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Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Great Falls

buy marijuana seeds in Great Falls

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Great Falls

If you’re adventuring into the world of growing medical marijuana seeds, Growers Choice is a premium resource for you. Backed by two decades of research and development in the pot industry, we’re here to ensure that your Great Falls marijuana seed buying—and growing—process goes as smoothly as possible. With our discreet delivery, large stock, and fast shipping options, we’ve got what you need—and we’re no more than a click away.

buy the best marijuana seeds in Great Falls

Is Marijuana Illegal in Great Falls?

Since 2004, it has been legal for registered patients to use medicinal marijuana for managing their ailments. Now, it is also legal for them to grow their own pot; as of June 30, 2017, authorized individuals may now possess four seedlings and four mature plants for their own medical use.

marijuana seeds for sale in Great Falls

Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Great Falls

With our wide selection of feminized, auto-flowering, and medicinal pot seeds, we’ve got something for everyone. Our 100% fresh Great Falls marijuana seeds and 90% germination rate ensure that your growing experience is a productive one, while our comprehensive website adds ease to your shopping experience.


How Does Marijuana Grow?

During its maturation process, the marijuana plant goes through a three-step growth cycle. This includes three pronounced stages: germination, the vegetative stage, and the flowering stage.

During germination, the marijuana seed begins to grow roots. Next, it arrives at the vegetative stage, where leaves are produced and the plant grows taller and stronger. Finally, it undergoes the flowering stage, during which it yields buds.

For more information about the growth cycle of marijuana seeds and tips on how to grow the perfect plant, visit our Growth Advice page.

What are the Benefits of Auto-Flowering Pot Seeds?

A unique subset of pot seeds, auto-flowering varieties are often overlooked by traditional growers. However, these exceptional plants come with a variety of benefits, each of which allows you to grow your Great Falls marijuana seeds with ease and stealth.

Auto-flowering seeds automatically switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage with age, rather than requiring special care from growers. With this, their light cycles don’t need to be changed, taking away excess time from you. This automatic switch also means that they produce buds faster than regular plants, giving you a higher overall yield. Plus, auto-flowering plants are usually smaller than others, offering you more freedom in your grow room and eliminating the worry of overgrowth. These plants are also hardier than others, as they are bug- and mildew-resistant.

Overall, auto-flowering plants are perfect for any first-time grower. If you’d like to try them out, check out our following strains:

To learn more about these seeds, check out the learning page on our website.

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

White Widow60S / 40I26% THCDaytime
Mazar80I / 20S18% THCEvening
AK Auto-Flowering50S / 40I19% THCEvening
Rated 5 out of 5

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