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Is marijuana legal in Minnesota?

Minnesota has reasonable medical marijuana laws, established in 2014, that allow registered patients to access marijuana concentrates, oils and edibles, so long as the products cannot be smoked. 10 medical conditions were approved for registration, and thanks to extensive recent scientific and anecdotal evidence, post-traumatic stress disorder was added to the list in the summer of 2017.

Approved medical conditions for marijuana in Minnesota

  • ALS
  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Intractable pain
  • Seizures
  • Severe muscle spasm
  • Terminal illness
  • Tourette’s Syndrom

Buying marijuana seeds is also permitted throughout the United States. Ungerminated, marijuana seeds are seen as adult novelty souvenir items, and can be collected as such.

Can I smoke marijuana in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, residents who are registered as medical marijuana patients are permitted to purchase and use medical marijuana in a variety of forms, but smoking the substance is not allowed. In recent years, evidence has suggested smoking marijuana, while not as dangerous as smoking cigarettes which contain many poisonous elements, could still be detrimental to health because it required breathing burnt plant matter into the lungs.

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Where to buy Minnesota pot seeds

Online at Growers Choice is the best place to find premium pot seeds for sale. We carefully hand-select and package your seeds in medical-grade glass vials, then deliver them discreetly to your home. Because our marijuana seeds are sourced directly from our partner farmers, we know they are safe and reliable. We also test our seeds prior to shipping.

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How to store marijuana seeds

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If you live in a state like Minnesota where it is currently not permissible to plant your own marijuana seeds, you can still collect the strains you want and hold on to them for the future, when planting is bound to become legal (it’s only a matter of time). Store your seeds in a dark, cool location that does not experience much temperature or humidity fluctuation, such as a deep freeze or rarely-used fridge. Keep in mind that any moisture in the marijuana seeds could expand when frozen and cause the seeds to split open, so it’s best to make sure your products are completely dried before putting them somewhere in freezing temperatures.

Stored properly, your marijuana seeds could stay viable for up to three years, though the time they take to sprout could be extended as the storage period progresses.

Why are feminized marijuana seeds more expensive?

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Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that have been bred in such a way that they can only grow into female plants – no male plants. This is beneficial because male plants need to be weeded out of cannabis gardens grown for harvesting flowers. Feminized seed packs seem more costly at first, but when you factor in the fact that you will actually be able to harvest all of them (as opposed to having to weed up to half), the cost per harvestable plant is actually much lower.

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