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Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Rochester, Minnesota

buy marijuana seeds in Rochester

Marijuana seeds for sale in Rochester

Courtney believes that to truly benefit from the hidden prowess of marijuana plants, the best way to consume them is in their raw form. This means without curing or drying them, processes most marijuana growers are highly accustomed to.

Marijuana plant material can easily be added to your favorite smoothie or juice recipe, but it’s important to remember before you start, that marijuana is an acquired taste, it tends to be quite bitter and can be a bit of a turn off. Try combining it with your favorite fruity flavors, like berries or pineapple, to mask the taste and still enjoy the benefits.

marijuana seeds for sale in Rochester

Are weed seeds legal in Rochester?

Medical marijuana use has been legal in Minnesota since 2014, and about 5,000 residents have signed up with the state’s medical marijuana program. As yet, the ability to grow your own marijuana hasn’t made it into the rule books, but the state’s stance on recreational use and the ability to cultivate may change as more and more American’s respect and demand to benefit from marijuana’s healing capabilities.

buy the best marijuana seeds in Rochester

Buy marijuana seeds in Rochester

You can easily stock up the best Rochester marijuana seeds in preparation for the big day by shopping online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We ship our Canadian grown beans from our facility anywhere in America, and right to your front door. Pick out popular strains like CBD Moby Dick and Tangerine Dream, your order will be carefully packaged in medical-grade glass vials, excellent for keeping weed seeds fresh in transit and for up to two years (or longer) if stored correctly.


Can you use marijuana in a smoothie?

Did you know that marijuana plants are essentially a super food? That’s right, you know you can infuse treats like brownies and cookies and candies (oh my!) with potent marijuana cannabinoid extracts, but you can also consume ganja raw and reap a whole new list of benefits. The leading proponent behind the raw marijuana movement is a Dr William Courtney, a physician who has been extolling the healing powers of marijuana for the better part of his career. Courtney’s extensive medical education includes a Doctorate in Medicine from Wayne State University, and he is an integral member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. He specializes in the dietary uses of marijuana, which he believes contains nutrients that are essential to our diet, specifically in individuals who are 40 years and older. Looking for top notch Rochester marijuana seed strains? Shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Can I juice any marijuana?

First and foremost, if you are going to juice or consume raw marijuana in any way, you should trust its origin, meaning you need to know how it was grown and that no dangerous and toxic chemicals were used. In this respect, we always recommend consuming marijuana plant material that you’ve grown yourself. Secondly, juicing or eating dried dried marijuana plants will produce a completely different effect.
The beneficial chemicals in raw plants, THC-A and CBD-A are delicate acids that are converted to THC and CBD during the combustion process. This means eating raw marijuana won’t get you high, but dried buds will.

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Cheese Auto-Flowering50I / 30S10% THCEvening
AK Auto-Flowering50S / 40I19% THCEvening
OG Kush55S / 45I27% THCEvening
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Getting rave reviews from our customers in Rochester

After placing several orders with Growers Choice, I am as satisfied with the first as I am with the last. They offer very fast, efficient service, and the site is wonderful, with a nice selection and so much information! I appreciate the time they’ve invested in their product, both the seeds and the site. It’s well translated to the customer. Looking forward to my next order, probably some White Widow, or maybe I’ll try one of the medical strains.

Benjamin P., Rochester, MN

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