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Is it important to cure marijuana?


You’ve grown and harvested beautiful, resin-covered marijuana buds that you just can’t wait to smoke (or vape or however you prefer to partake in your herbal medication) but how do you get from those freshly picked flowers to perfectly prepared pot for your personal use? Simple. You cure it. You don’t need special equipment to get your buds nicely dried, it just takes a little no how and some space. You’ll always end up with excellent quality bud when you buy your Torrance marijuana seeds online from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds – we delivery across North America.

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First of all, you should understand why curing is an important step in the marijuana prep process. Curing reduces the chance of your buds developing mold, and also ensures your finished product is the right texture for use (not too dry, and not too wet). This simple process can also help reduce some of those problematic side effects, like coughing and headaches.

Curing has also been known to enhance the taste of your buds. Why does this matter? A more appealing flavor is like a spoonful of sugar, helps the medicine go down. So, get on it as soon as those buds come down!

What’s the best way to dry marijuana?

Tried and true, the best method of drying your marijuana plants is to hang them upside down, with the buds still attached to the branches. This can help slow down the drying time, which allows the stems and branches to retain moisture and keeps your buds from drying out too quickly.

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We highly recommend steering clear of “quick-dry” methods like direct blowing air or microwaving as it can result in those awful side effects mentioned above, like headaches and a bad taste. You also want to keep a close eye on the development of mold or mildew. If you see it, separate the buds as soon as you can to avoid it spreading.


Is it legal to grow marijuana in Torrance, CA?

The stigma around cannabis cultivation has changed over the decades. While guerilla grow operations still occur in the shadows, the practice has become mainstream, especially in a state like California, where medical patients have been legally allowed to grow marijuana plants for therapeutic purposes since 1996, when the Compassionate Use Act was passed.

2016 saw the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, a banner day for pot proponents in the state.

Buy marijuana seeds in Torrance?

When you find yourself in possession of such top notch strains as the infamous Jack Herer or OG Kush, you’ll want to follow the steps above to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Of course, you’ll also want to start with the highest quality Torrance marijuana seeds, which you’ll find when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We carry a wide range of top notch strains, with new ones being added regularly. We take the utmost care with all of our products, hand-selecting each seed and submitting them to lab-testing to ensure authenticity. We pack every order in medical-grade glass vials to guarantee viability on delivery, and back every purchase with a 90% Germination Guarantee – seeds won’t germinate? We’ll replace them!

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Nothing but good things to say about Growers Choice. I was recommended them by a friend. Great selection, easy checkout, fast delivery. My third order arrived today. I’ve got six plant son the go from two different strains (one medical, one just for fun). Haven’t had a need to reach out to customer service but the operation strikes me as professional, so I assume they’ll be quick and courteous too. A+

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