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Cannabis in Stockton, California 

Stockton is known for its abundant agriculture, proximity to the San Jose River, and diverse array of museums, theaters, and festivals. Cannabis enthusiasts in Stockton are lucky, in that they are not only permitted to consume recreational marijuana but cultivate a limited number of cannabis plants in their homes. If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds in Stockton, California, read on for a glimpse into the world of cannabis cultivation!

Why Buy Cannabis Seeds in Stockton?

Stopping at your local dispensary and picking up some dried flowers or other cannabis products does provide some initial convenience. But, we think there’s a better way to get your hands on top-notch weed: growing your own cannabis.

Marijuana cultivation affords any true pot lover a more cost-effective, sustainable, and customizable way to enjoy their favorite strains. If you’ve never planted your own weed seeds before, the idea may seem a little intimidating, but we’re here to illustrate just how simple it can be. 

Getting Ready to Grow 

California permits individuals to grow six weed plants or fewer inside their private residence or in a secured location outdoors on their property. We recommend thoroughly reviewing the stipulations and details before you begin growing cannabis at home.

After researching your local laws, we also suggest checking out our articles on cannabis cultivation. More experienced growers may want to review topics like how to use foliar feeding, tips to ward off potassium deficiency, and strategic pruning techniques. For first-time growers simply looking to try their hand at DIY marijuana, we suggest taking a peek at some of the more basic topics covered below.

How to Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds

If you’ve never grown your own cannabis before, we’re here to help you through the germination stage. All our feminized cannabis seeds come with the highest germination success rate in the industry: A 90% germination guarantee. 

We will also replace any of your seeds that don’t germinate for free—we just ask that you follow our recommended method. The technique we think works the best is soaking your seeds in water for approximately 14-18 hours, then pour the water and seeds onto a plate or tray covered with a paper towel. Over the next 3-7 days, routinely spray your seeds with rain, spring, or distilled water. After a week or two, you should see taproots sprout! For a more in-depth explanation of this process, we recommend taking a peek at our Germination Guide. 

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Learn how to expertly germinate your cannabis seeds.
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What Does “Photoperiod” Mean? 

Stockton residents are especially lucky because the local climate is relatively well-suited to outdoor cultivation. If you’re planning on being an indoor grower, it’s important to familiarize yourself with light cycles and how photoperiod strains work. 

Photoperiod cannabis plants are those that require specific hours of light and dark in their life cycle. This includes calculated changes that prompt them to transition from the vegetative growth stage to the flowering stage. Feminized seeds are one category of photoperiod seed—and differ from regular seeds in that they are near-guaranteed to produce exclusively female plants.

We carry a broad selection of feminized seeds on our website including popular strains Grease Monkey feminized seeds and Key Lime Pie feminized seeds. If you’re planning on cultivating feminized plants, be sure to plan how many hours of light your crop will receive daily at each cannabis growth stage. You may even want to invest in some artificial lights such as LEDs. 

Seedling Stage

Once you’ve germinated and planted your seeds, they’ll require anywhere from 18 hours of daily light to a full 24 hours. Light will allow your plants to photosynthesize—which means they will transform the light they receive into energy.

A full 24 hours will help encourage more rapid growth, whereas an 18:6 schedule will nourish your plants while also allowing them periods of rest. As the seedling stage continues, your marijuana seedlings will become more accustomed to longer periods of light.  

Vegetative Stage

The standard recommendation for photoperiod plants during this stage is 18 hours of light per day followed by 6 hours of darkness. This specific ratio mimics the natural ebb and flow of sunshine and dark your plants would normally receive during long, summer days.

Flowering stage

Because you’re re-creating the natural environment outdoor female plants receive, you’ll want to adjust your light cycles to a 12:12 ratio of light to dark during the flowering stage. Just as the 18:6 ratio mirrored long summer days, this change alerts your plants that the days are beginning to grow shorter. Now it is time to flower!

It may take some time to see your cannabis garden bloom, but after a few weeks (or potentially sooner) you should see your marijuana plants developing flowers.  

What does “flowering time” mean?

