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Marijuana Laws in Montana

Before you get your hands on some cannabis seeds for your garden in Montana, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the marijuana laws in the state. Whether you’re moving to the Big Sky Country or are just passing through, here’s what you need to know about the state’s recreational and medical marijuana laws.

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Recreational and Medical Marijuana Laws

Montana first legalized medical marijuana back in 2004 thanks to Initiative 148. This allowed residents with qualifying medical conditions to get medical marijuana cards and visit local dispensaries to shop for various cannabis products.

Today, MMJ cardholders are allowed to purchase and possess an ounce of marijuana at a time (unless a doctor approves a higher allotment).

Recreational marijuana is also legal in Montana, allowing adults 21 years and older to purchase and possess cannabis products. Like medical marijuana patients, recreational consumers have a possession limit of one ounce, and residents can only enjoy these products in their private residences, as public consumption is completely illegal in Montana.

Can You Grow Weed in Montana?

If you want to grow weed in Montana, you’re in luck: at-home cultivation is legal for both medical patients and recreational consumers.

Residents are allowed to grow up to four mature marijuana plants and four seedlings for personal use, with a limit of two adults per household. This means a maximum of eight cannabis plants and eight seedlings per Montana cannabis garden.

When growing weed at home, you have to make sure your plants are kept in a locked, enclosed area. This space cannot be accessible or seen by the public (or any minors in the home). As long as you follow these regulations, you can buy marijuana seeds online from Growers Choice Seeds (GCS) and start your home grow whenever you’re ready.

Growing Weed Seeds in Montana

Not only is growing cannabis legal in Montana, but it’s easy, too! With Growers Choice online seed bank, you can choose from a huge selection of premium marijuana seeds in your favorite strains, suitable for all sorts of climates.

Below, we’re giving you some tips and tricks on growing weed seeds in Montana, what you should anticipate, and even which types of strains and seeds are best for MT climates.

Considering the Climate

Before you ever start your cultivation journey—or even purchase weed seeds—it’s crucial to take the time to consider the environment of the part of Montana you’re in. In general, Montana’s climate presents slightly unique challenges and opportunities, especially for cannabis outdoor growers.

The state experiences a continental climate with cold winters, warm summers, and relatively low humidity. Of course, this climate varies significantly across the state and is influenced by factors like elevation. Montana has a relatively short growing season, particularly in regions with higher elevations, so cannabis growers need to plan their cultivation schedule carefully. Try choosing strains that mature quickly enough to be harvested before the first frost, like auto-flowering strains.

You’ll want to adapt your watering schedule to account for the lower humidity and potential for high evaporation rates, ensuring your weed plants receive adequate moisture without overwatering.

And, while lower humidity reduces the risk of mold and mildew, you still need to be vigilant about pest management.

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Types of Weed Seeds

After considering the climate in Montana, it’s time to figure out which types of weed seeds are going to be best for your cultivation experience. Here at Growers Choice Seeds, we offer two types of premium marijuana seeds: feminized photoperiods and autoflowering feminized seeds.

Feminized marijuana seeds are guaranteed to mature into female marijuana plants, and females are the ones that produce buds and flowers. Thus, photoperiod feminized seeds are going to produce female plants that enter the flowering stage when triggered by a change in the light/dark cycle. Autoflowering feminized seeds, on the other hand, enter the flowering stage automatically without light cycle manipulation.

Generally, our autoflower seeds tend to be ideal for first-time growers who are seeking an easier cultivation process. They are also good for states like Montana where shorter flowering times are desired. But, if you’re an experienced grower, GCS has plenty of feminized photoperiod seeds for you to choose from, too.

Popular Montana Marijuana Strains

The strains you choose to grow in your cannabis garden are wholly up to you; however, some options notoriously grow better in Montana’s climate than others.

Northern Lights, for example, is a classic indica strain known for its resilience and short flowering time, making it ideal for Montana’s shorter growing season. (It’s also renowned for its ability to resist mold and pests.) On the flip side, Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s popular for its adaptability to various growing conditions. It also has a relatively short flowering time for a sativa and can handle cooler temperatures, making it a good choice for Montana growers.

If you’re looking for a pure sativa, Durban Poison is known for its robust growth and resistance to colder climates, making it suitable for outdoor cultivation in Montana. Another sativa-dominant strain that does well in cooler climates is Sour Diesel if you prefer those gassy, skunky notes. Finally, the White Widow strain is known for its resilience and adaptability, and it has a moderate flowering time which makes it another excellent choice for Montana growers.

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How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Once you get your hands on some Growers Choice premium cannabis seeds, it’s time to germinate them. All of the seeds you buy from GCS are going to show up ungerminated, as it is legal to buy ungerminated marijuana seeds online and ship them to your home. Thus, it’s up to you to get these little guys to sprout. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can do this.

But, before we talk about how to germinate your marijuana seeds, we want to remind you that Growers Choice Seeds offers a germination guarantee with all of our purchases. This guarantee states that at least 90% of your seeds will germinate and that we will replace the ones that weren’t viable.

Paper Towel Method

One of the easiest, most popular ways to germinate your marijuana seeds is through the paper towel method. For this, all you’ll need are your marijuana seeds, paper towels, two plates, and some warm water.

You will start by soaking two to three paper towels in warm water, ensuring that the towels are moist but not excessively wet, as this could cause root rot for your seeds. Then, lay one of the moist paper towels flat on a plate and place the cannabis seeds on the towel, leaving some space between each seed. Next, you’ll place the second moist paper towel over the seeds, ensuring they are fully covered.

From there, you should put the plate or container in a warm, dark place, avoiding placing them in direct sunlight or near cold drafts. Check the seeds once or twice a day to ensure the paper towels remain moist. Then, once the taproot is about a quarter to a half inch long, you can carefully transplant the sprouted seeds to your growing medium.

Glass of Water Method

The other most popular method for germinating cannabis seeds is the glass of water method. For this one, you’ll need cannabis seeds, a glass, and some warm water. Start by filling your glass or container with warm, purified water.

Then, place your cannabis seeds into the glass of water (and if they float, you can gently tap them with a finger or a pair of tweezers to encourage them to sink). The seeds typically need to soak for 14 to 18 hours, but some growers may choose to leave them for up to 24 hours. After soaking, check if any seeds have started to crack open and sprout a taproot.

For pot seeds that have sprouted, carefully remove them from the water and plant them in your chosen growing medium, root down. If seeds have not yet sprouted, you can transfer them to moist paper towels (following the paper towel method outlined earlier) to encourage germination.

Why Buy Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice

If you’re ready to start your Montana marijuana garden, turn to the Growers Choice reputable seed bank. We’re proud of our huge selection of feminized seeds, available in both photoperiod and autoflowering varieties. You can choose from your favorite indica, sativa, and hybrid stains based on your ideal effects, potencies, and even flavor profiles.

Growers Choice Seeds offers a germination guarantee that helps give you peace of mind when making a purchase. On top of that, your order will arrive in discreet packaging to ensure that no one has any idea what you’re ordering. These are the GCS promises.

Whether this is your first time growing weed in Montana or your hundredth, let Growers Choice Seed be your go-to guide, and buy our high-quality marijuana seeds today.

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