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Cannabis is legal in the state of Minnesota, which we are thrilled about! This article discusses the new marijuana legislation, explores Minnesota’s history and current state, and gives some insight into seed and strain types, as well as where to purchase quality cannabis seeds. 

The State of Minnesota

Minnesota has experienced its fair share of catastrophes and victories, from the advent of colonization in the area to its current progressive ideals and gorgeous landscapes, we’ll dig into some of it below!

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Everything you need to know about cannabis in Minnesota!
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Colonization of Minnesota

Minnesota has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful states in the U.S., rightfully earning it the nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Its history, like every state in the U.S., has bleak beginnings steeped in brutal colonization and war. The land now known as Minnesota was occupied by Dakota Sioux and Ojibwe Indigenous people, long before European settlers arrived.

In the 1600s, European explorers and fur traders stepped onto the scene, establishing fur trading posts but not staying in the area for long. It wasn’t until the late 1700s that the region came under American control as part of the Northwest Territory, even so, the land did not experience substantial European-American settlement until the signing of treaties with Indigenous nations, like the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux and Treaty of Mendota. This allowed the United States government to take ownership of most of the area, opening the region for settlement. 

Dakota War of 1862

As no surprise, the U.S. government violated much of the agreements made in the treatise with the Indigenous tribes in the region, leading to the Dakota Sioux uprising in the attempt to salvage the land and resources that they had agreed upon. The conflict resulted in the U.S. government slaughtering many of the Dakota Sioux people and publicly executing 38 Dakota Sioux men in Mankato, which was one of the largest mass executions in U.S. history.

Of course, the U.S. government proceeded with business as usual, and Minnesota officially became the 32nd state of the United States on May 11, 1858. Indigenous populations have been quarantined to reservations, many of whom, are unable to leave because of the severely impoverished conditions. While much of U.S. history is founded on the exploitation of various people groups, we hope for a brighter, more humane, future! 

Minnesota Today

Nowadays, much of the state is heading in a progressive direction, particularly in densely populated cities like Minneapolis, which contains a fair amount of diversity in its residents. Interestingly, Minnesota is home to one of the largest Somali communities in the U.S., offering a valuable cultural perspective and influence to areas in the state. 

Many residents find solace in Minnesota’s vast expanse of rural land, choosing to live more of an off-grid, sustainable lifestyle. Many of these people farm for their livelihood, growing crops like corn, soybeans, and sugar beets. The state is a heavenly sanctuary for those who want to pursue agricultural endeavors, as the soil and the climate in many areas of Minnesota are begging to be planted in. 

Natural Landscapes and Climate

The climate in Minnesota varies depending on the area, but most regions experience four seasons (to some degree). Northern areas bask in warm, sunny summers but experience longer and sometimes very harsh winters, while the southern part of the state has winters that are shorter and less cold, but hotter summers.

The natural landscape is exceptionally beautiful, with prairies in the west and south, the deciduous forest in the southeast, and the North Woods forest in the northeast. Speckled within this terrain are tons of lakes, whose beauty not uncommonly brings a tear or two to tourists’ eyes, one of which is the North Shore of Lake Superior. Some of the more popular tourist destinations include Voyageurs National Park and Itasca State Park, which is the source of the Mississippi River. In addition, there are endless possibilities for epic rock and mountain climbing, backpacking, wildlife viewing, river rafting, and any other outdoor sport you can think of. 

Cannabis Laws in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the friendliest states toward cannabis in the U.S.! The recent legalization of recreational marijuana has tickled the fancies of residents throughout the region, and we’re here to give you some of the exciting details. 

