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Why do people like Northern Lights marijuana seeds?

buy marijuana seeds in warren

One of the most potent and well-known strains, Northern Lights is one of those marijuana strains that has been around for years, the origin of which is slightly mysterious, although most believe it got its start in Seattle, Washington. Of the eleven original Northern Lights plants, #5 is prized for its potency and diminished flowering time, which may account for why the male version has served as the foundation for many other popular strains, including Skunk, Swazi, and Haze. For high quality Warren marijuana seed strains like Northern Lights, shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

What are Northern Lights marijuana seeds good for?

Though technically not considered a contender for medical studies because of the high THC content, Northern Lights does pack a powerful medicinal punch. If you’re looking for relief from conditions like insomnia, anxiety and stress, even migraines, Northern Lights might be the strain for you. This potent indica can also aid in restoring appetite for individuals experiencing conditions like anorexia or undergoing rigorous medical procedures such as chemotherapy.

If the psychoactive high of THC is not up your alley, you can always consider medical strains that are higher in CBD, like CBD Blueberry or CBD Moby Dick.

buy cannabis seeds in warren

How easy is to grow Northern Lights from a pot seed?

Northern Lights happens to be one of the fastest-growing strains, its flowering period is about 6-7 weeks, ideally around mid-October. In comparison, other indica strains usually need between 8 and 10 weeks before they’re ready to harvest, and sativas? Don’t get us started.

Buy marijuana seeds in Warren

Michigan state law is relatively lax on growing marijuana: residents in Warren participating in the medical marijuana program can have up to 12 plants on their property, either indoors or out (so long as they are in an enclosure that meets state-specified guidelines). Northern Lights lends itself well to hydroponic gardens, however.

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Is it easy to get marijuana seeds shipped to Warren?

Shipping marijuana seeds to your home address in Warren is a breeze when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Simply choose your preferred strain from our catalog of indica and sativa marijuana seeds, place your order, and within five days a carefully wrapped and discreet package will find its way to your doorstep. Simple, right?

Our customers in Warren give us rave reviews

I love online shopping in general, but it’s so fun to come home to a package from Growers Choice. I’m a big-time marijuana enthusiast, I think everyone should use it, and I’m not afraid to talk to my friends and family about how great it is. Growing it is a natural move for me, even if I only just started (we just moved from a state where it wasn’t legal). It’s been one of the best choices I’ve made. Growers Choice ships fast, they have great seeds, and the customer service is super friendly. That’s tops, in my books.

Katherine O., Warren, MI

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