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Can marijuana help kids with epilepsy?


Hundreds, if not thousands of families and more across the United States have little loved ones suffering from treatment-resistant forms of epilepsy, like Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. In the face of this, research efforts have sought to prove what anecdotal evidence has already discovered – marijuana can make a huge difference in the lives of children with epilepsy. A UK-based study, funded by GW Pharmaceuticals, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, “clearly establish(ed) cannabidiol (CBD) as an effective anti-seizure drug for this disorder…”. Find high-CBD Wichita marijuana seed strains online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

If that’s not enough for you, consider the case of Charlotte Figi, the “girl who is changing medical marijuana laws across America.” Figi’s parents and physicians confirm that she has experienced a significant reduction in near-fatal epileptic seizures brought on by Dravet syndrome since her first dose of high-CBD, low-THC medical marijuana at the age of five.

What makes CBD marijuana so good for epilepsy?

While marijuana does appear to have anticonvulsant effects, scientists are still unsure as to exactly how CBD and THC work to reduce seizures. Studies on animal subjects suggest that activating the CB1 receptor in the brain may be the key to pot’s antiepileptic properties, but there have also been similar results attributed to activating the CB2 receptor as well.


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Additionally, these cannabinoids’ ability to reduce seizures has also been linked to the brain chemical GABA, which decreases cell excitation. Many common seizure medications work on the basis of increasing GABA levels.

Though both CBD and THC have their place in medical treatment, CBD is most often prescribed because of its many clinical applications but also because it is non-psychoactive. Users don’t experience that characteristic “high” associated with recreational use, just potent relief from pain and relaxation.

Can I get marijuana seeds in Wichita?

The good news is that marijuana seeds are considered a novelty item for individuals 21 and older, so you can easily stock up on pot seeds in Wichita. Unfortunately, marijuana, even medical CBD-rich strains, is still out of reach for Kansas residents, until the state formerly legalizes a bill allowing patients access to this life-altering medication.

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When you’re ready to stockpile the best Wichita marijuana seeds, come check out the selection at Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online. We carry a variety of potent strains, including several high-CBD strains like CBD Moby Dick and CBD Blueberry, ideally suited for medical purposes.
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Living in a state that takes a less-than-liberal view on marijuana, there’s always a worry that your seeds won’t make it across the border. I’ve received every order from Growers Choice, though, on time and in good condition. I haven’t even opted for discreet shipping! I’m thoroughly impressed by this company.

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