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For decades scientists have focused the majority of their marijuana research efforts on cannabidiol (CBD), simply because it is non-psychoactive, making it a much more attractive option for a wider range of patients.

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Is marijuana legal in Louisville?

Kentucky is one of the few states in America still behind the times when it comes to marijuana use, and they have yet to adopt even a CBD-specific medical marijuana law that would benefit residents of cities like Louisville. A bill was tabled during the 2017 legislative session but the session ended before it could be addressed.

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Marijuana seeds for sale in Louisville

Though pot remains in contention in Louisville, dedicated marijuana seed collectors can still add to their stash by purchasing the high-quality Louisville marijuana seeds they love online from a reputable dealer like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We carry the seeds you need, popular strains like AK and Tangerine Dream, cherry picked from the best strains around the world. Every order is carefully sealed in glass vials for shipment, and we guarantee freshness upon delivery.

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Are medical and recreational marijuana the same thing?

From the outside looking in, a marijuana plant is a pot plant is a weed plant, but there’s one major factor that differentiates medical marijuana from the pot you might want to score on your way to a party. Psychoactivity. Recreational users rely on the THC content of a particular strain to give them that characteristic “high” we so know and love. On other hand, medical research and practitioners prefer to opt for strains low in THC but high in CBD, a cannabinoid that has been found to provide serious benefits without the uncomfortable, hallucinogenic side effects. Find THC and CBD Louisville marijuana seed strains online with Growers Choice Cannabis seeds.

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Do indica marijuana seeds have more CBD than sativa?

Indica-dominant marijuana seed strains tend to be higher in CBD, with lower to moderate THC levels, as opposed to sativa strains, whose cannabinoid profile is dominated by higher THC levels. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, however, as modern growers have discovered ways to increase the levels of CBD in pot strains, specifically to make them a more attractive option for the patients and researchers.

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