The cannabis flowering phase is a visually captivating and vital period in your cannabis plants’ growth. Typically, flowering will begin somewhere around 8-10 weeks following germination, but this may vary depending on the types of strains you’re cultivating. Throughout the flowering stage, your plants will develop buds—also known as flowers. Buds are the cannabinoid-containing part of female cannabis plants that are dried and consumed.

A little upfront research will help you see your strains through to the flowering stage and beyond. If you’re a novice grower,  strains like Blackberry Kush Feminized Seeds and Trainwreck Feminized Seeds tend to be user-friendly and easier to manage throughout their life cycle, including the flowering stage. 

Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica are the two most famous species of cannabis. However, there is a third, lesser-known variety: cannabis ruderalis. While it may not have the star power of its iconic siblings, it has its own collection of intriguing traits that, we think, deserve equal recognition. 

Tiny and mighty, cannabis ruderalis is a key ingredient in auto-flowering strains. Discovered in 1924, ruderalis plants are more robust and tough. This is due to their history: Throughout the ages, they naturally adapted to their harsh climates, and today, have a bit of an edge over sativa and indica strains when facing the elements.

Auto Seeds

It’s important to know about the unique qualities of autoflowering seeds. While all of the seeds we offer are feminized, autoflowering strains are one subcategory of our selection.  Autoflower seeds will typically contain some level of cannabis ruderalis lineage, and as a result, offer a few unique advantages. 

Cannabis ruderalis has a stronger natural resilience to some of the challenges first-time growers may face. For example, plants with ruderalis genetics tend to be a bit less delicate than your standard feminized strains. As a result, they are more resistant to pests and diseases and tend to require less space than larger, photoperiod strains. 

Additional Benefits of Auto Strains

Autoflowering cannabis plants also tend to be shorter and squattier in size. If you happen to have a smaller growing space, auto strains such as Cheese Auto-flowering Feminized seeds or BubbleGum Auto-floweiring Feminized seeds may be the right choice for you.

One of the finest qualities of autoflower strains is their ability to transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase without adjustment of light cycles. This is a major plus for first-time growers—or anyone who would prefer not to adjust their lights leading up to harvest time. 

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Dive into the intriguing world of cannabis ruderalis
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How to choose the right cannabis seeds for you

Everyone is different. Thankfully, years of careful cultivation and breeding have led to a wide variety of high-quality strains. Given the wealth of the selection, there will be a strain to meet virtually every need and preference. 

For example, some people prefer ultra-potent, THC-rich strains, while others enjoy a more moderate cannabinoid profile. Some love the lulling, sedative effects of an Indica-dominant hybrid, while others adore more energizing strains. All of our feminized seeds come with an in-depth strain profile that covers all the vital characteristics you’ll want to consider before settling on a specific seed strain. These include genetics, flavor, effects, growing characteristics, and more. 

Need more cannabis info?

For us, good customer service boils down to two key things: quality and variety.

Providing a broad selection of high-quality cannabis seeds is a must—but so is offering up a wide array of educational resources for hobby growers, highly-experienced home cultivators, and everyone in between. We think how-to guides and blogs are the most reliable ways to help ensure our customers get the very most out of their seeds. 

The best way to find this info is to visit our cannabis blog or do a quick search on our site for the topic you’re looking to research. Beginner info includes topics such as building a grow room, how to water your plants, and basic indoor and outdoor growing tips. We also cover topics such as plant topping, the SCROG growing method, balancing humidity levels, and more. 

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Take a peek at our cannabis information blog 
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Our Philosophy at Growers Choice 

We consider ourselves to be a person-to-person cannabis seed bank and think good customer service doesn’t end at premium quality seeds. Rather, that’s where it begins.

From experienced growers to novice growers, our goal is to support gardeners with the right seeds and know-how to help ensure successful harvests. If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds in Stockton that come with the highest germination guarantee in the industry—you’ve found your resource. 

For more information on topics from the cannabis life cycle to maintaining plant health to tips for caring for both indoor and outdoor plants, we invite you to take a peek at our collection of guides and articles. Good luck and happy growing! 

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