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For folks living in Illinois, marijuana seeds make a great collector item – keep them close at hand for the day the state legalized growing your very own medicine right at home.

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Great White Shark 75I / 25S 16% THC Evening
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In Illinois, there is a long list of medical conditions for which patients can receive medical marijuana approval. These conditions include hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and cancer. Patients registered as medical marijuana users can carry up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis, and replenish their medicine every two weeks.

Marijuana seeds, while not legal to plant in Illinois, are legal to order and purchase from Growers Choice. Ungerminated marijuana seeds are considered adult souvenirs and can be bought and stored as collectors’ items.

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When you shop at Growers Choice, you can rest assured you’re getting reliable, high-quality pot seeds that have been carefully tested and hand-selected before being shipped. We deliver all our marijuana seeds in medical grade glass vials that ensure longtime viability, and we back up our products with an excellent guarantee.

Furthermore, our website is well-stocked with helpful information on growing (where legal) and using marijuana, including guides and tips, and the latest scientific evidence. Growers Choice can be your one-stop-shop for all things medical marijuana.

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Why buy from a seed bank when you could buy from Growers Choice? Rather than a random selection of many different breeders, the marijuana seeds sold at Growers Choice are all carefully tended and harvested by our horticultural experts, who possess more than 20 years in the marijuana field. We can answer and all questions about our marijuana seeds because they are “ours” – Growers Choice is much more than just a waystation for a unregulated cannabis seed companies.

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Growers Choice sells 21 different cannabis seed strains, including popular classics like White Widow and OG Kush, and lesser-known gems such as Critical Purple and CBD Moby Dick. All our seeds are reliably feminized, and we carry 7 auto-flowering and 3 high-CBD medical varieties as well.

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What are feminized marijuana seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that have been bred to produce only female flowers. This is possible thanks to the hermaphroditic tendencies of marijuana plants. While the original feminized seeds were relatively unstable, today the process has been perfected and Growers Choice marijuana seeds are extremely reliable. Rather than purchasing regular marijuana seeds and crossing your fingers that a good number of them are female, cannabis gardeners choose feminized seeds so they know that every germinated seed will turn into a harvestable, medicinal plant.

Illinois marijuana seed collectors choose Growers Choice:

I have been collecting seeds for years so I can honestly say I have seen few companies as professional and reliable as Growers Choice. I have great faith in their sophisticated, trustworthy seeds.

Hank G., Illinois

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