NJ resident, you can possess up to six ounces of cannabis at a time, but you cannot consume your products in public. Instead, you have to save those products for your own home. 

However, as it stands, at-home cultivation is not legal in New Jersey. Even if you want to grow one plant in your home, NJ cannabis regulations prohibit this. You can only cultivate if you’re a professional in the field with all of the proper permits. 

While there’s a chance that these restrictive home cultivation laws will change in the near future, currently, it’s made it difficult for home growers to have the plants they truly want and need. Thus, it’s crucial to keep these regulations in mind when buying seeds from Growers Choice. 

Types of Marijuana Seed Varieties Available in New Jersey

Despite certain regulations, you can find hundreds of seeds available for sale in New Jersey —  especially when you shop from Growers Choice online seed bank. Here are some of the most popular types of seeds for sale at unbeatable prices.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are one of the more sought-after types of marijuana seeds on the market — and for good reason.

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that are guaranteed to be female. This is beneficial for many growers as male marijuana plants do not produce buds the way that female marijuana plants do. Instead, they produce seeds and can pollinate female plants, ruining a batch.

When you use feminized cannabis seeds, you don’t have to worry about removing males or accidentally ruining a yield. Instead, this high feminization rate and all-female plants can give you ultimate peace of mind, which is a bigger advantage than most.

You can find feminized seeds in all of your favorite seed strains, as well as both photoperiod and autoflowering types. Feminized photoperiod seeds are going to flower with the changing of light cycles while autoflowering feminized seeds are female plants that will flower automatically. 

This means that if you’re looking for a strain with fruity flavors, one with high THC content, or one that’s going to flower on its own, there’s a feminized marijuana seed at Growers Choice that’s perfect for you. 

Autoflowering Seeds

Another great type of cannabis seed for sale is autoflowering seeds. Just as their name suggests, these seeds have a very unique characteristic of automatically flowering on their own.

Typical cannabis seeds are considered photoperiod, which means that their flowering stage is triggered by a change in the light cycle. If grown outdoors, this would happen with the changing of the seasons.

However, autoflowering weed seeds do this on their own and even have a shorter flowering time overall. They are able to flower regardless of the light cycle, making them a bit easier to work with than regular seed varieties. Thus, the days from seed to full-grown plant are quite short, making them great for any cannabis garden. 

You can also purchase autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds for even easier growth. These are perfect cannabis seeds for those wanting the most straightforward harvest possible. Truly, our online seed bank offers it all.

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Get autoflowering seeds for sale online today. 
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Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are just marijuana seeds that have not been feminized; thus, they have a 50/50 chance of being male or female. These ungerminated cannabis seeds are appealing to cultivators who want to produce their own seeds; however, they aren’t great for anyone wanting to grow smokable plants.

At Growers Choice online seed bank, we’re all about providing weed seeds that you can rely on to flower. And regular seeds simply don’t come with this guarantee, so we don’t have them for sale. Instead, we only offer feminized photoperiod, autoflowering, and feminized autoflowering seeds, all guaranteed to give you the buds you’re looking for.

It’s worth noting that, in NJ, you can find unverified seed strains, which are strains that haven’t been established in the market yet. Unverified seed strains can be nice for cultivation by experienced growers, as it’s like you’re starting with a blank canvas. However, you should only buy unverified seed strains if you’re truly an expert in your field. 

Medical Marijuana Seed Strains

New Jersey legalized weed for medical marijuana patients back in 2010, and it allowed people with all types of medical conditions to find relief in a natural way. Medical patients with terminal illnesses or conditions like muscular dystrophy were finally able to access cannabis easily — and they still can today with the availability of medical marijuana seed strains.

Cannabis plants are well-known for their therapeutic effects, and medical weed seeds are ideal for those with chronic medical conditions seeking clear support. Whether you’re looking for relief or want to decompress after a long day, medical cannabis seeds are a great option for people of all backgrounds.

With our reputable seed bank, you can find an extensive selection of medical cannabis strain options that are perfect for patients — all at unbeatable prices, too.

But don’t worry recreational consumers, we didn’t forget about you! These medical strains are also ideal for adult-use consumers seeking something a bit more supportive than usual. 

High-Quality Cannabis Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is proud to offer a great selection of high-quality seeds for sale at very affordable prices.

High-quality cannabis seeds are curated using the utmost quality and boast superior genetic stability. Their overall health is going to be great, making them perfect for successful cultivation. These types of seeds are likely to have a higher germination rate than regular cannabis seeds and are known for producing more pest-resistant seed strains. 

Here at Growers Choice Seeds, we offer a germination guarantee regardless.  That’s how confident we are in our premium marijuana seeds at our trustworthy seed bank: you never have to worry about getting ungerminated cannabis seeds. 

To add to our wide variety of high-quality marijuana seeds, you can purchase premium feminized marijuana seeds, autoflowering weed seeds, and strains of all different types, as well.

Growing Marijuana Plants from Seed in New Jersey

Are you an expert in the industry interested in growing marijuana plants from seed? We don’t blame you. Here are some things you should consider about where you work before you plant these precious seeds in your cannabis garden.

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Seeds for sale in New Jersey 
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Climate Considerations for Growing Marijuana in New Jersey

We’ve talked about the legal climate of marijuana in NJ, but what about the continental climate?

Again, weed laws state that regular consumers cannot cultivate in New Jersey; but, if you’re a business with a grow facility, there’s a lot you need to consider regarding the unique climate conditions that The Garden State presents. 

New Jersey is known for having a humid subtropical climate with occasional inclement weather conditions and significant temperature fluctuations. (This tends to include blizzards, hailstorms, and thunderstorms.)

Since the humidity levels in the state are so high, you’ll have to be on extra high alert when it comes to pest and disease management. If you’re growing your weed seeds outside, you will need to be extra cognizant of the weather, too, in order to get bountiful harvests.

Because of this, it may be ideal to experiment with indoor cultivation, instead! However, the choice is yours for your cannabis garden.

Favorite Seed Strains to Grow in New Jersey

It’s true that NJ has restrictive home cultivation laws that make it tricky to grow cannabis in the area as a regular consumer. But, cultivation by expert growers with proper licenses is legal, and you’ll want to make sure you’re growing the right strains for your professional cannabis garden.

You could choose from timeless classics like White Widow or Durban Poison, as these hybrid and sativa strains thrive well in NJ weather. 

They are also both pest-resistant seed strains, allowing you nice peace of mind. We offer White Widow in both autoflowering and feminized options, so you can grow the dankest seed strains in all your favorite ways. The days from seed with these strains will be much shorter, granting you a quick, successful harvest — what more could you ask for? 

With our huge selection of pot seeds, you can find various other strains that thrive in NJ weather. Strains like Blue Dream, Atomic Northern Lights, and Super Sour Diesel all have profiles that make them well-suited for The Garden State’s somewhat complex climate. 

Growers Choice Seeds has decades of experience in the world of cannabis cultivation, and we’re proud to give you the wide selection of seeds and strains that you deserve. With discreet shipping, low prices, and an easy checkout process, we’re the online seed bank you’ve been looking for. 

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