Marijuana Legalization

The State of Minnesota legalized recreational cannabis on August 1, 2023, and medical marijuana was legalized in 2014. The recent legalization of cannabis made Minnesota the 23rd state in the U.S. to do so! Needless to say, locals are ecstatic, as the new legislation opened a plethora of opportunities for them. Although recreational dispensaries are predicted to open in early 2025 after a state licensing system is established, residents are permitted to legally possess the following: 

  • Two ounces of cannabis in public. 
  • Up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrate.
  • Edibles with a maximum of 800 milligrams of THC.
  • Two pounds of cannabis at home.
  • Their own cannabis gardens! Residents can cultivate up to eight marijuana plants (only four can be flowering at a time).

Tribal Dispensaries

Minnesota is home to 11 Native tribal nations that are self-governed, sovereign entities, operating independently of state laws. As such, Indigenous tribes were able to open dispensaries despite the existence of a state licensing system. On August 1, 2023, the Red Lake Nation opened the first recreational marijuana dispensary in the state of Minnesota, called NativeCare. 

Types of Marijuana Seeds and Strains

For newer growers who are wondering what the best beginner weed seeds are, we’ve got your back! Below, we briefly describe the most popular seed types and the strains that fall under their umbrellas. 

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Discover the intricacies of sativa and indica plants!
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds might be akin to manna from heaven, as they have utterly revolutionized cannabis cultivation for growers! Their popularity primarily stemmed from their near-zero production of male cannabis plants, allowing growers to skip the step of weeding out the males, as well as sacrificing valuable real estate for them in their grow spaces. For those who don’t know, male plants do not produce buds that contain THC and CBD.

Feminized weed seeds almost exclusively produce female plants, which produce tons of buds that contain cannabinoids! Since these seeds are photoperiodic, they need specific light cycles to begin flowering after the vegetative stage. Under the umbrella of feminized seeds are Indica and Sativa strains, with certain strains having a higher probability of thriving in Minnesota’s climate. Strains like Moby Dick and Birthday Cake Kush love a warm and sunny atmosphere and would be perfect for certain areas in Minnesota!

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are feminized seeds that have ruderalis added to their genetics. This innovation allows auto seeds to switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, you guessed it, automatically, without the need for light changes. These hardy plants are usually smaller in size but not in resilience! They can withstand all sorts of varying weather conditions and threats of diseases. Most auto strains, like Pitbull Pit and Gushers come with a built-in resistance to mold and mildew, making them quite easy for new and experienced growers to cultivate successfully. 

Indica and Sativa Strains

Indica plants are generally short and bushy with widespread leaves. Because of their genetic makeup, they usually grow better in colder climates than sativa strains do. As for their effects, Indica cannabis strains, like Pot of Gold (nearly 100% Indica), are associated with “body highs” and relaxing effects.

Sativa plants are tall and lanky with narrow leaves and generally thrive in climates that are warm and sunny. Users often experience a boost in energy and mood when indulging in Sativas, which is why they are often known as “wake and bake” strains. Sativas usually have a higher THC content, while indicas often contain more CBD.

Purchasing High-Quality Marijuana Seeds 

With the legalization of cannabis cultivation gradually spreading throughout the world, there is a growing demand for weed seeds that are quality and viable. We’re here to explain a few of your options!

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Learn how indoor and outdoor growing affects your cannabis plants.
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Local Seed Banks

While local seed banks are an excellent way to support local businesses, residents will likely have to wait a bit before the state experiences an influx of cannabis seed banks (due to the recent legalization of marijuana cultivation). Even so, local seed banks generally have a small collection of strains to choose from and strains are often not well-defined. The quality of the seeds can be dubious at times too, which underscores how important customer reviews are. Currently, the most popular sources for acquiring quality cannabis seeds are online cannabis seed banks. 

Online Seed Bank

Aside from offering an extensive catalog of cannabis seeds to sort through, reputable online seed banks provide high-quality cannabis seeds that are nearly guaranteed to be viable. Our company, Growers Choice Seeds, includes in-depth descriptions for each strain so growers know exactly what the growth requirements, as well as the end product, will be. Our company prioritizes quick and discreet shipping, exceptional customer care, and supporting new and seasoned growers by providing blogs on a plethora of cultivation topics. What are you waiting for?

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