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Cannabis in Riverside 

Located in Southern California, Riverside is a city of approximately 330,000 people, known for its red-hot summers, history of citrus cultivation, and historical performing arts venues. While Riverside is not as strongly associated with cannabis culture as other cities such as San Francisco, it is still home to an emerging community of cannabis enthusiasts. If you are looking to buy marijuana seeds in Riverside, this article is for you. 

In addition, the state of California is famously progressive in its stance on cannabis. It is one of just ten states that permit recreational cannabis growing for adults 21 and above. Individuals are limited to six plants, and these plants must be cultivated indoors at private residences, or in a locked and enclosed area on the property. We always encourage aspiring growers to thoroughly research their local laws. 

Cannabis Basics for Riverside Residents 

If you’re a first-time grower, taking on a new discipline may seem a bit daunting. While there’s a lot of information out there, the art of cannabis cultivation doesn’t need to be particularly complex. Growing your favorite strains can be, in the long run, more cost-effective, rewarding, and convenient than routinely buying pre-packaged items at your local dispensary. 

At Growers Choice, our goal is to provide premium quality seeds to potential gardeners, but also, plenty of educational info on how to expertly nurture your own cannabis garden. Below, we offer a glimpse into some key considerations when cultivating healthy cannabis plants.

Feminized Seeds

One of the most important distinctions to be made aware of is the difference between feminized marijuana seeds and regular seeds. Here at Growers Choice, we have a dynamic and high-quality catalog of exclusively feminized seeds. 

Feminized cannabis seeds are helpful because they will almost exclusively produce female plants. Female plants are where the buds we all know, love, and smoke come from. Regular cannabis seeds, on the other hand, produce a mixture of both male and female plants. While it’s important to have both if you’re looking to breed new strains, male plants serve little purpose for your typical cannabis grower who is simply looking to harvest consumable buds. 

Auto-flowering Seeds 

All our auto-flowering strains are feminized, but they have the added benefit of flowering of their own accord. Normally, feminized seeds require adjustment in their light cycles to produce buds (or flowers).  This change in light mimics the natural change that would occur outside as the days grow shorter at the end of the summer. 

With auto-flowering seeds, you don’t need to worry about adjusting your lights between the vegetative and flowering stages. Many growers also prefer auto seeds because they tend to be a bit more resilient in the face of harsh and changing climates, mold and mildew, pests, and other challenges that may pop up throughout the growing process.

This is not to say that auto-flowering plants are immune to issues. They still need to be handled with care, but as a general rule, they tend to be slightly less delicate. 

Indica vs Sativa Ratio 

The two most famous species of cannabis are indica and sativa plants. Cannabis indica is native to the Hindu Kush mountain range and has been cultivated and used by humans for several millennia. 

Indica plants generally have a denser, more compact, and bushier appearance. They are known primarily for their physical effects (rather than cerebral) and tend to have higher amounts of CBD than their sativa counterparts. Indica strains are also famous for their savory, earthy, and musky flavors. You can also expect strains with a fair bit of indica genetics to produce calming, relaxing effects. 

Sativa plants, on the other hand, usually have a more narrow, tall appearance and are known for their vibrant, cerebral effects. While every strain will differ, they often have higher amounts of THC than indica plants. They’re also known for their tropical, sweet, or floral flavor profiles. 

Hybrid Marijuana Strains

While it’s important to cover the key differences between indica and sativa plants, we should note that the vast majority of strains available today actually contain a mixture of these two varieties—also known as hybrid strains.

100% indica and 100% sativa strains are available. These are referred to as “landrace” strains and are still sold today. Essentially, they have been unaltered by humans. Hybrids, by contrast, are all created by cannabis cultivators by strategically crossing and mixing different strains. 

How do I determine which strains are right for me?

Ultimately, no strain is inherently “better” than the next. Our high-quality strains are all created by devoted cannabis cultivators, are hand-selected, lab-tested, and backed by a 90% germination guarantee. However, there are some elements to consider when deciding on the type of cannabis strain that will best suit your unique preferences and tastes. These include the following.

Cannabinoid Profile

Each of our strain profiles includes information on the amount of THC and CBD in the strain you’re researching. If you’re new to cannabis, we recommend avoiding (at least at first) high-THC strains such as Gelato Feminized seeds or 707 Headband Feminized seeds. These strains contain 22% and 25% THC respectively. While many individuals adore THC, it can cause negative side effects for some—it’s simply a matter of understanding your unique response to this cannabinoid. 

CBD is another cannabinoid level you’ll want to consider. Unlike THC, CBD produces no psychoactive effects. For this reason, it’s preferred by those who would like to enjoy the soothing, relaxing qualities of cannabis without the traditional “high.” Some of our most popular CBD strains include CBD Shark feminized seeds and CBD Moby Dick feminized seeds.


As discussed above, different strains will produce different effects. The way a particular strain makes you feel depends largely on its indica and sativa ratio, as well as its cannabinoid profile. If you’re seeking a strain that will sedate and relax you, it’s easy to filter our catalog by indica-dominant hybrids. Conversely, if you’re looking for a true wake-and-bake, you can narrow down the selection by filtering for sativa-dominant hybrids. 

Terpene Profile

Terpenes are chemical compounds found in every cannabis strain. While they’re primarily known for impacting the aroma and taste of the plant, did you know terpenes are also present in many other natural items? For example, limonene, a terpene found in citrus strains such as Sour Lemon OG Feminized Seeds, is also present in lemons and limes.

This is just one example. There are a number of terpenes that range in flavor and scent from earthy and pungent to spicy, cinnamon-esque, and sweet.

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Flowering Time 

If you’re planning to cultivate your own cannabis plants, it’s important to consider any time restraints you may run into. Would you prefer a more efficient flowering phase? While faster isn’t necessarily better, all of our strain profiles list typical flowering times. On average, a cannabis plant will remain in the flowering stage for 8-12 weeks, although indica strains move at a slightly accelerated pace, averaging 7-9 weeks. 

Plant Size 

In addition to your schedule, you’ll also want to take a look at where you plan to grow your marijuana plants. How much space do you have? Consider the height of your plants when making a decision on which strains to purchase, as you want to make sure you can accommodate the growth. All of our strain profiles contain information on the plant’s approximate size. 

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What are the most popular ways to enjoy homegrown cannabis?

Once your plants are ready to be harvested, many growers opt to harvest, dry, and cure their flowers. Smoking cannabis flowers is a tried-and-true classic when it comes to consumption methods. Your cannabis nuggets can also be ground and placed into a blunt or joint.

But if you’re feeling creative (or hungry) know that your cannabis can also be transformed into several other items including edibles. If this piques your interest, take a look at our DIY guide on how to make cannabis infusions at home.

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Where can I purchase premium cannabis seeds?

There are plenty of establishments that have cannabis seeds for sale. But, one of the most important points we can share with any DIY grower relates to the importance of high-quality seeds. No growing medium, seed type, or gardening technique can compensate for damaged or unhealthy seeds. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner grower or an experienced grower, less-than-viable seeds are unlikely to produce healthy marijuana plants. 

Thankfully there’s a solution to this: Reputable seed banks. While there are plenty of options available for buying marijuana seeds in Riverside, not all adhere to the same standards we do here at Growers Choice. Each of our seeds is hand-selected, lab-tested, fully feminized, and has excellent germination rates. 

Purchasing the right seeds from the jump can make all the difference whether you are tending to outdoor cannabis plants or an indoor garden. We wish you luck in your growing journey and invite you to explore our site for additional growing guides, tips, strain profiles, and more. Happy growing! 

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