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Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Omaha

buy marijuana seeds in omaha

Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Omaha

When buying your Omaha marijuana seeds from us, you can rest easy with the knowledge that we have your best interests in mind. With our 90% germination rate guarantee—the top in the industry—and a thorough assessment process for our seeds, we’ve always got your back.

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Buy Marijuana Seeds in Omaha

Whether you’re new to the world of Omaha marijuana seeds or a seasoned professional, Growers Choice has got the know-how to help you in your purchasing journey. With two decades of research and experience in the marijuana industry, we’re a premium resource for anyone looking to learn a little bit more about pot seeds. During our time in the field, we’ve taken the time to get our customer service experience down to a science: our discreet delivery options, informative blog, and quick shipping have made us a consumer favorite. Whatever you need, we’ve got it—and we’re just a click of the mouse away.

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Is Marijuana Legal in Omaha?

Although marijuana has not yet been legalized in Omaha, the purchase of Omaha marijuana seeds is still lawful. As long as your seeds don’t enter the growth process—or remain “ungerminated”—they will be classified under the law as “adult novelty souvenirs” or “collectors’ items.”

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What’s the Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp?

Many consumers experience confusion when it comes to the link between marijuana and hemp. While the two are linked, they’re far from the same; despite them both being subsets of the Cannabis sativa plant, they’ve been bred for very different uses.

While pot is grown for the recreational and medicinal use of its buds, hemp’s soft fibers are used for industrial ends. For example, marijuana is often infused into baked goods or smoked to produce a healing high, while hemp is often woven into fabrics or used in oils, soaps and supplements.

Although a multitude of differences exist between these plants, the three main ones include:

  • Their variety of strains. Hemp is available in only one strain: cannabis sativa. Meanwhile, both Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are classified as marijuana.
  • The size of individual plants. Although marijuana plants can reach up to six feet in height after outdoor growth, hemp may grow much taller. Industrial plants have been found to grow up to a whopping 12 feet.
  • Their THC content. While hemp contains very low levels of THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, marijuana is much more dense in this high-producing cannabinoid. Hemp’s THC levels sit between 0.3 and 0.5%, while marijuana’s may contain 10 to 30%.

For a more in-depth look at these distinctions, head over to our informative blog post on the subject.

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Jack Herer55S / 45I18% THCDaytime
American Haze80S / 20I20.04 THCDaytime
Super Silver Haze80S / 20I16% THCDaytime

How Long Do Pot Seeds Last?

If you take proper precautions with the storage of your pot seeds—including keeping them away from light, moisture and heat—they should last for around two years. To learn more about storing your Omaha marijuana seeds, check out our preservation guide.

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