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Buy Clearwater Marijuana Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds has the number one hookup so you can buy Clearwater marijuana seeds! We offer over 100 strains and continuously add to our seed collection. There’s something for everyone on the Growers Choice website! All you need to do to buy our marijuana seeds is pick out your favorite strain, fill in your address, and check-out with a card.

buy the best marijuana seeds in Clearwater

Clearwater Marijuana Laws

Florida has made big strides in the marijuana community over recent years — but there’s always room for improvement! It wasn’t that long ago that marijuana was entirely illegal in Florida, and now they’ve legalized it for certain medical purposes. Medical patients may be entitled to a medical marijuana card from their doctor.

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Medical Marijuana Prescription

Thinking about getting a marijuana prescription? It’s not as easy in Florida as it is in other states, such as Oregon and Colorado. In Clearwater, you need at least one qualifying condition to make you eligible for a medical marijuana card.

the best marijuana seeds for sale in Clearwater

Wholesale Weed Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds offers wonderful prices on wholesale weed seeds! When you spend $500 or more on one single purchase, you also qualify for free shipping. No marijuana collection is complete without Growers Choice Seeds. Take your business to the next level by shopping with us.

How To Store Marijuana Seeds

Let’s say you buy Clearwater marijuana seeds from Growers Choice Seeds but you don’t want to start growing right away. What’s the best way to store your seeds so they don’t go bad or grow mold? It’s best to keep your marijuana seeds hidden away in a cool, dark place away from moisture and sunlight. Maybe in your bedroom drawer?

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