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Do feminized marijuana seeds grow better than normal marijuana seeds?


A marijuana seed is a marijuana seed is a marijuana seed – but realistically they aren’t all created equal. Cared for and cultivated correctly, any weed seed will blossom into a beautiful, sturdy, and healthy plant. It takes time and finesse to grow buds that are fat, sticky, and rich with resin. Purchasing feminized San Bernardino marijuana seeds, like those available for delivery when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, won’t get you there faster, but it will ensure that your entire harvest only produces female plants, a sure-fire way to maximize your return.

What are feminized weed seeds?

Feminized seeds are as they sound – seeds that are guaranteed to grow a female plant. It’s an arduous process, but well worth the investment.


Marijuana seeds for sale in San Bernardino

Why? Pot seeds are either male or female. Male plants don’t produce the buds you will eventually turn into medical marijuana (the cholas carry the resin that is full of terpenes and cannabinoids), but they will produce pollen sacks that will pollinate the female plants. Really, this is just mildly annoying, because you’ll be stuck sifting seeds out of your smokable stash. Your pollinated female plant won’t produce as heavy a bud as if it weren’t pollinated either, since it has to expend energy towards seed production.

Can I have feminized marijuana seeds shipped to me in San Bernardino?

Who doesn’t love the convenience of online shopping? And you can buy anything on the Internet, including top quality marijuana seeds, which you can have shipped straight to your front door. Looking for a new strain? Some of the best include:


Are marijuana seeds legal in San Bernardino?

Californians’ are lucky folks, with all that sunshine and fresh air. Medical marijuana has been legal for patients with qualifying conditions since the mid-90s. Amazing, right? And in 2016, the state level government made the historical decision to legalize recreational marijuana use and cultivation as well. While there hasn’t been a limit placed on the number of plants a medical patient can purchase, they have restricted recreational growth to 6 plants grown on private property.

Buy marijuana seeds in San Bernardino

When you want to purchase the best quality San Bernardino marijuana seeds, you start with a reputable shop like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Our seeds are carefully cultivated by a team of expert horticulturalists, hand-picked and inspected to ensure they are fresh and free from anything that might compromise their integrity during transit and storage (if necessary). We ship our seeds from our facility in Canada anywhere in the US where marijuana is legal, and happily offer a 90-Percent Germination Guarantee – if your seeds don’t germinate, we’ll replace them!

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This is such a great company, I love shopping online for my seeds with Growers Choice. Everything arrives on time and in excellent condition, I haven’t had a single problem with germination, 100% success rate with my beautiful plants. Nice fat buds. Plus, they get back to you within a day. Get your seeds from Growers Choice, you won’t regret it!

Annie P., San Bernardino, CA