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Buy St. George Marijuana Seeds

Now’s your chance to buy St. George marijuana seeds! You better act fact because our marijuana seeds are constantly flying off the shelves. There’s a huge market for marijuana seeds in St. George and we want you to try our products out for yourself. All our seeds come with a germination guarantee.

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Is Marijuana Legal In St. George?

The laws state that it’s legal to buy St. George marijuana seeds. Technically speaking, since marijuana seeds do not contain the same chemical compounds as marijuana plants, seeds are legal worldwide. It’s the THC chemical compound in marijuana plants that makes marijuana illegal in certain states.

marijuana seeds for sale in St. George

Can I Have Weed Seeds Delivered?

We can’t speak for all seed banks, but Growers Choice delivers weed seeds right to your door! Our standard shipping time varies between 5-10 business days. We have numerous warehouses on the west coast that ship weed seeds directly to the address you provide at checkout.

the best marijuana seeds for sale in St. George

How To Store Marijuana Seeds

Generally speaking, marijuana seeds last longer than marijuana flower. It’s a common issue for flower to grow mold or “go bad” if stored incorrectly. We highly suggest that you don’t leave your marijuana seeds lying around for too long. But if you can’t grow them right away, store your seeds in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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