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Marijuana Laws in California

When we think about weed in the US, California tends to be the first state that comes to mind in terms of legalization. And rightly so! The Golden State was the first state in the country to legalize medical marijuana all the way back in 1996. And it’s continued to make history since then.

Here’s what the medical and recreational marijuana laws look like in California.

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Medical Cannabis Laws

California made medical marijuana legal via the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. This allowed patients with qualifying conditions to get their medical cards and shop for cannabis products in licensed dispensaries throughout the state.

The amount of marijuana that patients can possess will depend on what their doctor deems appropriate for their medical conditions. However, the baseline that SB 420 set was a limit of 8 ounces of dried flower. (Yes, that much.)

Medical marijuana patients are also allowed to cultivate their own cannabis plants right at home. Patients can grow up to six mature plants in their home at once, but these plants must be kept in a locked, enclosed space away from public view. Also, some patients may be allowed to grow more plants than this if their doctor feels it is appropriate for their medical condition(s). 

Recreational Marijuana Laws

A whopping twenty years later, recreational marijuana was also legalized in California via Proposition 64. This decision allowed adults 21 and older to possess and consume cannabis and cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries.

The possession limits vary significantly between recreational and medical consumers, as reactional users can only possess up to one ounce of dried flower at a time (versus the 8 that medical patients can).

Thankfully, at-home cultivation is legal for both medical patients and recreational consumers. So, adults 21 and older can also grow up to six plants at a time in their home, and the same privacy regulations apply: the plants cannot be visible to the public eye. 

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds in California?

If you can legally grow weed at home, can you also buy cannabis seeds in California? You bet. And here at Growers Choice Seeds, we have some of the best options available.

Our online seed bank is stocked full of all the best weed seed options for your California cannabis garden. We have a huge selection of strains available and seeds with either high CBD or high THC content depending on what you want and need. We even offer beginner-friendly strains if this is your first time growing the plant. 

With Growers Choice Seeds, you never have to leave your house to get the premium marijuana seeds your grow setup is missing. You can purchase all of your favorites from our online seed bank, and then we’ll ship them directly to your front door in discreet, safe packaging. Truly, it’s never been so easy to get top-shelf cannabis seeds to your home in California.

Types of Weed Seeds for Sale in California

Now that you know you can buy weed high-quality seeds from GCS for your California home, it’s time to figure out which types are going to be ideal for your grows.

Growers Choice Seeds offers two types of popular cannabis seeds for sale: feminized photoperiod and autoflowering feminized. Our range of cannabis seeds is perfect for new and experienced growers wanting to buy from a reputable seed bank right from home. 

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are some of the most desirable weed seeds on the market. This is because feminized seeds have been modified to ensure they only produce female plants when matured. While regular seeds will produce a mix of both males and females, feminized seeds grow females only. (But, here at GCS, regular seeds aren’t even in our warehouse.) 

Female marijuana plants are sought after because they are the ones that produce flowers, and flowers are what cultivators dry, cure, and sell (or smoke). Thus, having feminized cannabis seeds ensures that you’re going to grow plants with these desired characteristics.

Growers Choice Seeds sells a wide selection of feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds for anyone interested. You’ll find legendary strains like White Widow and Blue Dream or less common ones like Rockstar! All you have to do is consider your ideal effects, and GCS is sure to have a feminized strain that aligns with your preferences.

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Autoflower Seeds

Along with feminized seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds are another hugely popular choice for cultivators of all preferences and backgrounds. Unlike photoperiod seeds that enter the flowering stage when triggered by a change in the light/dark cycle, auto-flowering seeds move into this stage automatically over time. 

Since you don’t have to worry about changing the light/dark cycle of your marijuana plants to trigger this phase, having autoflowering seeds allows for a slightly less stressful cultivation experience, and this can be great for anyone new to the world of cannabis growing. Plus, the flowering stage of these seeds tends to be a bit shorter, so you can pack in more harvests in a shorter amount of time—and who wouldn’t want that?

We offer our autoflowering feminized seeds in dozens of high-quality, popular strains. Whether you’re looking for indicas like Blue Amnesia, sativas like Durban Poison, or a 50/50 hybrid strain like Cherry Diesel, you’ve got plenty of feminized autoflowering strains to choose from.

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains

When starting your cannabis garden in California, you need to consider what types of marijuana you want to grow. Understanding ideal effects is important, but it’s also crucial to know how each of these types of plants grow, as this can directly affect what you choose to put in your grow set-up.

