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There are a handful of songs out there dedicated to “Sin City”, but Elvis Presley said it best with that iconic hook, “Viva Las Vegas!” Vegas will forever be immortalized by that catchphrase, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, and he might have been talking about marijuana and marijuana seeds…

But there’s more to Vegas than bright lights and gambling. Smack dab in the middle of the desert, the bravest head out on helicopter rides over the city and the breathtaking Grand Canyon. And no sightseeing tour is complete without a trip to the Hoover Dam, the man-made marvel that powers it all. Always ahead of its time, Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the few places in the USA where you smoke marijuana without fear of reprisal.

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Is marijuana legal in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas and other Nevada cities benefit from the state’s relaxed view on marijuana use. You are allowed up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use, and there’s no penalty. Additionally, medical marijuana use is fine, provided you purchase and affix state-issued tax stamps to your marijuana products. Good news for individuals looking for alternative methods of treating their medical conditions.

How can I buy marijuana seeds?

There are many ways to get marijuana seeds, but if you want to grow marijuana for medicinal use, it’s key that you can trust where your seeds are coming from. With Growers Choice Marijuana Seeds, there’s never a doubt about the quality and origin of your marijuana seeds. We only carry the highest-quality seeds and ensure that they are feminized, meaning you will definitely harvest beautiful buds packed with medical potential. Simply browse our online catalog of marijuana seeds, place your order and within days your seeds will be shipped to your door.
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Can I plant pot seeds in Las Vegas?

If you have the space, there’s nothing stopping you from planting your Growers Choice pot seeds for personal use. You are allowed to cultivate up to six marijuana plants, and harvest those plants, as long as you reside 25 miles or more away from an operating marijuana retailer. First timer? No problem. Even the most amateur green thumbs can successfully harvest healthy medical marijuana when planting feminized and auto-flowering marijuana seeds.

AK auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds can be grown indoors or out, have a flowering time of seven to nine weeks, and offer a moderate harvest of healing flowers.
Tangerine Dream is best grown indoors, and should begin to flower in eight to nine weeks.

Growing Cannabis in Las Vegas

Growing cannabis seeds in Nevada is a pleasure. First, the weather in Nevada is warm — especially in the lower elevation zones. For the most part, Nevada is a desert, which means dry and hot conditions. Although record-breaking heat can stress cannabis plants — there are many ways to avoid heat stress while growing weed seeds in Nevada. Without further ado — let’s jump into a few essential considerations when growing marijuana seeds in Nevada. There’s no escaping it — problems always arise when you grow cannabis seeds. However, the plan is not to freak out when they happen but instead to react most favorably to a hefty harvest. Here’s a list of issues that you may run into while growing cannabis seeds in Nevada:

  • Thieves
  • Pests and diseases
  • Inclement weather (primarily heat)
  • Law enforcement

First, you must understand that thieves will take your buds if they get a chance. In other words — never tell anyone that you are growing weed at home. Next, there’s a good chance you’ll experience 100°F + day after day once summer hits. Luckily, many cannabis seed strains are drought tolerant and can withstand the harsh blast of the sun. However, it’s up to you to pick the correct seed strain from a local or online seed bank. Another issue that you may run into is pests and diseases. Once again, you should always be prepared for the worst — even if high humidity and mold are rare in Nevada.

Buy Lamb’s Bread Weed Seeds Online

Lamb’s Bread marijuana embodies the same sunshine-drenched spirit of its native Jamaica – a bubbly high that imbues your day with positive energy. The definition of a wake-and-bake, Lamb’s Bread marijuana will provide you with a creative boost, fueling a productive mindset and a desire to get moving. The golden-green buds of Lamb’s Bread boast a euphoric 25% THC, adding to its sweet and pungent profile that tickles the taste buds with notes of pine and earth. Lamb’s Bread marijuana is also among strains recommended by physicians to treat chronic stress, ADHD, muscle spasms, and glaucoma. As wonderful as Lamb’s Bread can be, it is a bit of a finicky strain that requires a more practiced hand. Most easily cultivated in an indoor environment, Lamb’s Bread marijuana seeds will require about 9 to 10 weeks to flower before their delicious buds are ride and ready to yield roughly 14 ounces of bud.