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New Orleans, Louisiana: Letting the Good Times Roll

As one of the most vibrant and unique cultural centers in the nation, New Orleans is celebrated all over the world for its jazz music and brass bands, Creole and Cajun cuisine, historic architecture and streets, and, of course, Mardi Gras. If you’re looking to let the good times roll in a lively 24/7 kind of city that isn’t kitschy or that caters to the exclusion of anyone who isn’t of a certain income level or identity, then New Orleans with its warm-hearted hospitality to those from all different cultures, lifestyles, and walks of life, is the place to be.

Known for embodying a carefree, devil-may-care kind of attitude, where revelers can party at all hours of the day or night, one would think that the city known as “The Big Easy,” would have incredibly progressive medical and recreational cannabis laws.

However, while New Orleans is all about embracing diversity and living and letting live, the State of Louisiana itself is much less open-minded in its thinking, thanks to being under the control of the ever-regressive GOP for the past few decades. As a result, Louisiana has only passed and expanded its medical marijuana laws over the past few years, starting with legalizing medical marijuana for a limited set of medical conditions in 2015. In 2019,  smokable forms of medical marijuana were made legal, while the state still maintained its strict regulations around recreational cannabis.

Recreational and Medical Marijuana Laws in New Orleans

While medical marijuana patients in New Orleans can purchase, possess, and use medical cannabis, they cannot practice any form of indoor or outdoor growing.

To become a qualified and registered medical patient in the State of Louisiana, which has yet to allow for designated caregivers, you must be at least 18 years of age.

While recreational marijuana is 100% illegal in Louisiana, the state did decriminalize the possession of 14 grams or less with the maximum penalty being a $100 fine.

The Legality of Ungerminated Marijuana Seeds in New Orleans

While it is illegal for anyone, including registered medical patients, to cultivate their own marijuana plants at home in New Orleans, it is legal in any place in the nation where medical and/or recreational cannabis is prohibited by law, to buy and store any type of cannabis seeds so long as they are ungerminated.

The reason that ungerminated marijuana seeds aren’t illegal to buy and store, is because the THC levels and other cannabinoids they contain remain dormant until they have been germinated.

As such, New Orleans’ residents are not engaging in any kind of illegal activity when they buy different types of seeds that are ungerminated from a reputable online seed bank like Growers Choice Seeds. This allows them to store their weed seeds until Louisiana changes its cultivation laws for at-home medical users and eventually makes itself a state where recreational cannabis is legalized.

Storing Ungerminated Marijuana Seeds

Regardless of whether you are storing your ungerminated feminized or autoflower seeds for a matter of weeks or up to five years, you will need to make sure to keep them in a sealed, airtight container. When practicing the long-term storage of your ungerminated seeds, the three main factors to keep in mind are light, temperature, and humidity.

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  • Light: Make sure you are storing your seeds in a dark space that is pest-free. To safely store them for the long term in a place like New Orleans, you should store them in a space where they will not be exposed to any light in an airtight container with a desiccant.
  • Temperature: The ideal storage temperature for your ungerminated seeds is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Seeing as New Orleans is notorious for its heat and humidity, you could either keep them in a dark space where you have the a/c running, or in your refrigerator. However, if you are storing them in a fridge that you use daily you will also need to make sure they are in an airtight container that cannot be penetrated by any kind of light.
  • Humidity Levels: In a place like New Orleans, there’s a good chance that you will need to have a dehumidifier in your storage space if you’re not keeping your seeds in the refrigerator. As a general rule of thumb, humidity levels need to be at 21-30% for short- to medium-term storage, and 8-10% for long-term storage.

The Germination of Cannabis Seeds

While it is currently illegal to germinate and grow cannabis seedlings into healthy cannabis plants in New Orleans, it’s nearly inevitable that cultivation will be legalized at one point, and when it is, you have our simple germination method here, which is often referred to as the “Paper Towel Method,” to refer to so that you can start germinating and growing your marijuana crops right away.

Oh, and in case you’re worried about this costing you an arm and a leg, know that the only materials you will need are a glass of lukewarm water that is distilled, rain, or spring water; damp paper towels, and a plate or waterproof tray.

Why New Orleans’ Residents Buy From Growers Choice Seeds

For starters, even though it is legal to buy and store ungerminated marijuana seeds, considering that cannabis is illegal in the State of Louisiana means that locals in New Orleans place a high value on the fact that we quickly send out their orders in discreet packaging. Plus, seeing as New Orleans can be filled with happy revelers from all around the world at all hours of the day and night, not drawing the attention of would-be porch package thieves is always going to be important.

Some of the other big reasons that those in New Orleans buy their seeds from us as Growers Choice Seeds are provided below:

  • Extensive Selection of Feminized Marijuana Seeds: Growers Choice Seeds has a massive inventory of hundreds of different types of landrace and hybrid cannabis strains–each and all of which come in feminized photoperiod or feminized auto-flowering seed form. The reason that we only sell feminized strains is because they have a 99% likelihood of producing all-female cannabis plants, as opposed to regular seeds, which will grow into both male and female plants.
  • Price Point: All of our landrace and hybrid strains are available at affordable prices. Plus we offer discounts on all types of cannabis seeds bought in bulk, and we feature regular monthly sales on a rotating selection of our hybrids and landrace indica and sativa strains.
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  • Germination Guarantee: Since New Orleans future cannabis growers are buying and storing their ungerminated high-quality cannabis seeds, our germination guarantee has your back, promising that if you follow our germination method and 90% of your marijuana seeds still fail to germinate we will replace the duds for free. (You also need to make sure to properly store your seeds and remember that they have a five-year shelf limit.)

Seed Types Available From Growers Choice Seeds

We offer the following delectable seed types! Each is different and spectacular in its own right, and it’s up to the grower to sort out which will be the best choice for their garden.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds are photoperiods. All this means is that photoperiod plants have to have their light cycle changed from what is usually 18 hours of light exposure and 6 hours of darkness to 12 hours of daily light exposure and a 12-hour dark cycle in order for them to move from their vegetative stage to their flowering time.

While this may seem like it will eventually pose a small challenge to beginner growers in New Orleans once Louisiana legalizes cannabis cultivation, the reality is that they have plenty of time to learn pretty much everything they need to know about how to successfully grow their feminized plants before cultivation is legalized, thanks to the fact that we at Growers Choice Seeds maintain and regularly update a blog that serves as a free educational resource for cultivators of all skill levels, from novice growers to experienced growers.

As such, by the time that Louisiana gets its act together and legalizes the outdoor and/or indoor cultivation of marijuana, even first-time growers in New Orleans will be well-versed in all the basics for getting a successful harvest from low-maintenance strains like UW feminized seeds and Shiskaberry feminized seeds.

Feminized Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering varieties are feminized cannabis seeds that have been genetically imbued with the ability to automatically transition to their flowering stage. In addition, they, generally, produce smaller, more robust, and faster-flowering plants.

Close-up of cannabis ruderalis plants in their flowering stage
Explore the fascinating world of cannabis ruderalis, its origins, traits, etc.
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The reason that they have all of these “superpowers” is because they contain ruderalis, which is a very robust landrace strain that hails from places like Russia and Mongolia that traditionally have prolonged winters that are extremely cold and dark. The summers are usually short with extended hours of daylight. As such, once NOLA residents can grow their own weed plants at home, mold-resistant autoflowering strains like Diamond OG, Strawberry Kush, and Dr. Who, should do well in the city’s notoriously hot and muggy climate.

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