Here at GCS, we offer a wide range of high-quality cannabis seeds in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, each with unique effect and cultivation profiles to help you better understand what’s best for you.

Indicas vs. Sativas

When choosing your premium seeds, you need to understand what type of strain you’re buying. There are three primary types: indicas, sativas, and hybrids.

Indicas and sativas tend to be considered opposites of each other, as indicas are known to offer more soothing, relaxing profiles, while sativas are known for their uplifting, stimulating effects. Along these same lines, people tend to turn to indicas for nighttime use and sativas for daytime. But, this does vary from person to person.

Sativas and indicas not only have different effects, but they grow differently, too. Indica plants are likely going to be smaller and more compact with very dense leaves—best for those growing in smaller indoor areas. Sativas, on the other hand, are going to grow much taller and more sparse, usually taking up more space than indicas.

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Hybrid Seed Strains

Hybrid cannabis strains are the best choice for growers who want to cultivate something a bit more in the middle. These strains encompass both sativa and indica qualities, with the ratios depending on the strain’s authentic genetics.

Some hybrids will be indica-dominant—meaning they have stronger indica qualities than sativas—while others will be the other way around. You can find both indica and sativa-dominant strains in both photoperiod and autoflowering varieties. 

If you can’t decide which option is best for you, try one of our seed packs! This is a great way to try out different cannabis seeds based on your preferences.

Cannabis Cultivation in California

When growing quality weed seeds in California, you have to first consider the climate conditions of where you live, and whether or not you prefer to be an indoor or outdoor grower. 

Climate Conditions

While most people associate California with its sunny climates, this isn’t true 100% of the time. From San Jose to Santa Ana, the climate conditions in California vary widely: you can find foggy coasts, dry deserts, and even fertile valleys in between.

This diversity in climate is a boon for outdoor growers, who can select strains that are well-suited to their particular environmental conditions. The climate found in much of the state tends to be characterized by wet winters with moderate rain, and dry summers. This can be particularly favorable for growing cannabis.

These climate conditions allow outdoor growers to cultivate a wide variety of marijuana strains, with a natural growing season that typically extends from April through October.

Indoor Growing vs. Outdoor Growing

Indoor growers don’t have to worry about California’s climate and seasons as much as outdoor growers. By controlling environmental factors such as light, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, indoor cultivation allows for year-round production. However, indoor setups require significant investment in equipment and energy, raising concerns about sustainability and cost. 

Outdoor growing takes full advantage of California’s vast and varied landscape, allowing cannabis to be cultivated in natural sunlight. Outdoor growers must be adept at managing the unpredictability of weather and pests, but the rewards can be significant. If you have the time for these outdoor activities, make sure that your setup is still locked and enclosed.  

Once you’ve determined whether you’re going to grow your plants indoors or outdoors, you’ll need to find the high-quality weed seeds that thrive best in these environments. For example, outdoor strains tend to grow more hardy plants, as they’re subjected to more harsh climate conditions. You can shop for both outdoor and indoor seeds in your favorite cannabis strains. 

Finding the Best Weed Seeds for You

When starting your cannabis garden in California, you want to make sure you have the best weed seeds for you. This includes more than just finding high-quality seeds, too: this means shopping from reputable brands with knowledgable customer service and high germination guarantees—just like Growers Choice marijuana seed bank.

Growers Choice Seeds is dedicated to helping you get the right pot seeds for your California home. Our germination guarantee states that at least 90% of your seeds will sprout and that we will replace the ones that don’t: that’s how much we believe in our germination rates. Plus, we offer our wide range of seeds at affordable prices, leaving you and your bank account happy.

So, take the time to scroll through our wide selection of high-quality marijuana seeds to see which ones are going to be best for you and your California garden. From beginner strains to more advanced options, to earthy aromas and even sweet ones, there’s a cannabis seed strain out there for everyone in our popular seed bank.

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

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Can I order marijuana seeds in California?

Growers Choice is here to serve you and all your marijuana seed needs. Our online platform is easy to use, and in a matter of minutes, your goodies can be ordered. Simply choose the strain you need and the number of seeds you require. Once you have entered your shipping information, we do the rest. Your California marijuana seeds are hand-selected and packaged in medical-grade glass vials, then delivered straight to your door in subtle packaging. Our 90 percent germination guarantee will ensure you never end up with more than a seed or two that doesn’t sprout.

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