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For people living in Hawaii, marijuana seeds are difficult to come by. Many customers turn to Growers Choice because they know our premium selection is trustworthy and of the highest quality. Hawaii is actually a great place to grow cannabis because of the weather conditions, it gets the perfect amount of rain and sunshine all year long. Cannabis plants thrive best in conditions that are both wet (to gain as much moisture as possible) and sunny. You’d do well to grow your cannabis plants outside—just as long as you do so away from the public eye. We’re not quite sure how many cannabis plants you’re legally allowed to have per household as it varies from state to state. A private yard or fenced area would likely be best for outdoor cannabis plants in Hawaii.

Hawaiians truly live in paradise. Beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery, not to mention legal cannabis across the board. If the thought ever crossed your mind that Growers Choice doesn’t deliver to Hawaii, you’d be mistaken. We ship to all 50 states no matter how far you are or where you order from! Really, there’s no excuse not to grow cannabis in the state of Hawaii. The weather is perfect for so many strains and types of cannabis plants. Germination should also be easy as Hawaii receives a lot of sunlight throughout the day. If you’d like to get to know us a little bit better before you buy Hawaii marijuana seeds, we invite you to look around our website (specifically our About section) and read a few articles from our online blog.

Cannabis History in Hawaii

Buy Marijuana Seeds HawaiiThis island state isn’t just famous for Tom Selleck in short shorts, grass skirts, or black sand beaches. Did you know that some of the world’s most legendary cannabis strains were bred here? We’re talking about the likes of Maui Wowee and Puna Buddaz – maybe it was one of these that everyone’s favourite former president was enjoying in that now-famous black and white pic. Pakalolo was once called Hawaii’s number one crop by Rolling Stone magazine, and fans had no problem baring their bud in public at concerts or on the beach.

It should be known that for decades the governmental relationship with cannabis in Hawaii was as laid back as the people, and the 70s saw the rash of what can only be referred to as artisanal growers honing their skills on potent crops. The 1980s saw a huge downturn in the culture, however, when the Green Harvest program was formed as part of the DEA’s nationwide War on Drugs. During this time, the federal government successfully seized more cannabis in Hawaii than in any other state. Unfortunately, thanks to this crackdown, it’s been said that many of the more famous Hawaiian strains have gone extinct.

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Sugar Cookie 60I / 40S 23% THC Evening
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Is it legal to buy marijuana in Hawaii?

Marijuana has been legal in Hawaii, in some form, since 2000. Today, registered medical marijuana patients – of which there are more than 14,000 – are entitled to hold four ounces of the healing plant – the “useable” portion, which does not include seeds. Marijuana seeds are also legal to buy in Hawaii because the state allows the home cultivation of up to 7 marijuana plants for those patients with the proper documentation. There’s always the fear when shopping online for cannabis seeds that your little pot beans may be confiscated in transit. When it comes to our customers’ peace of mind, we take no chances, and happily offer a discreet shipping option, should you so choose.

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Hawaii Marijuana SeedsGetting high weed cannabis seeds online from Growers Choice Seeds is the best way to get cannabis seeds delivered. We offer fast and discreet flat rate shipping on every order, with tracking provided so you’ll know exactly when your seeds are arriving. Check out online using our secure server to get the best Hawaii cannabis seeds delivered to your door fast. Make sure to follow us on social media for all of the latest cannabis news and growing advice from expert growers, and don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter for a chance to win free seeds.

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